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Securing the Internet-of-Things with Blockchain


In the past few years, developments in technology have brought us closer to the hyper-connected world that futurologists imagined in the 1950s. Self-driving cars, computers that can converse in real-time and hyperloop transportation are among the developments that will shape our future beyond what we thought possible. Of all the major trends, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) is making the most visible and immediate impact and will be worth $270 bln by 2020. Connected devices, homes and vehicles are just around the corner, and as anyone with experience in the technology industry knows, this means a lot of second-order complexity will have to be solved. Economies, platforms and payment systems will have to be integrated.

The skeptic's guide to smart home gadgets

Washington Post

Before you buy any "smart" gadgets, make sure they're not dumb. This holiday season, a third of Americans plan to buy a smart home device, according to the Consumer Technology Association. But just hooking up the Internet to a door lock, kettle or dog bowl (yes, that's a thing) doesn't make it smart. The trick is figuring out which ones are worth the cost, trouble and inevitable security risks. I've been in those weeds.

Monetizing the Internet of Things (IoT) @ThingsExpo #AI #IoT #M2M #BigData


"Why incur the expense of generating and collecting all of this IoT data if you're not going to monetize it?" Organizations are racing to embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) as the pundits create "visions of sugar-plums dancing in their heads." McKinsey Global Institute released their study "The Internet of Things: Mapping the Value beyond the Hype" in June 2015 that highlighted the staggering financial value that IoT could create! The folks at Wikibon provided a perspective on the sources of "IoT monetization" in their recent research titled "Harvesting Value at the Edge" written by the always delightful and provocative Neil Raden. IoT, though a useful application of available technology, and well-defined at the hardware and network levels, the heart of IoT, that part that yields the real value, is edge analytics.

Roomba to Rule the Smart Home

MIT Technology Review

Smart homes are one of those technology ideas that never seem to catch on, despite the efforts of technology heavyweights like Amazon and Google parent Alphabet. Could Roomba, the popular robotic vacuum cleaner, be the missing link that finally makes home automation useful and convenient? The key technology isn't the device's dirt-sucking aptitude, but its ability to create navigational maps of people's homes through an onboard camera, sensors, and software. The company added the feature to its more expensive models in 2015 so the robots could clean more efficiently, and it has been refined since. Soon Roombas will be able to recognize which rooms they're in and identify large objects located in those rooms, says iRobot CEO Colin Angle.

4 industries you probably didn't realize could be impacted by net neutrality


With a historic net neutrality vote set to take place tomorrow, people across the United States are rightly concerned about the future of the internet. Visions of price-tiered online spaces dancing in their heads, constituents all over the country are reaching out to their elected officials in a likely doomed effort to forestall what many see as the inevitable destruction of our mostly level digital playing field. But tomorrow's vote is about more than whether Comcast can charge you extra for streaming movies on Netflix. Just as the internet has seeped into many unexpected facets of our lives, abandoning net neutrality could have unexpected consequences in places you might not expect. If Elon Musk is correct, driverless cars could soon be everywhere.

New Amazon Echo Discounted $20 Right Now - Deal Alert


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Where is IoT headed?


A recent survey of IEEE engineers reveals some interesting insights into the Internet of Things (IoT)--both challenges and expectations. Commissioned by Northeastern University Silicon Valley, the survey asked the engineers to answer nine questions about IoT development and deployment. Some of the answers might surprise you. While still in its infancy, the IoT is poised to change our lives in very personal and meaningful ways. The visionaries are already asking if robots will someday replace soldiers, if guns will be traded for cyber-bots, and if artificial intelligence (AI) will change the way we live our daily lives.

What You Missed in The IoT: Week of 12/4 - Harbor Research


What do tomorrow's automakers have to do with net-zero buildings? Why it's important: This will transform the design and technology requirements for buildings in order to accommodate personal EVs and even electric fleets What It Is: Drillinginfo, a SaaS provider for the energy industry, has acquired Pattern Recognition Technologies (PRT), an energy forecasting software player. Why It Matters: Adding PRT's machine learning capabilities to predict energy consumption will allow Drillinginfo to enter horizontal markets in energy data analytics. This maneuver also bolsters Drillinginfo's North American customer base, particularly in clean energy data analytics. Why It Matters: Incumbents are reacting to the transition towards smart products by picking up smart home specialists.

7 Ways The Internet Of Things Will Change Businesses In 2017


Okay, marketers and technology enthusiasts have been talking about the coming of the Internet of Things (IoT) for years. But with products like Google Home and Amazon Echo emerging and gaining popularity, it's reasonable to suspect that 2017 is the year that IoT finally starts taking off. Even though original estimates held that we'd see 50 billion "connected" devices by 2020, revised estimates are still targeting nearly 30 billion, representing an industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars in the near future. So here's the question--is your business ready for the IoT? Even if you don't deal directly with technology, IoT devices are going to have a massive impact on how you do business.

Samsung and Amazon launch HDR10 Plus content


Samsung Electronics and Amazon have launched HDR10 Plus content for the latter's streaming service, the companies announced. Movies and TV series on Amazon Prime Video will be available in HDR10 Plus when viewed in Samsung's UHD TV, including the flagship QLED TVs. Around 100 offerings, including Amazon's self-produced The Grand Tour, The Tick, and The Man in the High Castle, will be initially available. There will be more to follow going forward, the firms said. Samsung and Amazon announced the partnership in April.