Colorado CTO sees AI, emerging tech changing citizen experience in Colorado


As technology changes the way government does business, so too must government transform the way it serves its customers -- internally and externally. David McCurdy, Colorado's chief technology officer, says the changing landscape of government technology will also change the way he does his job, and bring with it a chance to use some emerging technology like artificial intelligence to change the way government functions. "I'm a technologist, so I'm in it for technology," McCurdy says in an October 2017 video interview with StateScoop. "What's happening in technology is going to change the landscape … [it's] going to improve things for our customer. McCurdy says his office will bring in additional personnel to shift his responsibility away from overall day-to-day office operations and into one that allows him to focus on how emerging technology is going to change the way government works.

How to train and deploy deep learning at scale


In five lines, you can describe how your architecture looks and then you can also specify what algorithms you want to use for training. There are a lot of other systems challenges associated with actually going end to end, from data to a deployed model. The existing software solutions don't really tackle a big set of these challenges. For example, regardless of the software you're using, it takes days to weeks to train a deep learning model. There's real open challenges of how to best use parallel and distributed computing both to train a particular model and in the context of tuning hyperparameters of different models.

Drones add eerie halos to landscape photos in 'Lux Noctis'


Wu has used the drones in two ways for his dramatic, surreal photos. In the first technique, he attached LED lamps to 3D Robotics drones and set them off on GPS-controlled flights. He took the photos with a medium format Phase One camera while the drone was stationary, experimenting with the height, angle and distance from the subject. Once back home, he layered the photos together until the image matched his vision. For later photos, he created time-lapse exposures while the drones ran in set circles around the rock pinnacles, tracing out "halos" in the sky.

The Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Landscape – And What to use When – Carpe Datum


Artificial Intelligence (AI), at its broadest definition, is simply "a machine that can act using human-style reasoning or perception". Of course, the technologies used to enable that definition are far from simple themselves.

Tinder Might Feel Like a Dating Wasteland, but It's Not Entirely Useless


It's a widely accepted fact--at least in my circle of recent college grads--that Tinder, and the world of online dating writ large, is a wasteland. The lure of carefully curated profiles, relative anonymity, and endless swiping seem to bring out the worst behavior--catfishing, terrible bios, and misogyny abound. And even when motives are pure, the nagging idea that there's a better match one swipe away tends to make Tinder interactions feel like placeholders. This, combined with the fact that men swipe right on anything that moves (meaning women are forced to second-guess every single one of their matches), makes the entire situation feel like a huge time suck with little chance of romantic reward.

Afraid of AI? We should be - Help Net Security


Not (yet!) of a sentient digital entity that could turn rogue and cause the end of mankind, but the exploitation of artificial intelligence and machine learning for nefarious goals.

Enterprise AI Companies Business Intelligence Solutions - TOPBOTS


Enterprise companies comprise a $3.4 trillion market worldwide of which an increasingly larger share is being allocated to artificial intelligence technologies.

How AI is Changing the Southeast Asian Start-up Landscape


Will artificial intelligence replace human employees? Executives of a food delivery app and a recruitment start-up weigh in.

Experts search for the site of the 1692 Glencoe Massacre

Daily Mail

The lost settlements of one of Scotland's most visited landscapes, infamous for the worst murders of the clan era, are to be traced by archaeologists for the first time.