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'Splatoon 3' and 'Skyward Sword' are coming to Nintendo Switch — here's where you can pre-order


TL;DR: During the Feb. 18 Nintendo Direct, the company announced that Splatoon 3 and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD are coming to Nintendo Switch -- they're both up for pre-order for $59.99. Splatoon 3 -- $59.99 at Best Buy The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD -- $59.99 at Best Buy Nintendo eShop Feb. 18 marked the first official Nintendo Direct since late 2019, and Nintendo had plenty of exciting things to show off (Mario Golf, anyone?). While a lot of new games were announced (and are now available to purchase), two games made waves following the big presentation: Splatoon 3 and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. Both are now up for pre-order, so if the announcements got you excited, you might as well secure your copies now. Exclusive'Skyward Sword' Joy-Con controllers are on the way, too.

'Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart' finally has a release date — here's where you can snag a preorder


TL;DR: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart finally has a release date (June 11, 2021) and is available for preorder -- get yours for $69.99 at Amazon Best Buy GameStop PlayStation Store By that, we mean the next-gen (or, we guess current-gen now) exclusives that won't be seeing the light of day on older consoles. They were made specifically with new consoles in mind, which means we're hopefully in for something that actually feels like the future of gaming. One of the most highly anticipated PlayStation 5 exclusive titles, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, has finally gotten a release date (June 11, 2021), and is now available for preorder at multiple retailers for $69.99 (Amazon Best Buy GameStop PlayStation Store). The dynamic duo is back. Your favorite Lombax and robot duo is finally back in a brand-new installment of the Ratchet & Clank franchise following the beloved 2016 reboot.

Xbox's Lunar New Year Sale has begun — here are the best deals


TL;DR: Xbox's Lunar New Year Sale features a wide selection of titles from 2020 and beyond -- check out the full list of deals here. PlayStation has already launched their first big sale of 2021, so it's only fair that Xbox has followed suit with their own batch of great game deals. Xbox's Lunar New Year Sale has just kicked off (ending on Feb. 15), and features a wide selection of games for up to 85% off of their original prices. Titles included range from recent 2020 releases to gems of the not-so-distant past, so now is a good time to catch up on the ones that got away. Take a look at our highlights from the massive sale below, and head over to the sale's landing page to see the full list of discounted games.

Stock up on hit games in Amazon's buy 2, get 1 free sale


BUY TWO, GET ONE FREE: Amazon has launched its first "buy two, get one" sale of 2021 -- a bunch of great games are included, and you can see them all here. Is your video game library looking a little thin? Have you not been so great at keeping up with all the hot new releases of recent years? Well, the silver lining of being stuck inside for the foreseeable future is that you're going to have plenty of time to catch up on it all, which means it's time to start stocking up. SEE ALSO: 'Spider-Man: Miles Morales' is a thrilling, much-needed update in a diverse Spider-verse And as fate would have it, Amazon just launched its first "but two, get one" sale of 2021.

PlayStation Critic's Choice sale: Save on 'The Pathless,' 'Assassin's Creed Valhalla,' and more


TL;DR: PlayStation just kicked off a Critic's Choice sale, featuring big savings on hit games from 2020 and beyond. One of those things being all the great video games that came out (and all of the new consoles, which some were lucky enough to snag before they went out of stock again, and again, and again). If you too fell into a slump that caused you to miss out on all the stellar games that came out last year, you can start playing catch-up by picking up some titles during the Critic's Choice sale that just went live on the PlayStation Store. You'll see a lot of hit games from 2020, but plently from before (in case you missed those, too). Here are our highlights, but you can check out the sale in its entirety here.

13-Inch M1 MacBook Pro 2020 Review: near perfection

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When the new M1 Macs came out in November, we were impressed with their performance specs but also worried that the new ARM-based processors would have compatibility issues with many older, x86 based apps that users have come to love on MacOS. We thankfully saw many companies (such as Google, Adobe, and Blizzard) rushing to release M1 versions of their software right at launch, and native support has only gotten better since. For the stragglers still running on x86 architecture, Apple's new Rosetta2 emulator does a fantastic job of providing a seamless experience for users--most people won't even notice that apps like Steam aren't running natively on the M1 Macs. The M1 MacBook Pro 13 is undoubtedly the best MacBook Pro 13 we've seen in a long time. Apart from its blazing speeds in single and multi-core performance, its integrated graphics are actually a bit ahead of both AMD- and Intel-based machines (although the graphics performance is still a far cry from that seen from discrete GPUs like the AMD Radeon and Nvidia GeForce RTX cards).

At CES 2021, laptops go beyond the 2-in-1


When compared to the Vegas spectacle, virtual CES had its advantages, including reprieves from sensory overload, cigarette smoke, endless walks through disorienting casinos and narrow exhibit hall aisles, and bombardments of me-too offerings in saturated categories. And keynotes and panels made the transition well. But it also fell short in a few key ways, including the serendipity of meeting an old colleague, someone with common interests, and a product or service that inspired new possibilities. That last point was particularly true for products in smaller or emerging categories, especially from startups. Today's CES is as much a showcase for the latest business technology as it is for consumer electronics.

ICYMI: More gadget highlights from CES 2021


While CES was a bit different this year, we still managed to check out a number of inspiring new devices, apps and services. While we acknowledged the most promising tech in Engadget's Best of CES awards, there remain a bunch of gadgets that didn't make the list that will be worth checking out when they actually hit shelves later this year. Things like HP's new Dragonfly laptops, TCL's 8K TVs and Cowin's two-piece soundbar are all things to look forward to as 2021 progresses (and some are even available already). Here are some of the CES 2021 gadgets you may have missed this week. Cherlynn Low found a lot to like about last year's HP Dragonfly laptop: it was lightweight at 2.2 pounds, had a great battery life and an attractive design.

Best of CES: Smart masks, LG rollable phone, flying Cadillac

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The technology show CES 2021 had the usual high-tech parade of TVs, laptops, phones and robots, but masks made this year's event different. Here are some of the highlights of CES 2021, which ends on Thursday. AirPop says its masks have the bacterial barrier protection of medical masks but the comfort of consumer masks. The AirPop Active mask with four filters that last for 40 hours each is priced at $149.99. A detachable ventilator regulates airflow and a charging case is lined with a UV light interior to kill bacteria and viruses as the mask charges.

All the best gaming laptops for levelling up


PC gaming is said by many to be the best way to play video games. In a lot of ways, that's true -- high-end gaming computers pack more graphical and processing power than any home console does, and they offer a level of freedom in terms of customisation and game choice that you're just not going to find anywhere else. But when it comes down to it, starting your foray into PC gaming can be extremely complicated, especially when you're new to all of this. Unlike consoles that you can just pick up and play, gaming computers require an intense amount of research into each and every component. GPUs, CPUs, monitors, keyboards -- it's a lot to take in, and it'll normally cost you a lot of money.