The Morning After: Samsung's Snapchat-ready TV


Would you buy a 43-inch TV that works in vertical mode? Why didn't you buy Anki's cute toy robots? When are you going to try that meatless Burger King Whopper? Cozmo and Vector couldn't save it.Anki is closing the doors on its toy-robot business Anki, the startup responsible for adorable robotics, is closing its doors and will terminate nearly 200 employees Wednesday. Recode reported CEO Boris Sofman broke the news to staff Monday.

Samsung updates Galaxy Buds with Bixby voice controls


In addition to having hands-free control of music and audio, users can now use voice controls to request a battery status update, change to a different equalizer setting and lock the earbud touchpads. Unfortunately, the new firmware only supports English and Korean commands, and you'll still have to use the earbuds with a Galaxy phone or Android device. The update also improves touchpad controls for double and triple taps, and you can now activate Ambient Sound by holding the touchpad of each earbud. Or, you can press just one earbud to temporarily initiate the feature. These controls, in particular, are a welcome change, given that they were a big gripe in our Galaxy Buds review.

Microsoft could challenge Apple's AirPods with wireless Surface earbuds


A new challenger could be approaching Apple's iconic AirPods (pictured above). Microsoft is developing a pair of Surface-branded wireless earbuds, according to Brad Sams' oft-reliable sources at Thurrott.com. Microsoft surprised the world by releasing the surprisingly good Surface Headphones last October. The sleek, premium-priced $350 headset features an intuitive control scheme and some wickedly good noise cancellation chops, courtesy of four active mics that keep tabs on the sounds around you. "Spin the noise cancellation dial on Microsoft's new cans, and the world fades away," we wrote at the time. Of course, you could also use the Surface Headphones to converse with Microsoft's Cortana digital assistant via its mobile app.

Amazon's earbuds are a shot at Google, not Apple


Late Thursday, Bloomberg reported that Amazon could be working on a pair of wireless earbuds, similar to Apple's AirPods. Just as the latest AirPods offer hands-free access to Siri, the rumored Amazon pair will also likely work with Alexa. They'll also apparently have gesture controls and come in a charging case, again, much like the AirPods. But as much as it seems Amazon is going after Apple with this new venture, the company might really be going after another rival too: Google. When it comes to the virtual assistant wars, there are really two main players: Alexa and Google Assistant.

Amazon may launch AirPods-style wireless headphones with its AI assistant built in later this year

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Amazon could go head-to-head with Apple and launch its own pair of wireless headphones. The e-commerce giant is in the process of developing earbuds with its AI Alexa assistant built into them, Bloomberg reported, citing sources close to the situation. The product could possibly hit the shelves as soon as later this year. Amazon could go head-to-head with Apple and launch its own pair of wireless headphones. Amazon's earbuds will appear similar to Apple's AirPods, except they'll feature better audio quality and will be offered at a cheaper price point than the iPhone maker's version, Bloomberg said.

Amazon is working on an Alexa-powered AirPods competitor


Apple's new AirPods give you hands-free access to Siri, and it sounds like Amazon is working on something similar for Alexa. Bloomberg reports the online retail giant is working on its own true wireless earbuds that will also be its first Alexa wearable. Details are scarce for now, but Bloomberg's sources say although the Amazon version will be similar to AirPods in terms of both general design and features, the company is aiming to offer better audio quality than Apple. Sound quality has been a key criticism of both models of AirPods. In addition to saying "Alexa" to activate the virtual assistant, the earbuds will reportedly offer gesture controls for things like taking calls and skipping tracks while listening to music.

Bragi sells off its in-ear headphone business as it focuses on software


Bragi hasn't been shy about transitioning away from making consumer-facing earbuds and toward developing high-concept features, but it's now clear that shift is complete. The company has confirmed to TechCrunch that it sold its hardware business to an unnamed company in March, finishing a "transformation" into a company focused on AI, software and patent licenses. If you see its technology in the future, it'll be part of someone else's earbuds. The company previously said that it knew its future in hardware was uncertain from the outset. With that said, Bragi wasn't so much encouraged leave the hardware market as it was pushed.

17 Best Deals on Laptops, 4K TVs, and More Awesome Tech


We recently ended our week-long investigation into How We Reproduce--or, as it turns out, how we don't. In addition to covering a few forms of contraception in our fertility and pregnancy gear roundup, we also took a look at advances in male contraception and gleefully childfree forums. The good news is that if you're not spending money on baby bottles and strollers, then you have plenty left in your pocket for Dell's March Madness sale. If you've been looking for an affordable smart speaker, Amazon's Echo and Fire Tablet sale ends today. We also have a few other great bargains on some of our favorite action camera, smart TVs, and more.

These Jabra wireless workout earbuds are $30 off at Amazon


If you're one of those people who needs to listen to music while you work out, you know how important good earbuds are. They have to be able to keep up with your activity and stay secure in your ears while delivering high-quality sound. Jabra Elite Active 65t wireless earbuds were made to fit your active lifestyle, and now through March 16, save $30 when you buy them at Amazon. These earbuds feature a secure-fitting design that enhances in-ear stability when you're active. The pair is also protected against sweat and dust and can track fitness and performance with an integrated motion sensor, so they're ideal for workouts.

Bose Frames review: These might be smart sunglasses, one day


If a pair of shades had intercourse with a set of headphones, you'd get the Bose Frames. However, they're more like sunglasses that are pregnant with baby speakers rather than a proper blend of the two. The idea behind the Bose Frames is to offer wireless audio without completely obscuring your ears while providing your eyes some sun protection. Because these days, it's no longer enough for gadgets to just be one thing, I guess. The Bose Frames are already available for $200, but whether you should drop that money on them depends how badly you need to hear your surroundings and your music at the same time.