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Life in 2050: A Glimpse at Transportation in the Future


Welcome back to our "Life in 2050" series! In previous installments, we looked at how accelerating change and environmental issues will affect the future of warfare, economy, education, everyday living, and space exploration (in two installments). Today, we look at how people will get from A to B by mid-century, whether it's across town, from one city to the next, or one continent to the next. Transportation is another sector that is expected to undergo a major revolution in the coming decades. In several respects, this revolution is already underway thanks to the introduction of autonomous vehicles, the wide-scale adoption of electric vehicles, the growth of renewable energy, and the advent of commercial spaceflight. Between now and 2050, these technologies and trends will accelerate and lead to the creation of new transportation infrastructure, radically different from what we know today. Of course, the infrastructure of tomorrow will be built on existing transportation networks.

Machine Learning: Active Failures and Latent Conditions


Machine learning and AI applications are advancing in increasingly critical domains such as medicine, aviation, banking, finances, and more. These applications not only are shaping the way in which industries are operating, but also how people are interacting and using their platforms/technologies. That said, it is of fundamental importance that the engineering culture in ML / AI incorporates and adapts more principles from other fields of engineering in terms of both reliability and robustness of the development of solutions to their problems. The understanding of causal aspects helps to understand failures and can help to decrease the risk of unavailability or misbehavior of ML systems. There is a myriad of information on virtually any technical area on the internet.

World's first flying race car takes flight for the first time ahead of race debut later this year

Daily Mail - Science & tech

The first flight took place at a secret test location in the South Australian desert, while three remotely-piloted Grands Prix are planned across the world this year in Airspeeder's electric racing series.

How Airlines Use AI To Streamline Operations, Save Fuel


"Thanks to AI, the airline saved 480,000 gallons of fuel in six months." When Greta Thunberg boarded a transatlantic zero-emissions yacht she garnered the attention of citizens of the world on the fact that aviation is a polluter of the environment that we continuously ignore. The giant industry is responsible for producing 915 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions along with other dangerous gases that cause environmental changes like cirrus clouds. These emissions constitute two percent of the world's greenhouse emissions. From the electrification of jets to biofuel many ideas have been suggested to make flying more eco friendly.

An 11-Minute Flight To Space Was Just Auctioned For $28 Million

NPR Technology

Participants sit a Blue Origin space simulator during a conference on robotics and artificial intelligence in Las Vegas on June 5, 2019. On Saturday, Blue Origin announced that an unidentified bidder will pay $28 million for a suborbital flight on the company's New Shepard vehicle. Participants sit a Blue Origin space simulator during a conference on robotics and artificial intelligence in Las Vegas on June 5, 2019. On Saturday, Blue Origin announced that an unidentified bidder will pay $28 million for a suborbital flight on the company's New Shepard vehicle. Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos is going into space on July 20 on a reusable rocket made by his space exploration company, Blue Origin.

Alaska Airlines Optimizes Traffic Flow Using Artificial Intelligence


Because the airline's dispatchers must account for weather, turbulence, and traffic volume in their planning efforts, "Flyways shows all that information on a dynamic 4D map," said the release. "When it finds a better route, the system provides actionable recommendations to flight dispatchers who then decide whether to accept and implement the recommended solution or decline. Predictive modeling allows Flyways to'look into the future,' helping inform users how the airspace will evolve as weather and congestion change. Flyways looks at all scheduled and active flights across the US, scanning air traffic systemwide, rather than focusing on a single flight. This allows it to avoid air traffic congestion. The Flyways-monitored flight is being routed to a different, less crowded route so that it can arrive on time and avoid weather."

Alaska Airlines to Use Artificial Intelligence - Rus Tourism News


Alaska Airlines and Airspace Intelligence announced today the signing of a multi-year contract for the use of Flyways AI, an industry-changing platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to assist dispatchers in making flight operations more efficient and sustainable by optimizing routes and improving the predictability and flow of airline traffic. Alaska is the first airline worldwide to adopt the technology. The use of an AI-powered flight monitoring and routing platform that aids in critical decisions is a first in the U.S. air transportation industry. It allows the airline and its employees to plan the most efficient routes by giving dispatchers new tools to make informed decisions quickly. Using machine-learning models of the National Airspace System, Flyways predicts future scenarios and manages exceptions network-wide by processing millions of data inputs quickly and with even greater precision. The commitment to a continued partnership comes after an initial six-month trial program, during which Alaska's dispatchers used the new AI-powered flight prediction information to help them plan, monitor, and make recommendations for rerouting flights to avoid issues like congested airspace and bad weather.

The Impact of AI on Delivery Businesses


You know the Travelling Salesman Problem? Find the shortest route that takes you to every city on a list and returns you home. In fact it's an NP-hard problem, where NP stands for non-deterministic polynomial time. Just in case you were in any doubt about how hard it is. But if you're a grocery retailer, delivering the weekly shopping to millions of homes, or the country's leading furniture maker... well, it's a problem you have to solve.

NASA's Ingenuity helicopter completes a sixth flight despite some 'unexpected motion'

Daily Mail - Science & tech

NASA's Ingenuity Mars helicopter has survived its sixth flight on the Red Planet, but not everyone went to plan, with some'unexpected motion' in the final few feet. This motion was from an'image processing issue' but the 4lb copter'muscled through' the final 213ft of its 703ft flight over the Martian surface, NASA JPL tweeted. The flight happened last week, on May 22, but NASA said it would be taking more time to review each flight before releasing data after the fifth flight was over, so information on it surviving the'wobble' weren't released until Thursday. Despite the issue the helicopter, currently in a new phase where it is helping Perseverance scout for locations, 'landed safely and is ready to fly again.' The latest trip was designed to expand the flight envelope and demonstrate aerial-imaging capabilities by taking stereo images of a region of interest to the west. Ingenuity climbed 33ft, moved 492ft southwest at 9 mph, travelled 49ft south while capturing images towards the west, before going another 164ft to its landing site.

The Morning After: We can finally see 'Horizon Forbidden West' running on the PS5


Have I Been Pwned is already a vital resource you can use to know if/when your data and passwords are exposed in a breach, but now it's getting some key improvements. Creator Troy Hunt has open-sourced the project, giving others a way to "roll their own" service and hopefully increase the availability of this tool. If you haven't already signed up, you simply input your email address or phone number, and if it's spotted in information dumped by hackers that could be used against you, then you get an alert. Combined with a password manager to enable unique passwords everywhere, as well as things like using two-factor authentication, it can help make your online experience more secure. The other way it's getting an upgrade is a new arrangement with the FBI so that when they find compromised passwords as part of their investigations, the data goes into HIBP and account owners are alerted.