IBM PowerAI Melbourne - November 2018 Meetup


We are really pleased to announce the date of our second Meetup for the IBM PowerAI Melbourne group. Access to Level 28 requires a pass to activate the lifts after 18:30. Please try to arrive before then. The agenda has not yet been finalised, but will loosely follow: 17:30 - 18:00 - Arrive (& drink a refreshment or two) 18:00 - Intro 18:15 - Dr Adam Makarucha - IBM Systems 18:45 - Ben Swinney - IBM Lab Services - "Using PowerAI Vision inc. Our Presenters.... Dr Adam Makarucha is a data scientist within the IBM Systems team where he is developing deep learning use cases and demonstrations for clients on IBM's PowerAI platform.

The Future of SEO & Content: Can AI Replace Human Writers?


Here's a scary fact that most SEO content creators may not want to face: AI-generated content is already happening. In 10 years, AI-generated content probably will be the norm. In 20 years, robot content creators might take over the reins entirely. "In 10 years the majority of content will be generated by software. In 20 years, humans will wonder why we wasted so much time on content creation.

AI-powered service marketplace raises $17 million to "disrupt the classifieds market"

#artificialintelligence, a platform that matches people requesting and providing day-to-day services, has raised $17 million in an equity funding round led by mobile operator MTS, as reported by the business daily Kommersant. MTS put $12 million on the table, while undisclosed amounts were brought by the other investors, namely Sistema Venture Capital (a one of the venture instruments of Sistema, a conglomerate that controls MTS), Flint Capital and United Capital Partners (UCP), as well as individual investors Sergey Solonin and Alexander Kabakov. The funding will support the company's "geographic expansion," launch of new service categories, marketing campaign and further service automation. Virtually unknown outside Russia, has a strong traction on the local market. The site presents itself to users in a very simple way, as a place to solve all manner of practical problems -- from computer repair to translations to housekeeping, and thousands of other fields of activities.

Check Out What's New with Watson Studio – IBM Watson – Medium


IBM has ushered its customers into the era of enterprise data science for more than a decade, starting with the investment of the ILOG CPLEX and SPSS acquisitions. As the data science market evolved, new macro trends developed, and IBM invested in advanced technologies and platforms to respond to this shift. In 2016, IBM introduced Data Science Experience and several Watson offerings, which blurred the lines between our new and old technologies. We have now made the decision to simplify our portfolio for our customers under one single brand -- IBM Watson Studio. IBM Watson Studio was first announced in the IBM Public Cloud at our Think Conference in March 2018, which included the integration of the capabilities of Data Science Experience Cloud and a new interface for SPSS Modeler.

Sotheby's acquires Thread Genius to build its image recognition and recommendation tech – TechCrunch


Every company today is a tech company, a maxim that was proven out today when one of the world's oldest and biggest art auction houses acquired an AI startup. Sotheby's has bought Thread Genius, which has built a set of algorithms that can both instantly identify objects and then recommend images of similar objects to the viewer. Sotheby's' said it is not disclosing the value of the deal but said it was non-material to the company. Thread Genius was a relatively young company, founded in 2015 and making a debut last year as part of TechStars New York's Winter 2017 cohort. Co-founders Andrew Shum and Ahmad Qamar, who were also Thread Genius's only two employees, were both engineering alums from Spotify.

Artificial Intelligence Needs Big Data, and Big Data Needs AI - RTInsights


Artificial intelligence and big data have formed a truly symbiotic relationship, and they need each other to bring to fruition what both are promising. "Throughout the business world, every company these days is basically in the data business, and they're going to need AI to civilize and digest big data and make sense out of it." "In the past, AI's growth was stunted due to limited data sets, representative samples of data rather than real-time, real-life data and the inability to analyze massive amounts of data in seconds. Today, there's real-time, always-available access to the data and tools that enable rapid analysis. This has propelled AI and machine learning and allowed the transition to a data-first approach.

Top 5 Customer Experience (CX) Predictions for 2020


The customer-centric organizations of today are already keenly aware of the digital revolution, which has transformed conventional business models while empowering customers. Over the last decade, customer experience (CX) has drastically changed with the introduction of several opportunities for customers to interact, engage and transact with brands at their convenience across multiple channels. Digital 2.0 is the next phase, where the plain and simple customer experience of old will make space for intuitive, contextual and practical engagement across different customer touchpoints. By 2020, digital technologies like AI, biometrics, machine and deep learning and robotic automation will revolutionize the way consumers interact with organizations and brands. According to Gartner, 2020 is going to witness 20 billion'things' connected to the Internet.

Approach Intelligently - How to Make Using AI a Success


"TensorFlow is by far the most popular tool among our respondents, with Keras in second place, and PyTorch in third. Other frameworks like MXNet, CNTK, and BigDL have growing audiences as well" As if businesses today didn't already have enough to worry about, then along comes a new wave of game-changing technologies that they must master quickly if they are not to fall behind their competitors, with pressure mounting to start using AI. . Artificial Intelligence is the most visible of these technologies – and arguably the most important. Open a newspaper, and it might seem as if every business is making great strides towards developing and using AI applications that will transform their operations and enable them to deliver new products and services to their customers. It's easy for businesses yet to achieve success by using AI – or even to get started on their journey – to get despondent about the lead they perceive their competitors to have.

The role of artificial intelligence in the E-commerce sector and its scope in future


The landscape of business and shopping is changing! This evolution has been brought about by the onset of e-commerce and advanced artificial intelligence capabilities in hyper-targeting each customer, individually. Starting off as an abstract concept in sci-fi movies, Artificial Intelligence has been consistently making in-roads to our lives. Our fixation with Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortona or Amazon's Alexa is only a small example of AI's proliferation in our everyday lives. In the e-commerce ecosystem, Artificial Intelligence, especially machine learning and natural language processing has slowly paved he way for brilliantly segmented and targeted marketing.