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9 free software copycats that work better than the real expensive programs

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There are more features and tricks hiding in your Mac or PC than most people will ever know. You can do even more if you know the right software to download. If you're relying on your computer's built-in spell check to catch all your grammar mistakes, for example, it's time to upgrade. Here are five stellar options to make you sound smarter. I have used one for 223 weeks straight.

Apple adds new personalized recommendations in Podcasts' Listen Now page


Apple has introduced new sharing and personalized recommendation features for Podcasts on iOS 15, all meant to help you discover new shows to listen to. Starting today, you'll find personalized recommendation sections in the Listen Now page that show you podcasts similar to the ones you enjoy. They'll be entitled "If You Like '[Show Name]'..." and then list titles in the same category or with the same theme or same format. They could also list shows from the same studio or titles other users listening to that particular podcast are also following. You'll find new sections with recommendations based the topics you usually enjoy, as well.

Radical AI podcast: featuring Jason Edward Lewis


Hosted by Dylan Doyle-Burke and Jessie J Smith, Radical AI is a podcast featuring the voices of the future in the field of artificial intelligence ethics. In this episode Jess and Dylan chat to Jason Edward Lewis Indigenous AI. What is Indigenous AI and how might it drive our technology design and implementation? To answer this question and more in this episode we interview Jason Edward Lewis about Indigenous AI Protocols and a paper he co-authored entitled "Position Paper on Indigenous Protocol and Artificial Intelligence." Jason Edward Lewis is a Hawaiian and Samoan digital media theorist, poet, and software designer.

#222 - Jay McClelland: Neural Networks and the Emergence of Cognition


Jay McClelland is a cognitive scientist at Stanford. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors: – Paperspace: to get $15 credit – Skiff: to get early access – Uprising Food: to get $10 off 1st starter bundle – Four Sigmatic: and use code LexPod to get up to 60% off – Onnit: to get up to 10% off SUPPORT & CONNECT: – Check out the sponsors above, it's the best way to support this podcast – Support on Patreon: On some podcast players you should be able to click the timestamp to jump to that time.

Speaking Opportunities at Toronto Womxn in Data Science


At Toronto Womxn in Data Science our vision is to inspire and empower 1 million data-literate womxn, increase the recruitment and retention of womxn in data professions and encourage innovation in this space. Our enterprise strategy to enable our vision is to provide programming that celebrates womxn in data and educates those interested in the field through events, mentorship, and data product co-creation. Please fill out the following form to express your interest in being an expert at Toronto Womxn in Data Science's programming! Over the last 4 years, we've showcased the knowledge and career journeys of Womxn in Data Science across academia, industry, start-ups, and government. Our content has always been diverse, allowing us to keep our audience engaged and learning. Our themes cover technical, business, and ethics topics in data science. Some opportunities include: Annual Conference, Podcast feature, Data Media Club, Datathon Masterclass Instructor, Panelist, Inclusive Fellowship Program in house expert Annual Conference: The 5th Annual Womxn in Data Science Conference is from Wednesday, April 27th to Thursday, April 28th, 2022. We welcome you to submit a proposal to speak. Presentations will be a maximum of 30 minutes plus 5 minutes of Q&A. Facilitating a hands on workshop is also an acceptable format (max 2 hours in length. Podcast Feature: We have a podcast called Data Drop. Data Drop is a podcast meant to inform youth about the amazing learning and career opportunities in the field of Data Science. The segments are 15 minutes or less and available wherever you listen to your podcasts. Data Media Club: The Data Media Club is a chance for our community to increase their data literacy through film, books and art. Built to be completely virtual, we welcome attendees from coast to coast to join us. As a speaker at a data media club engagement, we're looking for hosts to drive meaningful conversations with authors, directors, or other media leaders who centre their work on data. Datathon Masterclass Instructors: Our 1st Datathon will be in January 2022. We're looking for experts in Product, Inclusive Design, Ethics, and Data Science to run a 30-45 minute masterclass on how the participants can tackle the design challenge. Panelist: We have microevents that run from 6-8pm EST. Upcoming Microevents are on November 17th on Natural Language Processing and January 19th on Data Engineering. The panel will run for an hour from 7-8pm. Inclusive Fellowship Program in house experts: We want to encourage women to not only pursue data careers but have a chance to position themselves as creators and not just consumers of data products. The program will place fellows on projects to use data science to create products and services that positively impact all women. The fellows will have a chance to use their work on the projects as portfolio-building content to help secure further employment post-fellowship. Our in house experts will help guide the fellows through the program. The program is set to launch in April 2022.

The CERN Sparks! Podcast


Can artificial intelligence be curious? Can we create it to be ethical and push past the limits that exist today to imagine a world made better with AI in it? At CERN, machine learning already plays a pivotal role in the quest for advancing human knowledge through particle physics – from detector design to data acquisition and analysis. Join hosts Abha and Mark on the Sparks!



PURPOSE OF THIS TEACHING As with the previous 4 sessions, our attempt is to both present the advantages of Artificial Intelligence, while at the same time presenting the potential EVIL resident in this very science ... especially in the hands of EVIL people with EVIL motives. Computer scientist Bill Joy, and many other writers, have identified cluster groups of technological advances that they esteem critical to the future of humanity. Joy warns that these advances have potential to be used by "elites" for either good or evil. ETHICAL AND MORAL QUESTIONS We asked some questions in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 concerning valid bio-ethics and moral questions. Now … think about Artificial Intelligence with its usage of Nanotechnology from a human perspective.

Top 50 Women in Tech Influencers to Follow 2021 - The Awards Magazine


They are LEADERS with a VISION." The tech business has traditionally been controlled by men, but these amazing female influencers are changing that. Even though there are many excellent women working in this sector, they are frequently underrepresented or overlooked. For this Women Equality Day on August 26, we wanted to highlight and honour all the incredible Women in Tech influencers. We've compiled a list of the top Women in Tech from LinkedIn & Twitter to provide daily inspiration and keep you up to date. People across the world are increasingly turning to social media platforms for exploration, education, and inspiration as we continue to distance ourselves from one another. Even in today's advanced, twenty-first-century environment, statistics about women in technology can be depressing. But there are plenty of female tech influencers to look up to for inspiration. These women have been slowly but steadily challenging the stereotype that the computer business is a male-dominated ...

Can AI Bring Humanity Back to the Customer Experience?


Aktana's Clay Hausmann recently had a chance to chat with Edouard, who has dedicated the last three years to reimagining and recasting the organization's commercial model to be both customer-centric and unafraid of change. Prior to Grünenthal, Edouard spent 12 years shaping and delivering global strategy at AstraZeneca, in Japan and the UK. He also brings a background in banking and tech startup companies. This unique mélange of experience gives Edouard a unique perspective on the business of marketing and what needs to change for commercial success in life sciences. Clay Hausmann: Let's start with the term "customer-centric" and what it means, specifically in terms of AI.

Breaking up or getting divorced? How to remove your ex from your digital life

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Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on You get married or move in together, and your lives are tied in countless ways: a mortgage, the power bill, and your relationship status on social media sites. Then it ends, and you're left with a lot of heartache and a lot of work. It's bad enough thinking about everything strangers know about you.