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5 Smart Security Systems To Keep Your Home Safe When You're Away

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The home is becoming more and more connected, and there are a ton of devices out there aimed specifically at making it more convenient to control lighting and appliances. But connected devices can do more than simply make things a little more convenient -- they can also help keep you and your home safe and sound. There are a ton of smart security products out there, all aimed at tracking and recording your home, specifically at night and when you're not at the home. There are cameras, window and door monitors, alarms, and more -- and all can be used in conjunction with a smartphone app and sometimes with other smart home devices. If you're in the market for some smart home security products, there are a few things you should consider.

Managing Engineering Complexity: Are You Ready? - DZone IoT


Connected – this is one of the defining words of our world today. We have never been more connected – from the devices we wear on our bodies, to our cars and houses, to the manufacturers who build our things, and, lastly, to the outer world where we get to experience the fruits of our newly connected lives. IoT is being embraced by societies everywhere, whether they know it or not – bridging the link between customers, businesses, and their physically connected devices. What this means for you as a manufacturer of something physical is that you are now putting chips and digital connections in places you never imagined adding value, boosting your warranty, connecting with clients or creating new services. Don't let engineering complexity sideline your need for speed.

How IoT, AI, & Blockchain Empower Tomorrow's Autonomous Supply Chain


The internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain are having a media moment, especially in the context of the supply chain. For instance, IDC predictsone-third of all manufacturing supply chains will be using analytics-driven cognitive capabilities – a version of AI – by the end of 2020; increasing cost efficiency by 10% and service performance by 5%. Each of these technologies has the potential to shift global supply chains. Taken together, they have the power to completely revolutionize the process via the first truly'autonomous' supply chain. To understand the combined impact, it's important to examine each.

IoT and AI to fundamentally change the way we live and work: CSG


CSG, a business support solutions (BSS) provider said that telecom carriers are increasingly leveraging the cloud to bring down the recurring operational costs, and with India's top service provider Bharti Airtel as one of the telcos to deploy revenue management platform, the US-headquartered company feels that the IoT and AI would fundamentally the change the way we live, work and play. How have you been supporting businesses to digitally transform? Almost every industry is faced with digital disruption and the need to transform to survive and thrive. Among our primary client base of communications service providers, digital transformation encompasses every aspect of their business, from rolling out new 5G networks to launching new services designed to attract consumers on-the-go. CSG supports the digital transformation of companies in ways such as investments in our solution portfolio that enable our customers to meet these increased demands, and through the deep expertise of our people across digital strategy, processes, and technology domains.

Chase away the post-Prime Day blues with these two awesome smart home deals


Amazon's Prime Day may be over, but all the discounts are not. So if you missed out on any of the smart home deals over the past 36 hours, we've got two more for you. The first is the Lutron Caseat Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch Starter Kit for $120 on AmazonRemove non-product link. We've seem this bundle hit this all-time low a few times before, but it hasn't budged from its $160 MSRP since February, so this is a great time to grab it. In the box you get the two dimmer switches, two pico remotes, and a smart bridge, and they're certified to work with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant.. We reviewed the Lutron Dimmer Switch kit in March and gave it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

IBM Watson IoT Accelerates Business Transformation in Europe - No Web Agency


IBM yesterday announced that several new European clients have selected IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. New contracts signed with Spanish electricity grid operator Red Eléctrica de España, Italian elderly care provider Cooperativa Sole, Dutch telecommunications operator Tele2 and Israeli manufacturer of smart air conditioning Electra Group are examples of IBM's commitment to transforming business and improving operations with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled, IBM Cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Red Eléctrica de España (, the sole transmission agent and operator of the national electricity system in Spain has selected IBM Watson IoT technologies as part of its Intelligent Asset Management initiative project. The electricity system operator's objective is to plan and optimize the maintenance and replacement activities of their strategic transmission assets (like substations and transmission lines) with the support of the IBM Watson IoT platform. With an IoT analytics solution that is designed specifically to help Energy and Utilities improve asset maintenance and utilization, a team from IBM Global Business Services (GBS) has begun implementation of the platform and is working in unison with REE to develop asset degradation models and design optimization plans specific to the electricity system operator's requirements.

People Power Introduces AI Location Detection Microservice for Smart Home Services


In a recent announcement, People Power, an Internet of Things (IoT) software company that provides white-label solutions for home security, energy and senior care service, has released its new Home Occupancy Status Microservice. Providing a remedy for GPS-based geofencing solutions that require people to carry their phones with them, the new microservice is designed to detect and understand occupancy conditions of a home, based on motion patterns derived from activity sensors. Complex occupancy status decisions are made quickly and accurately from sensor data through a combination of patent pending machine learning algorithms, designed to determine the four essential occupancy states of home, away, vacation and sleep along with the transitions between those states. Highly complex algorithms extract several dozen dimensions of occupancy factors in the home from thousands of data points, including the day, time, door activity, motion activity, energy and water use, supporting geofencing data and more. The Home Occupancy Status Microservice is also capable of knowing when people are asleep to deliver advanced automation, senior care and wellness solutions from understanding a person's natural sleep patterns.

Machine learning, IoT and big data for energy efficiency: a use case


The IoT is already well underway, and directly impacting how players in the energy market operate. Ferraris says: "The current status is that we have around 34bn products that are connected online right now, which is an insane number." This, in turn, enables the development of smart cities. Ferraris explains: "Cities are starting to become smarter; they produce data, they have the ability to sense what is happening in real time. This enables a ton of applications, from improving security to improving the daily life of the citizens." However, the development of these cities will not come from the top-down, Ferraris says.

A LIFX A19 LED lights four-pack is $98 from LIFX and half off Amazon's price


The LIFX A19 LED light, one of the best smart bulbs we've tested, is available from LIFX's website today for $97.98 for a four pack, using the code B2G2Remove non-product link. That's a steep discount from the $240 list price and Amazon's price, where the same pack is $196. These LED bulbs provide a lot of light with a little power, with 1100 lumens from 11 watts. If that's a bit bright for you, no worries: A full range on the dimmer lets you choose your mood. In addition, you may select from a spectrum of 16 million colors and set a lighting schedule.

Intelligence on the edge: What does the future hold? Forbes India Blog


Let me start with a piece of trivia. As of today, research suggests there are already more connected "things" than human beings on earth. Not surprising, really, considering that each of us possesses multiple devices to simply stay connected. Think of these countless everyday physical objects being connected to the internet. Some studies predict that the number of connected devices will touch 50 billion by 2020.