MineRL Competition 2019


We are holding a competition on sample-efficient reinforcement learning using human priors. Standard methods require months to years of game time to attain human performance in complex games such as Go and StarCraft. In our competition, participants develop a system to obtain a diamond in Minecraft using only four days of training time. To facilitate solving this hard task with few samples, we provide a dataset of human demonstrations. This competition uses a set of Gym environments based on Malmo.

Overcoming Deep Learning Stumbling Blocks - KDnuggets


Recently at the 6th annual Deep Learning Summit in London, attendees congregated to hear from industry leaders, academics, researchers, and innovative startups, presenting both the latest cross-industry technological advancements and industry application methods. Running in parallel was the AI Assistant Summit and AI in Retail and Advertising Summit, resulting in some of the world's leading experts from Universities, brands, and emerging startups coming together. We began the day with Huma Lodhi, Data Scientist at BP, discussing some of the tricks and tips she has picked up during her work in Deep Learning, with intelligent methodologies using structured and unstructured data as the focal point. "We need to find better methods to use this data for our real-world applications. Examples of this can be Noisy Data, Missing data, or unstructured data. This gives us the principle problem for data, Quantity vs Quality."

What's the best gaming laptop to replace a MacBook Air for Minecraft?

The Guardian

My son has grown up using a MacBook Air for Minecraft. He swears by the keyboard layout, and having witnessed the blazing speed with which he does things in the game, I understand his reluctance to use his Alienware laptop. Both machines are almost six years old and due a refresh, so I'm looking for a Windows laptop that is powerful enough to run games like Civilization 6 (with mods) but with a keyboard layout that is sufficiently similar to a MacBook that he can continue to use the muscle memory he has built up over the years. Does such a beast exist? One alternative is to buy a MacBook Pro and use it to run Windows (either Bootcamp or Parallels), but the Windows performance strikes me as a compromise (for more money).

The 50 best video games of the 21st century

The Guardian

Karaoke complexes might be relatively common now, but back in 2004 singing into a PlayStation was the closest most of us could get. SingStar's discs of party classics formed the caterwauling soundtrack to millions of student gatherings, hen parties and five-pint Fridays all over Europe for more than a decade. Like Just Dance, it harnesses the infectious joy of pop music in a way that anyone can play. A gleeful absurdist masterpiece in which you start by rolling up pencils and apple peel and end up absorbing buildings, trees and, eventually, most of the planet in your big sticky ball, because why not? Journey is a short and moving shared experience whose music, evocative colour palette and simple play come together as they only can in games, for a powerful emotional effect. It's often picked as an ur-example of games as art – including by curators at the V&A, where it was front and centre at a recent exhibition. Resident Evil meets Alien seems like such an obvious game pitch that it is incredible it wasn't realised until 2008. In Dead Space, the player becomes lowly engineer Isaac Clarke, who finds himself investigating the "planet-cracking" ship Ishimura after radio contact with the vessel is lost.

Facebook Is Building An AI Assistant Inside 'Minecraft'


Facebook Research and MIT researchers are using the popular video game'Minecraft' to build a new AI assistant that can juggle multiple tasks at once. Facebook is using the popular video game Minecraft to help train a new artificially intelligent assistant that, in the future, could help humans perform a wide range of tasks with a broad range of spoken commands. Facebook Research and MIT researchers quietly published a paper in July outlining how they intend to use Minecraft to train an AI assistant that can multitask rather than perform one task at superhuman levels. "In this work, we have argued for building a virtual assistant situated in the game of Minecraft, in order to study learning from interaction, and especially learning from language interaction," the researchers explain in the published paper. According to the researcher team, Minecraft is the perfect environment to train artificial intelligence because it's what is known as a "sandbox" game, which allows players to roam freely, fight, craft, explore and build objects in an online world.

Automated Let's Play Commentary

arXiv.org Artificial Intelligence

Let's Plays of video games represent a relatively unexplored area for experimental AI in games. In this short paper, we discuss an approach to generate automated commentary for Let's Play videos, drawing on convolutional deep neural networks. We focus on Let's Plays of the popular game Minecraft. We compare our approach and a prior approach and demonstrate the generation of automated, artificial commentary. Introduction Let's Plays have garnered an enormous audience on websites such as Twitch and Y ouTube. At their core, Let's Plays consist of individuals playing through a segment of a video game and engaging viewers with improvised commentary, often times not related to the game itself.

Minecraft Used as Training Site for New AI


Minecraft is one of the most popular games of our time. Known for its block-based aesthetics and almost limitless exploration, the game allows people to do almost whatever they want. Because of the endless possibilities afforded by the game, Minecraft has been central to an artificial intelligence (AI) research group. Reported by the MIT Technology Review, researchers at Facebook have been using Minecraft as their training system for their new AI. While most contemporary successful AI systems are designed to excel at one task, these researchers are looking to create AI that can do multiple things well as it assists a player in their Minecraft adventure.

Facebook Training Generalist A.I. Within The World of Minecraft Digital Trends


Facebook researchers have chosen Minecraft as the training ground for the development of the next stage of artificial intelligence, as the technology looks to conquer a major challenge. A.I. systems have been learning to carry out specific tasks, including playing soccer and filling in gaps in images, and have proven to be better at some of them than humans, such as in games such as in Texas Hold'em poker and Quake III's Capture the Flag mode. One of the biggest limitations of the current forms of A.I. is that, while they may excel at a specific activity, they are unable to deal with multiple tasks. Facebook Research's Arthur Szlam and his colleagues, who have started working on an A.I. assistant that can perform a variety of tasks, have decided to break through the limitation with the help of Minecraft. Minecraft, possibly the best-selling video game of all time, allows players to move around a 3D environment, exploring and building in a limitless world.

Facebook and MIT Teamed Up to Make an Artificial Intelligence Assistant for Minecraft – TechEBlog


Facebook has teamed up with researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant for the world's most popular video game, Minecraft. This isn't an AI that will help you automatically build worlds, but rather one capable of multitasking and helping users with everyday tasks outside a gaming environment. Minecraft was chosen by the researchers because it's currently the most popular game in the world with more than 90-million people playing it every month and it has "infinite variety" yet simple predictable rules. Plus, there's a big opportunity for the AI assistant to learn inside'Minecraft' and help human players to acquire more knowledge outside the game. "The opportunities for an AI to learn are huge, Facebook is setting itself the task of designing the AI to self-improve, the researchers think the'Minecraft' environment is a perfect one to develop this kind of learning," said the report.