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Take a moment to listen to the world around you. Maybe you are listening to a podcast or the sounds of office life filtered through noise-canceling headphones. Or perhaps you're on a train or lulled by the sound of a dishwasher. Our brains are constantly taking in the sounds around us and giving us useful information. In the coming few years, computers will begin to also process those noises to understand what's happening around them to modify the environment, improve hearing, and notify us if something is wrong.

Why 2020 is the year you should finally buy true wireless earbuds


Since the first true wireless earbuds were unveiled in 2015 by Japanese electronics company Onkyo, the fledgling form factor has improved in both audio quality and performance – and CES 2020 showed that true wireless technology might finally be ready for the bigtime. In the past, true wireless earbuds were riddled with connectivity issues, poor audio quality, and bulky designs – however, based on what we saw at CES this year, the best true wireless earbuds of 2020 will be able to compete with wired headphones on a much more level playing field. We finally saw the kind of specs we can expect from true wireless earbuds in 2020; from noise cancellation to long-lasting battery life, so here are three reasons why, if you've been holding off, you should consider a pair of untethered earbuds to enjoy your tunes every day. For a while now, true wireless earbuds have typically cost more than their wired counterparts – but CES 2020 showed us this form factor doesn't have to come at a premium. The new JLab Go Air True Wireless Earbuds are a great example of the growing accessibility of cord-free listening; at just $29 / £29 (about AU$40), they're nearly eight times cheaper than the current class-leading model, the Sony WF-1000XM3.

A.I. Headphones Could Warn Distracted Pedestrians of Traffic Digital Trends


Headphones have the ability to seal us in our own isolated sound bubbles; putting an invisible wall around wearers, even in public spaces. At least, it can feel that way. In reality, while the world might seem like it disappears when you put on your fancy AirPods Pro, it doesn't actually. As walking across a busy street without paying attention would quickly remind you. Could machine intelligence help where human intelligence fails us?

CES Editors' Choice Awards: The best and coolest tech to expect in 2020

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CES Editors' Choice Awards: The best tech to expect in 2020 (Photo: Reviewed.com) Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. CES is the birthplace of thousands of new tech products every year, and the scope of innovation is getting larger. No longer limited to TVs and laptops, technology has made inroads into parenting, health products, fitness, beauty, and nearly everything you own. But that doesn't mean you should buy everything that debuts here. That's why we created the Reviewed CES Editors' Choice awards: to single out the very best products that we think you'll actually want to buy in 2020. If you're looking to upgrade this year, consider this your shortlist. For the last few years, Samsung has been introducing new, innovative TV designs meant to capture a certain vibe or lifestyle. The new "Sero" (Korean for "vertical") is a TV that pivots between traditional 16:9 widescreen and a vertical mode, making it all the more suitable for smartphone-oriented content. Once your phone is linked to it, shifting from landscape to portrait orientation on your phone will prompt the screen to rotate, making it an easy way to share images, videos, and social media in a world where almost 50% of videos are shot in a vertical orientation.

The 100 most popular things everyone bought this year

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Here's everything our readers were most obsessed with in 2019. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. As we head into the new year, we think it's fun to look at all the wonderful products that we bought in 2019. This year brought some incredible releases like Disney, Apple AirPods Pro, and the all-new Kindle--and honestly, some of these things were apart of what really make the year great. So we decided to roundup 100 of the most popular products that people bought over and over again. Whether it was a massive sale (looking at you Black Friday) or one of the hottest product people couldn't stop talking about (*cough* weighted blankets *cough*), our readers found something that caught their eyes. From robot vacuums to wireless headphones to streaming services, these are the most popular products that people couldn't stop buying in 2019. Everyone become obsessed with Disney in 2019. Although it was just released in November, the new streaming service Disney became the most popular product of the year. With it came nostalgia for the Disney classics, new original shows and movies, and plenty of Baby Yoda content. Seriously, if you're a fan of Marvel, Disney Princesses, Star Wars, Pixar, and all things Disney, you might want to consider following suit and getting a subscription for yourself. We still love the tried-and-true Instant Pot Duo. It's no surprise here--our readers were all about that Instant Pot life this year. The Duo 6 Quart, a.k.a. the most popular model out there, was far and away the biggest seller this year, and in no small part because of the deals that ran on it during Prime Day and Black Friday, respectively. If you were one of the lucky ducks who nabbed it when it was just $50, good on you. But you can still get it for a pretty good price right now, too. Nobody really wants to vacuum, but they also don't want to spend a fortune on a robot vacuum to do their dirty work. That's why the Eufy 11S was so popular this year. It's the best affordable robot vacuum we've ever tested because it balances great cleaning powering and a reasonable price. Our readers loved scooping it up--especially when it was on sale as it is right now.

Next EEG -- new human interface


It was the beginning of 2014 and I was in Hallstatt, Austria, on BNCI Horizon 2020 Retreat, event aimed to discuss the future of BCIs (brain-computer interfaces) with over 60 experts from the field. Among the hot topics was the state of brainwave reading by means of electroencephalography (EEG). The special thing about this event is that I had a "secret agenda": without announcing it, I brought up with me the just assembled first working small Smarting mobile EEG device AND the Android phone with the (first beta version of) application able to display signals in real time! It may not sound impressive -- but believe me, it was. No one had such ability (!) and it is still rather unique today.

The 20 best gadgets of 2019

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There's more than meets the eye to these generic-seeming glasses. The Bose Frames contain a small pair of hidden speakers and sensors on their arms. In addition to music listening, you can use them to receive calls and interact with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. Can't decide whether to buy a lamp or a speaker? This could be the answer.

Top 10 AI in Healthcare Start-Ups in the UK


Advanced data processing, image recognition and natural speech systems are being applied by innovative start-ups across a diverse range of health and social care services, from cancer diagnostics to genomics and mental health. With support from Government and industry, UK-based start-ups can have access to a robust library of anonymised patient data which accelerates the development of effective solutions. So what start-ups are making waves in the health and social are sector using artificial intelligence and machine learning? CW has identified a number of UK-based companies developing solutions across a range of healthcare areas. Consider registering for one of our upcoming related events, "Increasing the speed and diversity of invention in AI" on 4 December or "AI & Robotics in Neurocritical Care & Neurosurgery" on 20 April.

The best Black Friday deals 2019: welcome to a full weekend of deals


Black Friday itself might be done and dusted but the best deals for 2019 will continue all weekend, plus Cyber Monday deals are just around the corner. That's good news for anyone late to the sales party as that means there's still a significant amount of savings to be had. You'll find those savings everywhere and anywhere, both at big box retailers like Best Buy, Walmart and Target as well as online at Amazon, NewEgg and B&H Photo. So when does Black Friday well and truly end? Admittedly, some deals were for Black Friday only and sold out within minutes or hours, but many deals started a few days before Black Friday and will continue through to Cyber Monday after Thanksgiving. There are many different kinds of deals coming up from laptops to phones to AirPods (although the latter is heading quickly out of stock). We've sadly had little in the way of a cracking Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal, and even the PS4 deals - while they have existed, and haven't been too bad - were more scarce than we expected. But, based on what we saw on Friday, there's a lot more to come. If you're thinking about a deal at the moment, or you're scared it will go cheaper on Cyber Monday, then our advice is simple: if it has a good discount attached to it, go for it! If you later find the product is cheaper elsewhere, you can always buy it again and return the original. Just make sure to check the retailer's terms and conditions for returning items. It's basically been Apple products that have been the winners - with $400 cashback on an iPhone 11, lower prices on AirPods and Apple Watches and MacBook / iPads being cheaper than ever before, it's been (and still is) the time to grab yourself a bargain. There's more in there too - Dyson has been popular for Black Friday 2019, DNA kits have been a surprise package and we've even seen great discount on power tools as well. Anyway, enough of telling you what you're getting, and onto the deals themselves - and if you want something more than what we've scavenged from the depths of the web, here are all the top Black Friday sales from around the web first: HP Laptop 15t: $979.99 $519.99 from HP This HP laptop is a phenomenal price and comes with a 15-inch display paired with a powerful 10th gen Intel Core i7 processor to power the whole thing. Perfect for fitness fanatics, the Powerbeats Pro offer an adjustable ear hook design that keeps your buds firmly in place.

The 10 best Black Friday deals you can still get right now

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Here are the top 10 Black Friday deals you can still get. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. Black Friday has finally arrived, ladies and gents! The biggest shopping holiday ever brings with it some of the most fantastic deals we see year-round, so if you've had your eye on a certain trendy product that's just been slightly out of your budget, chances are you can score it for much cheaper--but only today. If you're curious about the hottest products that have been flying off the shelves, we've been analyzing sales trends and reports since the wee hours of the morning to help our readers get their hands on the most popular deals out there, while they're still available.