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Trying out Edge Impulse machine learning platform on XIAO BLE Sense board - CNX Software


I had seen the Edge Impulse development platform for machine learning on edge devices being used by several boards, but I hadn't had an opportunity to try it out so far. So when Seeed Studio asked me whether I'd be interested to test the nRF52840-powered XIAO BLE Sense board, I thought it might be a good idea to review it with Edge Impulse as I had seen a motion/gesture recognition demo on the board. It was quite a challenge as it took me four months to complete the review from the time Seeed Studio first contacted me, mostly due to poor communications from DHL causing the first boards to go to customs' heaven, then wasting time with some of the worse instructions I had seen in a long time (now fixed), and other reviews getting in the way. But I finally managed to get it working (sort of), so let's have a look. Since the gesture recognition demo used an OLED display, I also asked for it and I received the XIAO BLE board (without sensor), the XIAO BLE Sense board, and the Grove OLED Display 0.66″.

Skills and security continue to cloud the promise of cloud-native platforms


Joe McKendrick is an author and independent analyst who tracks the impact of information technology on management and markets. As an independent analyst, he has authored numerous research reports in partnership with Forbes Insights, IDC, and Unisphere Research, a division of Information Today, Inc. The KubeCon and CloudNativeCon events just wrapped up in Europe, and one thing has become clear: the opportunities are outpacing organizations' ability to leverage its potential advantages. Keith Townsend, who attended the conference, observed in a tweet that "talent and education is the number one challenge. I currently don't see a workable way to migrate thousands of apps without loads of resources. Information technology gets more complex every day, and there is no shortage of demand for monitoring and automation capabilities the build and manage systems. Cloud-native platforms are seen as remedies for not only improved maintenance, monitoring, and automation, but also for modernizing ... Stock: Meteoric Growth With AI Tailwinds (NYSE:AI)

#artificialintelligence (NYSE:AI) is a leading software company, which provides Artificial Intelligence services to enterprises. The company is poised to ride the wave of growth forecasted for AI. The global Artificial Intelligence (AI) market is forecasted to grow at a meteoric 20.1% CAGR from $387 billion in 2022 to over $1.3 trillion by 2029. serves an envious list of large reputable customers from The US Air Force and the Department of Defence, to large energy companies such as Shell & Engie. They have been growing revenues at a 40% CAGR over the past couple of years, while the stock price has declined massively.

The 6 Python Machine Learning Tools Every Data Scientist Should Know About - KDnuggets


Machine learning is rapidly evolving and the crucial focus of the software development industry. The infusion of artificial intelligence with machine learning has been a game-changer. More and more businesses are focusing on wide-scale research and implementation of this domain. Machine learning provides enormous advantages. It can quickly identify patterns and trends and the concept of automation comes to reality through ML.

Top 6 CRM Software Solutions in 2022


Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a critical component of any sales or marketing team's lead generation, nurturing, and converting strategies. It automates tedious processes, like creating groups of leads to email, which removes some of the manual work from marketers. CRM software also allows teams to design their own workflows, customized for their team's operations. It helps them to store and view information that would otherwise be scattered between programs and papers. A navigable CRM platform with plenty of features for any customer-facing teams should be a priority for all businesses.

A guide to artificial intelligence and machine learning


According to Gartner, AI applies advanced analysis and logic-based techniques, including machine learning, to interpret events, support and automate decision-making, and take action. In essence, the concept of AI centres on enabling computer systems to think and act in a more'human' way, by learning from and responding to the vast amounts of information they're able to use. AI is already transforming our everyday lives. From the AI features on our smartphones such as built-in smart assistants, to the AI-curated content and recommendations on our social media feeds and streaming services. As the name suggests, machine learning is based on the idea that systems can learn from data to automate and improve how things are done – by using advanced algorithms (a set of rules or instructions) to analyse data, identify patterns and make decisions and recommendations based on what they find.

How to Easily Build Your First Machine Learning Web App in Python


One of the coolest parts of building machine learning models is sharing the models we built with others. No matter how many models you've built, if they stay offline, only very few people will be able to see what you've accomplished. This is why we should deploy our models, so anyone can play with them through a nice UI. Flask is a Python framework that lets us develop web applications easily. After following this guide, you'll be able to play with a simple machine learning model in your browser as shown in the gif below.

Red Hat Linux is coming to your Vette and Caddy Escalade


Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, aka sjvn, has been writing about technology and the business of technology since CP/M-80 was the cutting edge, PC operating system; 300bps was a fast Internet connection; WordStar was the state of the art word processor; and we liked it. Linux has long played a role in cars. Some companies, such as Tesla, run their own homebrew Linux distros. Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, and Toyota all rely on Automotive Grade Linux (AGL). AGL is a collaborative cross-industry effort developing an open platform for connected cars with over 140 members.

Building a Hand-written Digit Recognition Web App with Tensorflow


Long ago, I built a hand-written digit recognition web app using Flask and TensorFlow. It was my first ML project as a beginner which didn't end up dying in a notebook, so I think it's worth sharing. This is how it's gonna look: In this tutorial, we will build our digit recognition model using TensorFlow and the MNIST dataset, which contains 70,000 images of hand-written digits 0 to 9, convert it into a TFLite model, and then build the web app. We'll be using Google Colab throughout this guide, because it's the easiest way to get started. We'll use the Keras Datasets API to load our MNIST images, because it makes it extremely easy to load the data.

Top artificial Intelligence companies in Canada


The Canada Pavilion will be prepared at the '5th International Artificial Intelligence Exhibition (AI EXPO KOREA 2022)' and communicate with domestic companies and institutions through innovative artificial intelligence technology. Under the supervision of the Trade Commissioner Service of the Canadian Embassy in Korea, the'AI Expo Korea 2022 Canada Pavilion' will be operated with a delegation of Canadian AI companies to promote the Canadian artificial intelligence and information and communication technology (ICT) industry. The embassy said, "We plan to host a B2B event between domestic companies and Canadian AI companies, and we plan to create a forum for cooperation opportunities such as introducing Canadian companies and arranging meetings for domestic companies that want to meet with Canadian companies. Let's summarize the solutions of each company that can be seen at the'Canada National Pavilion' of AI Expo Korea 2022 and what each company wants to inform through this ...