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Amazon updates Echo Buds to fix overheating issue


Amazon is asking Echo Buds owners to update the firmware on their true wireless device ASAP. First reported by Android Central, the company emailed users today (July 15th) to alert them of a potential safety issue with the buds. Amazon says it "determined in very rare cases it is possible for the Echo Buds to overheat while in the charging case." The company says it has already released a software update that fixes the problem, eliminates any risk and improves the long-term battery performance of the Echo Buds. If you own a pair of these, you can check on the update through the Alexa app.

Panasonic debuts its first true wireless earbuds in Europe


Panasonic's first true wireless earbuds finally went on sale today in Europe. The RZ-S500W offers premium noise cancellation, while the RZ-S300W focuses on size and comfort. While we haven't tried the S300W yet, we got a quick demo of the S500W earlier this year at CES and what we saw left us impressed. The big draw of the larger S500W is Panasonic's "Dual Hybrid" noise cancelling technology. They use feedforward noise cancellation, feedback noise cancellation and analog/digital processing to capture sound outside and inside the earbuds.

The best Memorial Day Weekend 2020 sales and tech deals


Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer. And while things seem a bit different this year because of the pandemic, one thing hasn't changed: Retailers across the US are rolling out their Memorial Day Weekend sales and deals. Memorial Day is a US federal holiday for honoring the men and women who died while serving in the military. However, most sales start the Friday before and span the entire weekend. Here's a look at some of the best discounts we've spotted on tech and home office equipment.

Google's Slick Pixel Buds Finally Give Android Users the AirPods They Deserve

TIME - Tech

When it comes to headphones, especially truly wireless versions, it's hard to top those made by a certain Cupertino-based company named after a popular fruit. Google's own attempt to recreate the magic that is the Apple AirPods is here, and it's safe to say the reboot of the Android-friendly Pixel Buds is a pretty good one. The $179 truly wireless earbuds ditch the connecting wire found on the previous model, but maintain all the features that made the last version so appealing. While issues like fit and minor quirks -- especially with the AI-powered Google Assistant -- still exist, the end result is a pair of truly wireless buds with the same high-end build quality as the competition, and a welcome addition to the Android ecosystem. If only they didn't chafe so much.

Google Pixel Buds (2020) Review: Better Than AirPods


It's taken Google a surprisingly long time to make good earbuds. The original Pixel Buds from 2018 were a bulky, mushroom-shaped mess that made you look like Frankenstein's monster. The charging case was huge, the sound was middling, and when you finally worked up the courage to go outside with them, it felt like everyone wearing AirPods was laughing at you. My expectations were muted last fall when Google announced a revamped pair with the same name--this time with no wire connecting the buds, just like offerings from Apple, Samsung, and Amazon. They've got five hours of battery life, which is short, especially compared to the 11 hours you get with Samsung's buds.

Google Pixel Buds review (2020): Truly smart earbuds


But Google has never had a true competitor. Google's 2017 Pixels Buds were Bluetooth, but not completely wireless -- and for the most part they felt incomplete. Back in October, Google announced an updated version of the Pixel Buds ($179) that aren't only true wireless, they pack in even more smart features. Now it's time to find out just how much the company learned from its shortcomings. To get started with a phone that's running Android 6.0 and up, all you have to do is flip open the Pixel Buds case.

Best noise-cancelling headphones for working from home

The Guardian

Coping with lockdown life is hard enough without having to listen to other members of your household while you are trying to work. If you can't get away physically, a set of noise-cancelling headphones could be just the ticket to isolate you just enough to concentrate. Most cheaper noise-cancelling headphones are terrible, but the Lindy BNX-60 are actually pretty good. They're a little old, originally released in 2016, but having been reduced to just £50 they offer incredible value. The noise-cancelling handles background drone fairly well, while the ear cups enclose your ears to help quieten the rest of the world.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 review: top-quality sound with ANC

The Guardian

Sennheiser's second-generation high-end true wireless earbuds gain noise cancelling and longer battery life to do battle with Sony and Apple. The German firm's first earbuds were some of the best-sounding available. Now Sennheiser hopes its £280 Momentum True Wireless 2 can steal the show once again. The first thing you notice is just how big the earbuds are. Despite being slightly smaller than the previous versions they are still large, shaped like a fez with the eartip projecting out of one corner.

Amazon Echo Buds review: Alexa in your ear with Bose noise reduction

The Guardian

Amazon's first attempt at a set of true wireless earbuds gets a lot right, with Bose active noise reduction technology and hands-free Alexa. At £119.99, the Echo Buds undercut rivals, some of which cost more than twice as much. Their design is generic: large, kidney-shaped with a glossy touch panel on the outside and a standard silicone eartip on the inside. The eartip supports the earbud with the majority of the rest of the body sitting outside the ear. But the earbuds are large and heavy at 7.6g each, meaning they sit proud of your ear.

Top 10 AI-Powered Gadgets From World's Biggest Tech Show: CES 2020


CES has always been an inclusive platform for hosting newer trends, innovative technologies, and smart home gadgetry. However, CES wouldn't be complete without the showcase of the most buzzed-about gadgets that are not only innovative but also weird. In this article, we list down the top ten whackiest gadgets from CES 2020. At CES 2020, popular Chinese wearable giant Huami announced its outdoor smartwatch known as Amazfit T-REX. Amazfit T-REX has an in-built AI health monitor, which comes affordable as well as durable.