Factbox: Main Points of German Coalition Agreement


Those funds could form the basis for a future "investment budget" for the euro zone. Companies should no longer be able to play EU states off each other in terms of taxation, and tax dumping must be banned. Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box. You must select a newsletter to subscribe to. Prepared to loosen sanctions if Russia implements terms of Minsk agreement aimed at ending fighting in Ukraine.

Reconstructing Velocities of Migrating Birds from Weather Radar -- A Case Study in Computational Sustainability

AI Magazine

In the United States there is an operational network of weather radars providing freely accessible data for monitoring meteorological phenomena in the atmosphere. Individual radars are sensitive enough to detect birds, and can provide insight into migratory behaviors of birds at scales that are not possible using other sensors. Archived data from the WSR-88D network of U.S. weather radars hold valuable and detailed information about the continent-scale migratory movements of birds over the last 20 years. However, significant technical challenges must be overcome to understand this information and harness its potential for science and conservation. We describe recent work on an AI system to quantify bird migration using radar data, which is part of the larger BirdCast project to model and forecast bird migration at large scales using radar, weather, and citizen science data.

Crowdsourcing Meets Ecology: Hemispherewide Spatiotemporal Species Distribution Models

AI Magazine

The processes that affect the distributions of animals and plants operate at multiple spatial and temporal scales, presenting a unique challenge for the development and coordination of effective conservation strategies, particularly for wide-ranging species. In order to study ecological systems across scales, data must be collected at fine resolutions across broad spatial and temporal extents. Crowdsourcing has emerged as an efficient way to gather these data by engaging large numbers of people to record observations. However, data gathered by crowdsourced projects are often biased due to the opportunistic approach of data collection. In this article, we propose a general class of models called AdaSTEM (for adaptive spatiotemporal exploratory models) that are designed to meet these challenges by adapting to multiple scales while exploiting variation in data density common with crowdsourced data.

re:Invent Recap – Announcements to Boost Enterprise Innovation with Windows Amazon Web Services


My colleague Sandy Carter delivered the Enterprise Innovation State of the Union last week at AWS re:Invent. She wrote the guest post below to recap the announcements that she made from the stage.

Data Migrations – Top 7 Pitfalls to avoid


According to Cory Janssen, Data Migration scenarios are routine IT activities, and most organizations migrate data on a quarterly basis. However, there is nothing routine about Data Migration, and there are a tremendous number of issues that arise when a migration is designated as a purely "IT activity". When 83% of data migration projects either fail or exceed their budgets and schedules, how does a responsible organization avoid or minimize the risk of being part of those statistics?

Microsoft Ignite 2017: It's all about choice, from SQL Server 2017 to Azure Machine Learning


Video: These are the top business tech stories from Microsoft's Ignite Microsoft is getting really serious about giving customers choices. That much was clear at this week's combined Microsoft Ignite and Envision events in Orlando and, in particular, in announcements around databases, data-integration, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI). Several announcements at Ignite were entirely about choice. On the hybrid front, for example, there was the general availability of Azure Stack, which lets customers put a slice of the Azure Cloud on premises -- on a choice of hardware-partner racks. My focus was on what Microsoft described as creating "systems of intelligence."

Chips Off the Old Block: Computers Are Taking Design Cues From Human Brains


We expect a lot from our computers these days. They should talk to us, recognize everything from faces to flowers, and maybe soon do the driving.

AWS Hopes Macie Machine Learning Tool Will Stem Cloud Data Loss


Amazon has unveiled a machine learning-based tool aimed at securing sensitive data held in the cloud, after a number of high-profile data leaks involving customers of Amazon Web Services (AWS). The tool, called Macie, was announced at the AWS New York Summit event along with an automated extract, transform and load (ETL) service and a unified repository of AWS' data migration tools. The announcement follows several data breaches in which major companies were found to have stored sensitive data on AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) in a way that left it publicly accessible. Last month it was disclosed that Verizon had exposed data on about 6 million customers in this way, and similar incidents have affected voter information held by the Republican National Committee (RNC) and customer data exposed by wrestling entertainment company WWE. The RNC breach, disclosed in June, affected more than 198 million people, or about 61 percent of the US population, and was the country's largest-ever voter data exposure.

Machine Learning For Virtual Machine Migration Plan Generation


Figure 1 depicts a flow diagram of a process for including parallelism when generating a virtual machine migration plan according to an embodiment. Exemplary embodiments relate to using machine learning for virtual machine (VM) migration plan generation. Embodiments can enforce both a colocation and an anti-colocation policy using colocation and anti-colocation contracts. A VM migration plan can be created by processing a first mapping of VMs to hosts along with a second mapping of VMs to hosts. Pre-processing can be performed followed by machine search techniques with heuristics and pruning mechanisms to generate serialized optimal paths from the first state (i.e., an origin state) to a second state (i.e., a goal state).

Artificial Intelligence Making a Significant Impact - DZone AI


According to recent studies, enterprise mobility has become a top priority for approximately 70% of companies -- and this is only increasing thanks to the increasing amount of available data, resulting in a change in work habits globally. According to Nasscom, the market is expected to develop further and reach a value as high as $140 billion per year in a span of next three to four years. As an evolving technology, much of its success -- or failure -- will depend on how well enterprises are able to accept new trends and face challenges. Consequently, you must have a futuristic insight regarding the development trends of 2017. There has been a recent shift in how app developers... well, develop, as they are creating apps for both internal and external use.