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What em Mythic Quest /em Gets Right (and Wrong) About Sexism in the Gaming Industry


Rob McElhenney's continually hilarious sitcom It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia may still (!) be on the air, but that hasn't stopped the multitalented actor, writer, and director from pursuing even more projects. In February 2020, his new show Mythic Quest, which he co-created with Sunny collaborators Charlie Day and Megan Ganz, debuted on Apple TV . The show follows the workings of a video game studio run by an eccentric creative director named Ian Grimm (McElhenney) and his oddball leadership team, including executive producer David Brittlesbee (David Hornsby, also of Sunny fame), lead engineer Poppy Li (Charlotte Nicdao), head of monetization Brad Bakshi (Danny Pudi), and head writer C.W. Longbottom (F. Though the primary focus is on these main characters, the show explores the breadth of important industry figures, including the overlooked and overworked testers and programmers and designers, the chipper office assistants and community liaisons, and the gatekeeping streamers and gaming audiences--all of whom play a part in creating or promoting the studio's main project, an MMORPG titled Mythic Quest, and its upcoming expansion pack, Raven's Banquet. Although Mythic Quest doesn't have anywhere near the name recognition of Sunny, it has a lot going for it.

Welcoming Steven Lehar as a QRI Lineage


by Andrés Gómez Emilsson Who Is Steven Lehar? Steven Lehar is many things. A proponent of indirect realism about perception. A champion of analog neural computation based on principles of harmonic resonance. And one of the most insightful and rational psychonauts of all times. His worldview packs a powerful punch of synergistic ideas, and reading…

NASA's Ingenuity helicopter could FINALLY fly on Mars in April

Daily Mail - Science & tech

NASA's Mars Ingenuity helicopter could finally take to the Martian skies next month after spending its first month strapped to the Perseverance rover while it charges. The US space agency confirmed that the 30 days'test flight window' for the rotorcraft will begin'no earlier than the first week of April'. Ingenuity arrived on Mars strapped to the underside of the NASA Perseverance rover on February 18, following a hair raising '7 minutes of terror' journey to the surface. Before it can make the first flight of an aircraft on the Red Planet, Perseverance needs to'drop it off' in a clear, safe area - likely to happen in the coming weeks. The team behind the 4lb chopper are narrowing down on a launch site, that will become the first'airfield on another world' when Ingenuity makes its maiden flight. The space agency confirmed that the 30 days'test flight window' for the rotorcraft will begin'no earlier than the first week of April' NASA is set to fly where no one has flown before – Mars' atmosphere.

How Artificial Intelligence is changing recruitment


Public Service Commission (PSC) put out a job advert for 151 job vacancies and received 12,639 applicants in a span of one month. This does not only happen for government jobs. The high rate of unemployment has led to the mammoth applications for limited job vacancies yet there are about two human resource (HR) personnel to carry out recruitment in a company. In addition, the emergence of the coronavirus has shifted many companies from the traditional to virtual method of recruitment. However, a few questions come to mind; "Are all submitted applications read and scrutinised to the satisfaction of both the job applicant and employer? How long will that process last? Mr Benjamin Lubogo, leader of a recruitment team at Strategic Engagement Company Limited, says it depends on the human resource manager as well as the recruitment system used at the company. There are different ways of recruiting talent for companies including computer aided software, the traditional method of emailing and most recently artificial intelligence. In Uganda, he says, the most common method of recruitment is the traditional emailing method because of its affordability compared to computer aided software and artificial intelligence. With the traditional emailing system, he says, a company receives applications through an email while computer aided software is automated to notify a company whenever an applications is received with the capability to give job applicants feedback on the progress of their application process. We look through them and that is what a normal HR will do. However, we have heard of situations where people beat the process in that if they get three good CVs, why waste time with all the others," he reveals adding that there are many cases where non- technical HR personnel practicing human resources do not understand professional standards about a certain profession.

A Marine who worked on 'Six Days in Fallujah' in 2009 helped us see why it exists


There's no easy way to talk about Six Days in Fallujah. That was clear in 2009 when Konami revealed the Atomic Games project set during the Iraq War's second battle of Fallujah, in 2004. Intense backlash led the Japanese publisher to cancel the game just weeks later. And it's been just as clear in 2021, with Atomic once again taking flak in the midst of a fresh attempt to make the game happen. There are plenty of reasons to be suspicious of an effort to recreate one of the deadliest engagements in a controversial war as an entertainment product. But even allowing for that, it's always bugged me that Six Days in Fallujah got canceled way back when. Very few people ever got a chance to even see the game.

How reinforcement learning chooses the ads you see


Every day, digital advertisement agencies serve billions of ads on news websites, search engines, social media networks, video streaming websites, and other platforms. And they all want to answer the same question: Which of the many ads they have in their catalog is more likely to appeal to a certain viewer? Finding the right answer to this question can have a huge impact on revenue when you are dealing with hundreds of websites, thousands of ads, and millions of visitors. Fortunately (for the ad agencies, at least), reinforcement learning (RL), the branch of artificial intelligence that has become renowned for mastering board and video games, provides a solution. Reinforcement learning models seek to maximize rewards.

32 of the biggest dating app bio red flags, as told by users


Thanks to online dating, you and your soulmate could be mere swipes away from finding each other. Before you can start scouring dating apps for love, you're tasked with writing a perfectly witty, informative, one-of-a-kind bio that will hopefully grab the attention of other users and encourage a heavy streak of right swipes. A dating app bio might not sound like a big deal, but since apps are filled with a sea of faces, your profile -- the bio you craft, photos you feature, and prompts you choose to answer -- is your chance to stand out and make a lasting first impression. This may be a shock to some, but many app users rely on cheesy, tired, and predictable jokes, phrases, and references when composing their bios. And bad dating app bios can be a major turnoff.

M2FN: Multi-step Modality Fusion for Advertisement Image Assessment Artificial Intelligence

Assessing advertisements, specifically on the basis of user preferences and ad quality, is crucial to the marketing industry. Although recent studies have attempted to use deep neural networks for this purpose, these studies have not utilized image-related auxiliary attributes, which include embedded text frequently found in ad images. We, therefore, investigated the influence of these attributes on ad image preferences. First, we analyzed large-scale real-world ad log data and, based on our findings, proposed a novel multi-step modality fusion network (M2FN) that determines advertising images likely to appeal to user preferences. Our method utilizes auxiliary attributes through multiple steps in the network, which include conditional batch normalization-based low-level fusion and attention-based high-level fusion. We verified M2FN on the AVA dataset, which is widely used for aesthetic image assessment, and then demonstrated that M2FN can achieve state-of-the-art performance in preference prediction using a real-world ad dataset with rich auxiliary attributes.

AI Chatbots for Business: Why You Need One Now!


Devansh is a tech savvy. He mainly talks about AI, Machine Learning, and Software Development. It's said that Artificial Intelligence will be just as smart as humans by 2050. Experts like Ray Kurzweil have even predicted that we'll achieve a technological singularity by 2045. From that point on, it's believed that AI will start inventing Nobel Prize-winning inventions every 5 minutes.

Debunking Top 4 Myths of Artificial Intelligence


When you think of artificial intelligence (AI), what do you envision? For decades, pop culture and science fiction have conspired depictions comprising inspired images of machine-ruled futures and robots accomplishing incredible tasks for human beings. The pictures painted by them are primarily futuristic and incredibly independent. That lays a powerful impression on people. So much so that it can be overwhelming and misleading at times.