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Protecting Our Future Food Supply with AI and Geospatial Analytics


Corn, coffee, chocolate, even wine are a few of the foods that stand to be massively disrupted by the effects of climate change, population growth and water scarcity -- if they haven't already. A recent study found the yields of the world's top ten crops have begun to decrease, a drop that is disproportionately affecting food-insecure countries. The situation stands to worsen. Researchers project that the global population will increase by 3 billion in 2050. To feed these additional global residents, agricultural production must increase by 50 percent, says Dr. Ranga Raju Vatsavai, an associate professor in computer science at North Carolina State University and the associate director of the Center for Geospatial Analytics.

Lenovo, Nvidia partnership bridges HPC and enterprise AI with switches for optimized networking - SiliconANGLE


Artificial intelligence is fast becoming a part of the everyday enterprise workflow, but the computing infrastructure to support such a data-intense task must modernize. As businesses transform to better leverage data intelligence and become more agile through cloud-native processes, high-performance networking becomes priority. But investing in the InfiniBand standard for high-performance computing network switches has been a hard sell for information-technology departments with an existing Ethernet fabric in place. Enabling enterprise to catch the fast train to intelligent business operations are long-time partners Nvidia Corp. and Lenovo Group Ltd. "We love, from an HPC perspective, to use InfiniBand," said Scott Tease (pictured, right), general manager of HPC and AI at Lenovo. "But most enterprise clients are using Ethernet. We go to a partner that we've trusted for a very long time. And we selected the Nvidia Mellanox Ethernet switch family."

Lenovo's Google Assistant Smart Clock is half price at Best Buy


When Lenovo's Smart Clock first arrived, we were charmed by the tiny minimalist design, clock-centric features and Google Assistant-powered smart home features. The original $80 price was also a plus, but Best Buy just made it a lot more interesting -- it's selling the Smart Clock at $40, or half off. Aside from the cute design and cloth covered body, we appreciated Lenovo's Smart Clock features like the ambient light sensor and sunrise alarm, which gradually brightens the screen thirty minutes before the alarm sounds. Swiping from the top reveals a "play music" button and a toggle for any smart lights, and you can set a "good night" smart home routine that can automatically adjust the temperature and turn off the TV, for instance. All of these actions also work via Google Assistant voice commands.

The Morning After: Netflix queues up some free samples


What do you really need from an alarm clock? Smart displays can be a little extreme to sit by your bedside, but having something that syncs nicely with your phone doesn't hurt. Now Lenovo has followed last year's Google Assistant-connected Smart Clock with this few-frills Smart Clock Essential. As Cherlynn Low points out, its four-inch display doesn't just tell the time, it also shows the current weather and temperature, along with your alarms and other status indicators. Of course, it has microphones for "OK, Google" voice commands, and a three-watt speaker to make sure Mat's voice comes through clearly every morning.

Lenovo's new $50 smart clock keeps things stupid simple


It's been more than a year since Lenovo launched the Google-powered Smart Clock, and that little thing has been pretty well-received. The company noted in a press briefing that the device has received a 4.4-star rating around the world and that 80 percent of its users said they use it in their bedrooms. Director of global product marketing Wahid Razali said the Smart Clock is "simpler than a smart display and more useful than a small smart speaker." It's hard to imagine the clock getting any more basic than that, but Lenovo's latest offering proves it can be done (for better or worse). The company today unveiled the Smart Clock Essential, which is basically a Google smart speaker with an LED screen to show the time.

Learn How to Increase Revenue By Harnessing The Awesome Power of Your Tiny Search Box » Martech Zone


Search is the universal language. And the search box is the portal to all your answers. At work trying to help a customer understand their subscription options? Search your intranet for the most up-to-date pricing and details to share with them. At peak performance, search and browse boosts top and bottom line.

Lenovo's 7-inch Google-powered smart display is only $75 at Best Buy


There are a number of Google smart displays available now, made by the company itself and third-party manufacturers. They all house the Google Assistant but each has their own flare, and now you can get one of Lenovo's Google smart displays for less. Best Buy's has the Lenovo Smart Display 7 for $75 right now, which is $25 off its normal price and $5 less than the last time we saw it on sale. While Google's Nest Hub is the same size, Lenovo's smart display adds more powerful speakers as well as a camera shutter and mic-mute button. The former makes it a better music machine, while the latter two will make it a more viable option for privacy-conscious people.

Lenovo's Google-powered Smart Clock drops to $40 at Best Buy


Best Buy dropped the price of Lenovo's Smart Clock with Google Assistant to $40 today. This brings the price closer to that of a "regular" alarm clock, but the Smart Clock offers so much more. For $40, you get features like a sunrise alarm, an ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the display, alarm suggestions and calendar reminders. On top of that, the Google-powered device can control your smart home, play music, access Nest cams and charge your phone. When we reviewed the Smart Clock, we gave it a score of 87 for its compact, attractive design, useful alarm clock features and affordability.

Disney , Hulu, Prime Video on Echo and Google displays

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Upgrading from a smart speaker (like the Echo Dot) to a smart display (like the Echo Show) can be a game-changer. With a display, you can have recipes at your fingertips in the kitchen, a multi-functional digital photo frame in your living room, and easily enjoy a hands-free video chat from anywhere in the house. You can also quickly see information like the outside temperature and control your smart light switches and door locks from the touch screen. But smart displays are also great for watching your favorite shows while you work, whether you're cooking in the kitchen or putting away laundry in the bedroom. There's just one caveat: Different devices support different streaming platforms.

Lenovo Partners with SentinelOne to Enhance ThinkShield with AI-Powered Endpoint Security


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., March 11, 2020 – Lenovo and SentinelOne, an autonomous cybersecurity platform company, announced a strategic partnership to integrate SentinelOne's autonomous endpoint protection platform within Lenovo's ThinkShield security portfolio. Lenovo customers now have the ability to purchase devices with SentinelOne, delivering real-time prevention, ActiveEDR, IoT security, and cloud workload protection powered by patented Behavioral AI. Security by design is the foundation with which Lenovo builds its ThinkShield portfolio, protecting customers with the most secure endpoint solutions. With today's announcement, SentinelOne is now a core component of Lenovo's ThinkShield security offerings, empowering workstations, servers, cloud workloads, and IoT devices to autonomously defend themselves in real-time. Its patented AI models live on each device, predicting tomorrow's attacks today and enabling devices to self-heal from any attack instantaneously.