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How Machine Learning Impact Product Personalization


Machine learning-based personalization has gained traction over the years due to volume in the amount of data across sources and the velocity at which consumers and organizations generate new data. Traditional ways of personalization focused on deriving business rules using techniques like segmentation, which often did not address a customer uniquely. Recent progress in specialized hardware (read GPUs and cloud computing) and a burgeoning ML and DL toolkits enable us to develop 1:1 customer personalization which scales. Recommender systems are beneficial to both service providers and users. They reduce transaction costs of finding and selecting items in an online shopping environment and improves customer experience.

Kaggle: Where data scientists learn and compete


Data science is typically more of an art than a science, despite the name. You start with dirty data and an old statistical predictive model and try to do better with machine learning. Nobody checks your work or tries to improve it: If your new model fits better than the old one, you adopt it and move on to the next problem. When the data starts drifting and the model stops working, you update the model from the new dataset. Doing data science in Kaggle is quite different.

How Data Science is Driving Digital Transformation Now


In an increasingly competitive world, we should have a deep understanding of the business in which we operate, how it is evolving, and the new innovations that we could embrace or build to remain competitive and conquer new market segments. To do this, we must be able to develop a clear vision of transformation that takes us to another level of performance. By embracing Digital Transformation, we will deal with artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning, virtual reality, and a lot of other innovative technologies. At first sight, it might even sound fearful to lead the business in such a complex and intricate direction. With this in mind, we will consider some strategies to better understand and take competitive advantage of the huge streaming of data in the current era of the digital revolution.

How to Become a Machine Learning Engineer


Ever since the companies have realized that the regular software are not going to address the growing competition and that they need something additional to pull them, concepts like Data Science and Machine Learning have started gaining momentum. Whether it is Voice Recognition based searching, Fraud Detection Systems, or a Recommendation System by Amazon or Netflix, Machine Learning has been the most implemented technology over the period of time. This is the reason every company wants to hire Machine Learning Professionals and a huge crowd of aspirants wish to become one. Let's uncover the right way anyone can pursue this field! Well, speaking broadly, Machine Learning is the field that deals with educating the machines to make them able to make decisions like humans.

Facebook's MARGE AI summarizes and translates documents without fine-tuning


In a paper published on the preprint server, Facebook researchers describe Multilingual Autoencoder that Retrieves and Generates (MARGE). It's a language model that generates words, sentences, and paragraphs by retrieving related words, sentences, and paragraphs in different languages and identifying patterns within them. The researchers claim MARGE learns to paraphrase, translate, and summarize text without any fine-tuning, a potential step toward systems that can perform any text task from pretraining alone. In machine learning, pretraining involves training an AI model on a vast amount of data before it's fine-tuned on a narrow data set tailored to particular tasks, like summarization.

Thucydides And The Dragon: Artificial Intelligence And Sino-US Rivalry


"Made in China" used to mean cheap and poor quality, and probably involving the theft of intellectual property somewhere along the line. That perception has been out of date for many years now. Counterfeiting by Chinese manufacturers is still a major problem in some industries, but the best Chinese companies are world leaders in quality and in innovation. European telecoms utilities are alarmed by Trump's demand that they exclude Huawei components from their 5G rollout programmes: if they comply, their 5G services will be late and expensive. China's two mobile payments giants, Alibaba's Alipay and Tencent's WeChat Pay, both have many more active users than PayPal and Apple Pay combined.

Artificial Intelligence posted on LinkedIn


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Top AI and Machine Learning Development Companies In 2020


The year might kick-off at an ominous note with recession indicators showing omen of an economic downstream, the IT space has never been feast to one's eye more indispensable with emerging technologies playing pivot. Presently, not a day passes without any news and message having word Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data. The algorithm continually evolves, the experts gain knowledge, consisting of information about each trade; this undeniably draws exciting prospects for the future with customized good, food, and entertainment. With the best AI/ML development companies in India and the USA paring costs and more data-driven decisions, they are proving to be a simple yet efficient proposition of the time. Recently, business and startups have started observing value in actionable insights from a vast swath of raw data and information.

Stanley Chen posted on LinkedIn


With enterprise artificial intelligence is at the core of the New technologies revolution looming our every industry's businesses,.in

Dating app Badoo uses AI to blur unwanted intimate photos

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Dating app Badoo has launched a new safety feature that uses AI to detect unsolicited nudes that get sent through the app. Badoo, which has been described as'like Facebook but for sex', says its'private detector' has a 98 per cent accuracy rate when covering up intimate photos. The feature's AI identifies potentially offending photos, automatically blurs them and gives users a warning that they could contain'inappropriate content'. Users are then given the choice to open and view the content or block the explicit image and report it to the app's moderation team. The feature was introduced to the'feminist dating app' Bumble last year, which is owned by the same holding company as Badoo.