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IIT Patna ties up with Flipkart for joint research in artificial intelligence


The academic collaboration is expected to bring real world industry exposure to students and scholars of IIT Patna, and to provide an opportunity to the faculty members to work closely with Flipkart on research projects. As a part of this MoU, IIT Patna will undertake a number of programs such as joint research activities, writing research papers, organizing seminars, internship / mentorship opportunities, etc. "The aim behind this collaboration is to create industry-focused applied research which could help reach e-commerce to more consumers and sellers alike. With this MoU, we aim to establish deeper academia collaborations which could help students and the academia to leverage our data and platform knowledge to work on India specific e-commerce challenges, in addition to publishing research papers," Mayur Datar, Chief Data Scientist Flipkart, said. IIT Patna's computer science professor Asif Ekbal said the research is particularly aimed at developing robust machine translation techniques for translating the large amount of user reviews written in English to the Indian vernacular languages. Flipkart works closely with academia through some of the leading institutes including Indian Institute of Science (IISC), IIT (Kharagpur, Bombay and Kanpur), IIM (Ahmedabad and Kolkata) and a few foreign universities like Carnegie Mellon University and University of California, San Diego.

iFFALCON launches latest QLED & UHD models exclusively on Flipkart - Technuter


The models H71 and K71 are available exclusively on Flipkart, starting at an appealing price of INR 49,999 and INR 25,499, respectively. Additionally, the first 250 customers will give 1 year Sony Liv subscription for free, along with some special banking offer from Flipkart. Some of the common features that both models come equipped with include hands-free voice control. With far-field voice control, users can control TV, set reminders, and much more totally hands-free – Just say "Hey Google", or "Ok Google". Another common feature is micro dimming, which is designed to dim particular parts of the screen while leaving the rest in a brighter tone for an enhanced and optimized LED viewing.

A machine learning based heuristic to predict the efficacy of online sale Machine Learning

It is difficult to decide upon the efficacy of an online sale simply from the discount offered on commodities. Different features have different influence on the price of a product which must be taken into consideration when determining the significance of a discount. In this paper we have proposed a machine learning based heuristic to quantify the \textit{"significance"} of the discount offered on any commodity. Our proposed technique can quantify the significance of the discount based on features and the original price, and hence can guide a buyer during a sale season by predicting the efficacy of the sale. We have applied this technique on the Flipkart Summer Sale dataset using Support Vector Machine, which predicts the efficacy of the sale with an accuracy of 91.11\%. Our result shows that very few mobile phones have a significant discount during the Flipkart Summer Sale.

Artificial Intelligence Tutorial - It's your time to innovate the future - DataFlair


Have you ever thought what would our lives be like in a world without Artificial Intelligence? Recall how you spend an average day of your life- you get up, then you check your smartphone. You reach your workplace, and then start working over the internet. Remember, most of your work takes place over cloud computing and other services the internet provides. Now picture that you have to look for an answer to something. For how long and in how many books are you going to keep searching for the answer? Let's take another example, you come back home and decide to order food online. Who really places the order if you are behind the screen?

The Rise of the Indian Start-Up Ecosystem

Communications of the ACM

Walk into any one of the many start-up events organized across India, and inevitably the image of an Indian bazaar comes to mind: people rushing around, shouting, bargaining, answering phones with great excitement, laughing loudly, boasting, blushing, and generally being optimistic, as if they are at the beginning of a rising trend of well-being. Such optimism might seem justified. According to data compiled by Fortune magazine,a from just eight'unicorns' in 2015, the number of start-ups in India valued at more than $1 billion has grown to 26. What is interesting is that in 2018 alone, India added eight unicorns to the club. These include diverse entities such as Ola, started in India as a competitor to Uber and has since expanded its footprint into the U.K. (and is eyeing Australia); an insurance aggregator called PolicyBazaar; the e-commerce site Paytm Mall; an eyewear retailer called Lenskart; food technology aggregators such as Swiggy and Zomato, and hotel-room aggregators like OYO and FabHotels. Thousands of entrepreneurs start up every year and aspire to become one of the new unicorns.

How Data Science, Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence Is Boosting Online Diwali Sales - Analytics Jobs


With the festive time of the year, everyone is going crazy about the mind-blowing sales going on in Flipkart Big Billion Day and Amazon India Great India Festival Sale. Diwali is celebrated to mark the triumph of Lord Rama over Ravana or the triumph of good over evil. However, for businesses in India, Diwali is the go-to make money festival. It is known as the big Indian Festive Season with eye-popping deals on from apparel, add-ons, shoes, consumer electronics, home appliances, furniture and also traveling. But did we ever imagined, how these e-commerce companies have prepared for these big sale days or how their courier partners are ensuring that last-mile delivery to the customers?

This AI predicts online trolling before it happens


How do you keep online trolls in check? Dr. Srijan Kumar, a post-doctoral research fellow in computer science at Stanford University, is developing an AI that predicts online conflict. His research uses data science and machine learning to promote healthy online interactions and curb deception, misbehavior, and disinformation. His work is currently deployed inside Indian e-commerce platform Flipkart, which uses it to spot fake reviewers. We spoke to Dr. Kumar ahead of a lecture on healthy online interactions at USC.

Why AI Searches More Obsessively Than Shoppers


Retailers are rolling out new ways for consumers to look for items online. Forever 21, in particular, is moving beyond text-based online search for its customers with visual search. In an announcement for the feature, Forever 21 President Alex Ok said the technology "bridges the gap" between online and offline worlds, while enabling "customers to search for clothing in the same way they think about it -- using visuals, not words." Forever 21 is not alone in its efforts to integrate the latest in AI: A myriad of merchants are using the technology in new and exciting ways. Some retailers even possess the computing power and storage capacity to treat each customer as an individual rather than part of a segment.

Flipkart to create Alexa's nemesis? It just bought an AI firm that converts speech to text


Walmart-backed Flipkart has just issued a challenge to Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant. The home-grown e-commerce giant today announced that it has acquired Bengaluru-based artificial intelligence (AI) startup, which has developed a platform that converts speech-to-text in nine regional languages apart from English. With this move, the e-tailer hopes to soon offer an end-to-end conversational shopping experience for its users. "Given the complexities in typing on vernacular keyboards, voice will become a preferred interface for new shoppers. One does understand that building a voice interface is complex, and is especially challenging in Indian context given multiple languages and accents," Flipkart CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy said in a statement.

I Saw How AI Is Changing Our World, And How It Influences What Products You See On Flipkart


Artificial Intelligence is the hot topic in the tech world right now. Companies want to include it in some way in their platforms, students are lining up to train in it, and researchers are pushing its limits to see what they can apply it to. And the possibilities are truly endless. At Intel's AI DevCon 2018 in Bengaluru this past week, I got a brief glimpse into AI's transformative potential. Amidst the hype of an upcoming AI-focused chip was the excitement of dozens of developers and researchers gathered to exchange ideas, of which there was plenty on offer.