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Digital transformation for the digital generations


We look at how companies need to transform their businesses to cater for the digital generation and the tech that comes with them. Click here to listen to'Digital transformation for the digital generations' podcast now. Millennials and Generation Z have either grown up with a lot of technology changes. These generations no longer see technology as a simple tool but as a given window to the world. Many companies have considered this when it comes to selling products.

'I am not gonna die on the internet for you!': how game streaming went from dream job to a burnout nightmare

The Guardian

It is June 2018, and I am sitting at a table in a needlessly fancy restaurant in LA with a bunch of teenagers. Well, some of them must be over 21 as they are able to order alcohol, but most are sticking to Coke or sparkling water with their overpriced steaks. These are some of the up-and-coming stars of Twitch, the livestreaming platform that now broadcasts about 2bn hours per month from more than 9m channels, most of which involve people filming themselves and chatting while playing video games. Later, there will be a lavish party in a similarly extravagant club, where the streamers with the most views and subscribers will be treated like celebrities in the VIP area. And, well, they are celebrities.

The Sims at 20: two decades of life, love and reorganising the kitchen

The Guardian

Like many girls of my generation, I first played The Sims at a sleepover. It was at my friend Hannah's house; three 11-year-olds huddled in front of her dad's bulky old computer monitor at midnight, gazing into a miniature house populated by tiny people going about their inexplicably compelling daily business. We took turns sending them to work, changing the wallpaper, and ordering them to put dirty dishes in the dishwasher instead of leaving them to gather flies. We bought them a little telly, a nice couch, a blender, paging covetously through the game's furniture catalogue. With a thrill, we discovered we could make Sims "smooch" (though we were disappointed to learn that they couldn't actually bone down – that wouldn't happen until The Sims 2).

Coming of Age in the Age of AI: The First Fully Digital Generation


The first generation to grow up entirely in the 21st century will never remember a time before smartphones or smart assistants. They will likely be the first children to ride in self-driving cars, as well as the first whose healthcare and education could be increasingly turned over to artificially intelligent machines. Futurists, demographers, and marketers have yet to agree on the specifics of what defines the next wave of humanity to follow Generation Z. That hasn't stopped some, like Australian futurist Mark McCrindle, from coining the term Generation Alpha, denoting a sort of reboot of society in a fully-realized digital age. "In the past, the individual had no power, really," McCrindle told Business Insider.