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Clean up your house with this Anker robot vacuum for $200


Let's face it… vacuuming sucks. Life is so much easier when you get a robot to take care of it. Today, you can get a robot to do your literal dirty work at a good price. When we reviewed the G30 Edge, we gave it four out of five stars. "The Eufy G30 Edge is an easy-to-use mapping robot vacuum that cleans thoroughly and efficiently," we said.

#ICRA2022 Competitions


As one of the ICRA Science Communication Award Winner, I covered the virtual aspects of ICRA 2022. IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2022 is absolutely the best robotics conference. It generally covers a vast range of robotics including but not limited to perception, control, optimization, machine learning and application-robotics. In 2022, ICRA was held in Philadelphia, where the U.S. declaration of independence was signed, for a week from May, 23rd to May, 27th. This conference is also one of the first in-person conferences for roboticists after a couple of pandemic years.

Hyundai says it's the first to pilot a large autonomous ship across the ocean


Autonomous ships just took a small but important step forward. Hyundai's Avikus subsidiary says it has completed the world's first autonomous navigation of a large ship across the ocean. The Prism Courage (pictured) left Freeport in the Gulf of Mexico on May 1st, and used Avikus' AI-powered HiNAS 2.0 system to steer the vessel for half of its roughly 12,427-mile journey to the Boryeong LNG Terminal in South Korea's western Chungcheong Province. The Level 2 self-steering tech was good enough to account for other ships, the weather and differing wave heights. The autonomy spared the crew some work, of course, but it may also have helped the planet. Avikus claims HiNAS' optimal route planning improved the Prism Courage's fuel efficiency by about seven percent, and reduced emissions by five percent.

Core Challenges in Embodied Vision-Language Planning

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research

Recent advances in the areas of multimodal machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have led to the development of challenging tasks at the intersection of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Embodied AI. Whereas many approaches and previous survey pursuits have characterised one or two of these dimensions, there has not been a holistic analysis at the center of all three. Moreover, even when combinations of these topics are considered, more focus is placed on describing, e.g., current architectural methods, as opposed to also illustrating high-level challenges and opportunities for the field. In this survey paper, we discuss Embodied Vision-Language Planning (EVLP) tasks, a family of prominent embodied navigation and manipulation problems that jointly use computer vision and natural language. We propose a taxonomy to unify these tasks and provide an in-depth analysis and comparison of the new and current algorithmic approaches, metrics, simulated environments, as well as the datasets used for EVLP tasks. Finally, we present the core challenges that we believe new EVLP works should seek to address, and we advocate for task construction that enables model generalizability and furthers real-world deployment.

Tidy up your house with this sale on Anker robot vacuums, today only


There are so many devices these days that make our lives remarkably easier, but one of the best has to be the robot vacuum. It gets under the couch more easily and you don't have to set aside time to tidy up the floor. Right now, you can jump into the cleanest part of the smart home revolution for a little bit less. Amazon has a one-day sale on Eufy's Anker robot vacuums. The deals end just before midnight Pacific time on Wednesday evening. The best deal today is the Anker RoboVac X8 Hybrid, which is on sale for $400.

Subaru is latest car maker to use what3words for in-car navigation


Subaru is the latest automaker to incorporate the technology. A recognizable location was chosen: the Washington Square Arch in Washington Square Park in lower Manhattan. The ZDNet journalist dressed conspicuously: a black hat, black sunglasses, and a puffy jacket. The reporter's contacts had no trouble finding him. And that's the way human encounters work. A simple phrase like, "under the arch," is easy for a person to figure out.

People who grew up in the countryside DO have a better sense of direction than those from cities

Daily Mail - Science & tech

People who grew up in rural areas have better sense of direction than those raised in cities, particularly cities with grid-pattern streets, a new study says. Researchers say it may be because the countryside has more disorderly road layouts, which effectively primes the brain for remembering and navigating environments. The scientists from France and London tested nearly 400,000 people from 38 countries on their spatial navigation, using a video game called Sea Hero Quest. The mobile game, designed to help research into dementia, involves directing a virtual boat around certain routes that players have had to memorise. The authors found that individuals who grew up in more structured, grid-like cities, such as Chicago, performed better on game levels with a similar grid-like layout.

Overview of Embodied Artificial Intelligence


Recent research trends in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision have led to a growing research space called Embodied AI. Facebook AI Research (FAIR) and Intel Labs has been spearheading new projects in the space of Embodied AI. "Embodied" is defined as "giving a tangible or visible form to an idea." Simply put, "Embodied AI" means "AI for virtual robots." More specifically, Embodied AI is the field for solving AI problems for virtual robots that can move, see, speak, and interact in the virtual world and with other virtual robots -- these simulated robot solutions are then transferred to real world robots. Linda Smith proposed the "embodiment hypothesis" in 2005 as the idea that intelligence emerges in the interaction of an agent with an environment and as a result of sensorimotor activity. They argue that starting as a baby grounded in a physical, social, and linguistic world is crucial to the development of the flexible and inventive intelligence that characterizes humankind. Furthermore, the Embodiment Thesis states that many features of cognition are embodied in that they are deeply dependent upon characteristics of the physical body of an agent, such that the agent's beyond-the-brain body plays a significant causal role, or a physically constitutive role, in that agent's cognitive processing.

Signatures: Augmented Reality at the world scale


HERE Technologies is foremost a mapping company, a company trying to capture reality and represent it as a map, a format that's as old as civilization itself. While maps aren't going away the methods we use to capture reality, the ways we represent that reality and how we interact with those representations are evolving quickly. A prime example of that is Augmented Reality. AR allows people to directly superimpose information on top of what they're currently seeing. Fitting into the above paradigm, in AR we capture what a person is seeing, connect it with a representation of the world, and modify what they see based on that representation.

Tidy your house with this one-day sale on Ecovacs robot vacuums


If you don't have a robot vacuum yet, you're missing out on all that hands-free cleaning time. Today, however, you can jump into the autonomous floor cleaning revolution at a good price. Amazon has a one-day sale on Ecovacs robot vacuums. The deal includes just two models, but both are popular options. The sale ends just before midnight Pacific time on Thursday evening.