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PropTech: Why Landlords Should Embrace Innovation - No Letting Go Inventory Management


In a rapidly changing world, the property management industry needs to keep up. With the widespread digitisation of products and services taking over almost every sector, estate agents, property professionals and landlords alike will need to stay on the pulse. PropTech has become one of the latest buzzwords on everyone's lips. Not only could property tech improve the property market, but it could completely transform it for the better. With this year's Future PropTech event coming up, we thought it was a good time to explain what PropTech is, and why as a landlord, you should embrace it.

Three Rules When Using AI to Add Value to Your IoT Smart Cities Machine Learning Analytikus United States


A survey with 83 Gartner Research Circle members indicates that, among 35% of the respondents, "identifying use cases for AI" was the top three challenges in exploring and adopting AI. It's impossible to recommend a single use case that is applicable for every city, because different cities have different priorities for their smart city projects. Among all the IoT use cases in smart cities, which keep evolving and expanding, ensure you give priority to those use cases of higher value. How can the value of use cases be defined in a smart city context then? There are some general principles to follow based on two key parameters: value that the project would bring to the citizens and value that the project would deliver for the governments.

Google looks to challenge Amazon's cloud market dominance with major acquisition

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Google has unveiled updates for its artificially intelligent voice assistant and new privacy tools to give people more control over how they're being tracked on the go or at home. The company also unveiled a new Pixel phone and smart home display. Google is set to acquire Looker in what will be its new cloud chief's first major acquisition in his tenure. Google said it will buy Looker for $2.6 billion in cash. Former Oracle executive Thomas Kurian joined Google Cloud as its new CEO in November, replacing former CEO Diane Greene.

Reinvention in the age of AI - IoT Agenda


In the economic game of survival of the fittest, reinvention is a constant theme. Where would Samsung be today if it still sold dried fish? For example, Uber is often mentioned as an example of an industry disruptor that displaced jobs for incumbent taxi drivers. However, a recent analysis of Uber's impact on U.S. cities showed that Uber not only increased the number of jobs for drivers by 50% on average, but the wages for Uber drivers were about 10% higher. The same is true for technological progress -- while it does disrupt the way things were done in the past, it also opens the door for new opportunities and skills.

Google under fire after it forces Nest users to migrate their accounts and share data

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Google is facing an onset of privacy concerns after it announced it plans to dissolve the Nest brand in favor of a new, all-purpose smart home division, called Google Nest. As part of the decision, existing users of Nest smart thermostats, security cameras and other products will be forced to migrate their information over to a Google account. The announcement, made at Google's I/O developer conference last week, has caught the eye of some users and experts who say it gives them little control over the future of their Nest data and, as a result, their privacy. When Google acquired Nest in 2014 for $3.2 billion, Nest pledged to keep the data it collects on its users separate from Googles other services. 'When you work with Nest and use Nest products, that data does not go into the greater Google or any of its other business units,' Tony Fadell, former CEO of Nest, told BBC in 2015.

Smart Cities of the future – are they that far away?


With technology advancing every day and the way we interact and live in our day to day lives changing so quickly its hard to keep up- the stuff movies are made of seems to be here now. The key to all these technologies is the connection between humans, tech and nature. Smart Tech seems to be integrating into all our lives more everyday. Making it simpler to interconnect technologies.

IoT Trends: 2020 and Beyond


However, disruptive new trends are likely to emerge over the next few years that will pave the way for a complete overhaul in the way we view and interact with our world. Sensor data is a core component of IoT's success, but most sensors in use today monitor machinery or tech infrastructure. In the coming year, employees can be expected to interact more with IoT technology as it monitors them. Performance management software has long played a role in the workplace, and the IoT can enable more comprehensive data gathering and better analysis of employee performance. This will inevitably drive an increase in discussion about which types of employee monitoring are optimal and ethical; is the added stress that comes with increased monitoring worth the analytics provided?

New Business Models on the Intersection of IoT, AI and Blockchain


Have you ever thought about how could you make money with the Internet of Things (IoT) or Artificial Intelligence (AI) and of course with Blockchain? What would happen if you could use the three of them in a new business model? In the next sections, I provide information on some business models achieved with these three technologies. As IoT moves past its infancy, certain trends and economic realities are becoming clear. Perhaps the most significant of those is the realisation that traditional hardware business models just don't work with the Internet of Things.

Newcastle smart city moves forward with standardised data platform


The City of Newcastle has signed up to a single smart cities Internet of Things (IoT) enterprise platform from the National Narrowband Network Company (NNNCo), the company has announced. "The city standardised on the middleware platform as it prepares to roll out and scale multiple smart city applications," NNNCo said. "The deal between NNNCo and Newcastle City Council includes an agreement to run thousands of IoT devices through the platform for multiple city use cases." As part of the Newcastle City Intelligent Platform implementation, NNNCo will also provide its N-tick device certification program across all devices being deployed across the city. NNNCo CEO Rob Zagarella called the use of one platform and device certification program for an entire city a "breakthrough in the IoT market".

Vivint's Outdoor Camera Pro can detect someone casing your home


Vivint Smart Home has announced the Outdoor Camera Pro, a new security camera that it says can detect a potential intruder and warn them they are being watched, encouraging them to leave the area. If the camera detects someone hanging around a monitored area, it sounds a warning tone, turns on a red LED encircling the camera's lens, and sends a push notification to your smartphone. You can customize the schedule when lurker monitoring is active, so you're not overwhelmed with alerts. Like the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, Vivint's new outdoor camera is outfitted with a 4K HDR image sensor, but both cameras have lower bandwidth requirements than the new Arlo Ultra 4K camera because they stream video in 1080p resolution. The advantage of using a higher-resolution image sensor comes into play when you zoom the recorded footage to examine details, such as facial features or to read a car's license plate.