Samsung Galaxy S10e review: Smaller, but not lesser


When it's time to start building their new, premium smartphones, companies like Samsung are usually driven by a simple mantra: "more." And it's to the point where -- after a while -- it all starts to seem like overkill. Sure, all of these high-end devices are drool-worthy, but honestly, who needs that much smartphone? Maybe you do, since you're reading a review on Engadget. And so do I, as you might expect from a professional phone snob.

The best games for PC


So how do you categorize a beast like gaming on the PC? With decades of titles to pluck from (and the first port of call for most indie titles, too), there's so much to choose from. Gaming on your PC adds the benefits of (nearly always flawless) backward compatibility and console-beating graphical performance -- if you've got the coin for it. We've tried to be broad with our recommendations here on purpose. There are so many great games out there for your PC, consider these some starting points.

The best games for Nintendo Switch


Nintendo's Switch is on a roll. Now into its second year, the youngest of the games consoles is punching above its weight with a mix of core Nintendo games that have pushed iconic characters like Mario and Link into the modern gaming age. The Switch is also a portable console, which has injected new life into older titles and indie hits that have never made it a Nintendo device before. The Switch's online store isn't the easiest to navigate, however, so this guide aims to help the uninitiated start their journey on the right foot. These are the games you should own -- for now.

The best games for Xbox One


A series of missteps put Microsoft in second place before the Xbox One even came out. While it's likely to remain there until the next generation begins, there are a lot of people out there who have never experienced what the console has to offer. With the Xbox One X having a clear advantage over Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro when it comes to gaming on a 4K TV, there's never been a better time to jump in. While not all the games on this list are Xbox exclusives, every game is at least better on Xbox than PlayStation, provided you're playing on a One X. Studio MDHR's Cuphead is as beautiful as it is challenging -- and it's very beautiful. Half bullet-hell shooter, half platformer, half classic boss rush... wait that's too many halves.

The Morning After: Motorola's foldable phone plans


Add one more name to the folding phone fight card: Motorola. Also, we reviewed Sony's new Aibo and the 2019 Acura RDX. Finally, the rise of the robots includes some autonomous gear from FedEx and Boeing. Here's an idea for a name: MPx.Motorola is making a foldable phone, too Motorola VP of Global Product Dan Dery told Engadget: "We started to work on foldables a long time ago... and we have been doing a lot of iteration." According to Dery, Motorola has "no intention of coming later than everybody else in the market," and considering the upcoming launch dates for the Samsung Galaxy Fold (in April) and Huawei's Mate X (in mid 2019), it seems safe to assume we're looking at a Motorola launch by summer.

Sony Aibo review: Just get a puppy


Sony's original Aibo robotic dog blew the public's collective mind when it debuted in 1999, instantly becoming a cultural touchstone and commanding a rabidly loyal fan base. People still hold burials for their OG mechanical companions when they break down and can no longer be repaired. But two decades later, in an era when domestic and companion robots are increasingly commonplace, can the next Aibo iteration maintain that same feeling of wonder, that sense of futuristic whimsy its predecessor commanded? After spending two weeks living with the AI-powered pooch, I say yes. But it still pales in comparison to the real thing.

How AI made Facebook's Portal your 'personal cameraman'


After releasing its Portal video-calling tool to largely positive reviews (especially from its employees) last November, Facebook is finally cracking open the device and giving the rest of us a glimpse at the Portal's inner workings. Engadget sat down with Facebook's Rafa Camargo, Vice President of Hardware, and Matt Uyttendaele, Engineering Director of Mobile Vision to discuss the device's development and the artificial intelligence that powers Portal. When Facebook's AI research group (FAIR) began working on the systems that would eventually become the Portal two years ago, the team asked itself, "How do we create an automated a camera that will feel natural, will feel engaging and would actually not get in the way," Camargo explained to Engadget. "The key thing for us, is really invoking that we are connected in the two rooms and making you feel like you're there and just hanging out." In order to create that effect, the Portal team designed the device's Smart Camera to mimic the movements and judgements of human camera operators.

What we're playing in February


Welcome back to Gaming IRL, a monthly segment where Engadget editors dive into everything they've been playing lately. We're well past the holidays and finally recovered from CES -- it's the perfect time to sit back and pick up a controller. Unfortunately, we haven't played one of the biggest recent releases, Resident Evil 2, but you can take a look back at our preview from E3. This month, we have a comparison between Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Origins, a look at New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, and one of our editors dives back into the glory of StarCraft 2. We'd also love to know what you've been playing, shout out in the comments below! Assassin's Creed Odyssey has everything: glorious vistas, a wide variety of skills to learn and an open world filled with tons to do.

Groove X Lovot Hands-On: Too Damn Cute at CES 2019


Some robots are designed to build cars. Others are meant to perform surgery or help astronauts in space. The Lovot, however, has a far simpler and adorable mission in life: to make you smile. The pint-sized cutie, developed by a Japanese robotics startup called Groove X, rolls around and bumps into furniture with the grace and curiosity of a five-year old toddler. The robot will stare up at you with its big, beady eyes and flap two small, pudgy hands when it wants to be picked up and coddled like a baby.

Presenting the Best of CES 2019 winners!


Several hours of discussions and debate later, Engadget's editors have decided who among our finalists should win our Best of CES awards. Below is our list of winners for each category, as well as Best of the Best and People's Choice. The Gait Enhancing Motivational System (or GEMS, for short) is Samsung's conceptual line of assistive wearables. The biggest of them all is the GEMS-H, a lower-body exoskeleton. Weighing in at 4.6 pounds, the GEMS-H is light enough to be comfortable to wear, with an unobtrusive and some might call attractive design.