How to link Apple Music to your Amazon Echo and set it as the default service


Listen up, Apple Music subscribers--HomePod isn't the only smart speaker that can handle your tunes anymore. Apple has teamed up with Amazon to allow streaming on Echo devices, so all of your songs, albums, and playlists are good to go. Here's how to set it all up: Setting up Apple Music on your Echo device takes just a few taps. Now you can say, "Alexa, play'Imagine' by Ariana Grande on Apple Music" and it'll start playing. You can also ask Alexa to stream playlists, charts, and Beats 1 radio.

From Subaru Ascent to Apple Watch Series 4: The biggest product launches of 2018


Ed Baig gives a look at the new Apple Watch Series 4. One key new feature: fall detection. The changes in the consumer marketplace this year have been largely driven by new tech products. Our world has been shaped in large part by just a handful of revolutionary consumer products and the companies behind them. Such milestones include the first modern automobile, first sold by Mercedes in 1901, and the first smartphone, introduced to the market by IBM in 1994. While the impact new products have on the world rarely rises to the significance of the first personal automobile, each year brings a new lineup of consumer products, some of them the first of their kind, to the market – and 2018 is no exception.

Bose's Home Speaker 500 combines Alexa with great sound, for a price


Sonos and Apple need to move over as Bose is entering the high-end smart speaker market. At $50 more than Apple's HomePod and $100 less than the Sonos Play:5, the Home Speaker 500 from Bose might be hitting a sweet spot for high-end smart speakers. Don't get me wrong -- $399.95 is a lot for a speaker, especially one geared for a wide consumer audience. Bose is hoping that its audio tech will give the Speaker 500 an edge over the competition. SEE ALSO: Amazon's second-gen Echo Show is a huge step up from the original On paper, it's smarter than the HomePod thanks to Alexa (Amazon's assistant is just better than Siri at this stage of the game), and Bose says the Speaker 500 creates "the widest sound of any smart speaker."

Exclusive: Apple Music is coming to Amazon Echo speakers week of Dec. 17


Apple Music is coming to Amazon's Echo smart speakers with Alexa – finally! Amazon and Apple will make the streaming service available to current Apple Music subscribers or potential customers starting the week of Dec. 17. As a subscriber to Apple Music, you always had workarounds for streaming Apple's service through an Echo, notably by pairing your phone or tablet via Bluetooth to the speaker. What you couldn't do, though, was ask Alexa to play the specific music you were in the mood to hear, and you were pretty much limited to volume and play controls. More: Spotify vs. Apple Music vs. YouTube Music: Which is best for your hard-earned cash?

Apple Music is coming to Alexa speakers—but how do they compare to the HomePod and Sonos?


Apple Music is coming to the Echo--but which speaker is best? If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. However, our picks and opinions are independent from USA Today's newsroom and any business incentives. Apple and Amazon made a surprise move Friday, revealing to USA Today that Apple Music will finally support Alexa-enabled devices (like Amazon Echo speakers) in mid-December. Echo speakers are significantly cheaper than Apple's massive HomePod--especially due to Amazon's ongoing Cyber Week deals--meaning there's now a simple, affordable way to get Alexa and Apple Music in every room in your house.

Amazon's second-gen Echo Show is a huge step up from the original


The larger display and sleeker design on the second-generation Amazon Echo Show make a world of a difference over the previous version. That's good news since, as Echo devices go, the Show isn't cheap. Not only that, but it essentially serves as Amazon's reference design of how screens should work with on Alexa-enabled products. Amazon is continually working on the brains of its digital assistant, Alexa. My first introduction to the smart assistant was with the original Echo.

Google Home Mini was the most popular smart speaker in Q2


Google's Home Mini was the top-selling smart speaker globally in Q2 2018, according to Strategy Analytics. Google sold 2.3 million of the devices, grabbing 20 percent market share for the quarter. Amazon, which still dominates the market overall, saw two of its smart speakers round out the top three for the quarter: The Amazon Echo Dot came in second with 2.2 million shipments and 18 percent market share. There were 1.4 million shipments of the Echo, giving it 12 percent of the market. Apple's HomePod didn't break into the top five -- it accounted for just 6 percent of the market.

Apple's HomePod will be able to make and receive phone calls, search for lyrics and speak Spanish

Daily Mail

Apple's HomePod smart speaker is stealing some features from the iPhone. The tech giant announced that users will soon be able to use their HomePod to make and receive phone calls, just by asking Siri. HomePod owners will have to wait a little longer to do so, however, as the updates aren't available just yet. Many expect the updates will arrive September 17th, the same day iOS 12 will officially debut. Apple's HomePod smart speaker is stealing some features from the iPhone.

Google Home Max review: bigger and smarter sound

The Guardian

Google's big, premium Apple HomePod rival the Home Max is finally being released in the UK today, bringing Google Assistant to the high-end smart speaker market. Announced in October 2017 and on sale in the US since November, the Home Max joins Google's smaller Home and smallest Home Mini smart speakers as the big one. Google Assistant sorts voice commands, controls and questions exactly the same as Google's smaller smart speaker offerings, but the way it sounds couldn't be more different. The Home Max is relatively large box speaker, by smart speaker standards, with a white or black smooth plastic body and grey or charcoal coloured fabric front. In white and grey it's simple fabric front and rounded corners make the Home Max look a bit bland up next to a Sonos Play:5 or an Apple HomePod, but it might be easier to blend in with soft home furnishings.