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5 Innovative AI Software Companies You Should Know - KDnuggets


With AI often thrown around as a buzzword in business circles, people often forget that machine learning is a means to an end, rather than an end in itself. For most companies, building an AI is not your true goal. Instead, AI implementation can provide you with the tools to meet your goals, be it better customer service through an intuitive chatbot or streamlining video production through synthetic voiceovers. To help shed light on some real-world applications of machine learning, this article introduces five innovative AI software that you should keep on eye on throughout 2020. Scanta is an AI startup with a very interesting history.

UiPath raises $225 million to automate repetitive back-office tasks


Robotic process automation startup UiPath today announced it has closed a $225 million funding round, bringing its total raised to over $1.2 billion. While the new round is roughly half the $568 million UiPath raised last April, it catapults the New York-based company's post-money valuation to $10.2 billion, up from $7 billion in 2019 and $3 billion in 2018. CEO Daniel Dines says the funding will be used to scale UiPath's platform and deepen its investments in "AI-powered innovation" as it expands its cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings. The round will also likely lay the groundwork for future strategic deals, following UiPath's acquisition of startups StepShot and ProcessGold last October. RPA -- technology that automates monotonous, repetitive chores traditionally performed by human workers -- is big business.

Dell XPS 13 2020 review: a fantastic but flawed laptop

The Guardian

Dell's XPS 13 squeezes more screen, more power and even Windows Hello face recognition into a tiny frame, but trips up over software issues. The XPS 13 is Dell's top-of-the-line compact laptop and starts at £1,349. Various models with different processors, storage and screen resolutions are available. The XPS line is where Dell shows off its design chops. It is a premium Windows 10 rival to Apple's MacBook Pro and more recently Microsoft's Surface Laptop line.

Use Cases for Machine Learning on VMware Cloud on AWS – Part 1 - VMware Cloud Community


It's easy for your business to get started with ML by analyzing tabular data using existing CPU-based VMs – no specialized hardware required. We explore a range of applications for ML using VMware Cloud on AWS that can deliver immediate value. This series of blog articles presents different use cases for deploying machine learning algorithms and applications on VMware Cloud on AWS and other VMware Cloud infrastructure. At the time of writing, June 2020, the hardware accelerators for neural networks are not yet available on VMware Cloud on AWS. However, there are many very good reasons to deploy classic machine learning algorithms that perform well on CPU-based VMs onto VMware Cloud on AWS. We describe these use-cases in this and the following articles.

NWN Launches Officeanywhere, Integrated Cisco Webex Offering


NWN, a leading technology-enabled service provider, announced the availability of Officeanywhere, a new integrated suite of managed unified communications and collaboration services that enables digital workplaces to meet current and future business needs. NWN Officeanywhere is powered by technologies from longtime networking leader Cisco, which is also the world's largest enterprise security company and the brand trusted by 95% of the Fortune 500 when it comes to collaboration. NWN offers customers collaboration applications and services that integrate with technology stacks to transform the employee and customer experience. Andrew Gilman, Head of Marketing and Alliances, NWN, said, "Our latest solution aims to help organizations provide the best employee experience -- regardless of where their workforce is situated. During these unprecedented times, organizations need a platform that gives them the flexibility to tackle unforeseen circumstances. Officeanywhere integrates the best-of-breed Cisco Webex cloud voice, video calling, messaging, networking and security into one holistic offering, thereby arming companies with the technology they need to future-proof their communications and never miss a beat."

19 Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools That Developers Love (and Hate)


Developers generally exhibit a strong affinity (usually paired with an equally strong hatred) for certain frameworks, libraries, and tools. But which ones do they love, dread, and want the most? Stack Overflow, as part of its enormous, annual Developers Survey, asked that very question, and the answers provide some interesting insights into how developers work. Some 65,000 developers responded to the survey, and the sheer size of that sample makes these breakdowns a bit more interesting to parse. For example, although game developers might have strong opinions about Unreal Engine and Unity 3D (which placed high on the following lists), those aren't used at all by the bulk of developers concerned with A.I. and machine learning, who have strong feelings about TensorFlow that many other developers might not share.

Ackroo launches Ackroo BI


Ackroo Inc., a loyalty marketing, gift card and payments technology and services provider, is pleased to announce that they have launched Ackroo BI, Ackroo's business intelligence data services product. As a data driven MarTech company, Ackroo now offers an end to end data solution that combines an Ackroo developed DataWarehouse for ingestion of ALL sales and transaction data, a storage and data transformation tool in order to process, store and sort the ingested information, plus an integrated data presentation and visualization tool for custom dashboards and reports. Clients can also choose to use their own visualization tool and just utilize Ackroo's Enterprise DataWarehouse and leverage the Ackroo data engineering services team to support their data needs. The solution will provide Ackroo merchants a centralized and unified data set to better understand not just their loyalty and gift card data but ALL purchase data in order to make better marketing and business decisions and to truly understand ROI. For Ackroo this means even further differentiation in the marketplace and an additional revenue stream that the Company expects will have a significant impact on their organic growth in the years ahead.

Top AI and Machine Learning Development Companies In 2020


The year might kick-off at an ominous note with recession indicators showing omen of an economic downstream, the IT space has never been feast to one's eye more indispensable with emerging technologies playing pivot. Presently, not a day passes without any news and message having word Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data. The algorithm continually evolves, the experts gain knowledge, consisting of information about each trade; this undeniably draws exciting prospects for the future with customized good, food, and entertainment. With the best AI/ML development companies in India and the USA paring costs and more data-driven decisions, they are proving to be a simple yet efficient proposition of the time. Recently, business and startups have started observing value in actionable insights from a vast swath of raw data and information.