Bixby will start collecting sports scores and news next month


Bixby Home is getting smarter. Well, in the sense that now in the US, Samsung's virtual assistant will offer sports scores and up-to-the-minute news coverage through a partnership with theScore. Swiping right on "select" Galaxy device home-screens including the S9 and S9 Plus gives access to the stats and news. To make the feature a little more useful, you can even follow your favorite teams and leagues so only the news that matters to you will show up. It all sounds pretty comprehensive too, with scores and news for EPL soccer, MLB baseball, NBA basketball, NFL football and NHL hockey.

How AI is helping sports teams scout star players


Spotting the next star athlete has always been as much art as science, but artificial intelligence of the sort that's transforming everything from business to healthcare is starting to muscle in on professional athletics too. Computer vision, machine learning and other forms of AI use algorithms to analyze player performance statistics, game videos, and data from various sensors to identify talent that coaches and scouts might otherwise miss. And since the algorithms comb through data far faster than humans can, they give teams in-depth information on more players than previously possible. Professional baseball, basketball and hockey are among the sports now using AI to supplement traditional coaching and scouting. Baseball scouts in particular have long used statistics to evaluate players.

Artificial Intelligence and the Dangers of Human Error


Fifteen were killed and 14 injured last April when a junior hockey team from Saskatchewan, Canada was involved in a bus crash while on a tournament. Compare this to the 12 kids who died in the Columbine shooting. There are 1,250,000 traffic deaths annually worldwide. In 2016, there were 37,461 traffic deaths in the United States alone, 2000 of them children under 16. There were 11,004 homicides by firearm.

Deep Reinforcement Learning in Ice Hockey for Context-Aware Player Evaluation Artificial Intelligence

A variety of machine learning models have been proposed to assess the performance of players in professional sports. However, they have only a limited ability to model how player performance depends on the game context. This paper proposes a new approach to capturing game context: we apply Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) to learn an action-value Q function from 3M play-by-play events in the National Hockey League (NHL). The neural network representation integrates both continuous context signals and game history, using a possession-based LSTM. The learned Q-function is used to value players' actions under different game contexts. To assess a player's overall performance, we introduce a novel Game Impact Metric (GIM) that aggregates the values of the player's actions. Empirical Evaluation shows GIM is consistent throughout a play season, and correlates highly with standard success measures and future salary.

Low-Power Play: GAP8 Weds Multicore RISC-V with Machine Learning


Machine learning (ML) on the edge often involves convolutional neural networks (CNNs). This can be done using standard processors, but there's a cost due to performance and matching power requirements. Though specialized ML hardware can significantly reduce the amount of power, a programmable solution would provide a more flexible alternative. GreenWaves Technologies brings a RISC-V-based solution to the table, building on the Parallel Ultra Low Power Platform (PULP). PULP is designed to support four different 32-bit, RISC-V cores, including RISCY, Zero-riscy, Micro-riscy, and Ariane.

Alexa now recaps NBA and NHL game stats


They can provide the latest scores or tell you when your favorite team will play, but they rarely dive headlong into stats. Amazon, however, thinks it can dig a little deeper. It just gave Alexa the ability to recap NBA and NHL games, including the stats for individual players. You can find out how many points LeBron James scored in his last game (as of this article, 26), or have Alexa summarize the latest Maple Leafs match (they won). Alexa is now much smarter about playoffs, for that matter.

Sony's SXSW experiences draw out your sweat and feels


Although the company has been attending SXSW since the show's music festival days, this is only Sony's second time bringing a warehouse full of quirky mini adventures to SXSW, and it's expanded a bit beyond last year's VR-heavy affair. Walking into the Wow Studio this year, you're confronted with robots, photobooths and dark little rooms hiding mysterious demos with names like "Ghostly Whisper" and "Acoustic Vessel'Odyssey'." You can stop to play with adorable new Aibos (that now understand English) if you wish, but the fun lies beyond the foyer. Some of them have obvious sports themes. Things like "VR Soccer" and "A(i)r Hockey" showed off creative implementations of existing tech.

Human v robot dog: Boston Dynamics takes on its door-opening SpotMini

The Guardian

Boston Dynamics' four-legged machine SpotMini has already proved that it can easily open a door and walk through unchallenged, but now the robotics firm is teaching its robo-canines to fight back.

Nvidia Deep Learning AI vs Atomic AI 2018 Comparison FinancesOnline


Compare Atomic AI vs. Nvidia Deep Learning AI Getting the most effective Artificial Intelligence Software product is all about cross-checking numerous solutions and determining the top program for your specific needs. Our proprietary process provides you with a quick look at the general rating of Nvidia Deep Learning AI and Atomic AI. For all round quality and performance, Nvidia Deep Learning AI scored 9.8, while Atomic AI scored 7.5. On the other hand, for user satisfaction, Nvidia Deep Learning AI earned 99%, while Atomic AI earned 96%. Below you can also look at their characteristics, terms, plans, etc. to find out which application will be more appropriate for your needs. An important element to evaluate is whether the app can enable and disable permissions on various types of users to protect any confidential company data. We are aware that not all companies have the time to examine a wide range of various products, so we created a list of recommendations that you may find useful. Our top selections for the Artificial Intelligence Software category are: Cloud Machine Learning Engine, Salesforce Einstein, Azure Machine Learning Studio.

SocialSent: Domain-Specific Sentiment Lexicons


The word soft may evoke positive connotations of warmth and cuddliness in many contexts, but calling a hockey player soft would be an insult. If you were to say something was terrific in the 1800s, this would probably imply that it was terrifying and awe-inspiring; today, terrific basically just implies that something is (pretty) good.