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Monitoring the climate crisis with AI, satellites and drones – a workshop at NeurIPS2020


As part of the workshop programme at NeurIPS2020, Climate Change AI (CCAI) held an all-day session on "Tackling climate change with machine learning". You can watch the talks from this side event in full in a recording provided by CCAI. In this workshop, the speakers, from both industry and academia, discuss how artificial intelligence and remote sensing can be used to monitor global carbon impact. They also consider trust and accountability issues relating to governments, companies, and international projects. You can find out more about this event, and the main workshop, here.

#NeurIPS2020 invited talks round-up: part two – the real AI revolution, and the future for the invisible workers in AI


In this post we continue our summaries of the NeurIPS invited talks from the 2020 meeting. Here, we cover the talks by Chris Bishop (Microsoft Research) and Saiph Savage (Carnegie Mellon University). Chris began his talk by suggesting that now is a particularly exciting time to be involved in AI. What he termed "the real AI revolution" has nothing to do with artificial general intelligence (AGI), but is driven by the way we create software, and hence new technology. Machine learning is becoming ubiquitous and can be used to solve many problems that cannot, yet, be solved using other methods.

#NeurIPS2020 invited talks round-up: part one


There were seven interesting and varied invited talks at NeurIPS this year. Here, we summarise the first three, which were given by Charles Isbell (Georgia Tech), Jeff Shamma (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) and Shafi Goldwasser (UC Berkeley, MIT and Weizmann Institute of Science). The invited talks kicked off in style with a presentation from Charles Isbell. He had posted a teaser on Twitter indicating that he was trying something new with the format, and it certainly did not disappoint. The talk received rave reviews during both the live chat channel and afterwards on social media.

Tweet round-up from the first few days of #NeurIPS2020


It's been a busy few days at NeurIPS 2020 so far with all manner of talks, workshops, tutorials and socials on offer. This selection of tweets gives a flavour of the various events and discussions taking place. Go watch it right now, you won't regret it! Interesting talk by Chris Bishop at #NeurIPS2020 Basic or Applied research is not a 1D space. Next up at #NeurIPS2020: Shafi Goldwasser presenting on three works about privacy, verifiability, and robustness in machine learning.