Leaders Need To Bet On AI To Drive Value


BlackRock Inc., the $5 trillion money manager, announced last month that it would be overhauling its actively managed equities business, increasingly betting on computers rather than humans to make investment decisions. This move sent shudders through the financial services industry that has long relied on people to help others with their asset allocation decisions. For all industry observers, it is the next nail in the coffin of actively managed accounts, as technology disrupts the age old financial services business model. The question that corporate consultants must now ask is: "Are we next?

We Need Conscious Robots - Issue 47: Consciousness


People often ask me whether human-level artificial intelligence will eventually become conscious. My response is: Do you want it to be conscious? I think it is largely up to us whether our machines will wake up.

Big data, analytics comes before artificial intelligence: panel


Insurers are keen to adapt artificial intelligence in the enterprise, but first they must build up a layer of data and analytics excellence.

What Do You Know About Artificial Intelligence & How It May Affect Your Life?


Ideas about artificial intelligence (AI) have tended to swirl around without offering me much to think about. I use Siri and Hello Google on my iPhone, I'm aware of the increasingly powerful social media algorithms, and I've watched, with some interest, the accomplishments of IBM's Watson. Yet I haven't really thought much about it.

Elon Musk's robot army revealed in leaked pictures

Daily Mail

Elon Musk has likened future versions of Tesla's Model 3 production line to an'alien dreadnaught' - and now, the first pictures of that vision have emerged.

Where can Machine Learning be Applied to Improve Banking Performance? - Accenture


Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence that allows computers to learn without being explicitly programmed to do so. It's the product of established statistical theory and more recent developments in computing power. Combined, the Machine Learning algorithms offer businesses the opportunity to transform their operations and the services they provide.

Why B2B needs artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence (AI) is more than a stylish trend. It goes beyond rules, providing the ability to understand content or language, find patterns that can be applied to the future, digest all kinds of information and make reasoned decisions.

Monetate launches its machine learning-powered personalization engine


Machine learning and AI are popping up everywhere in marketing right now. If there's a high-waste, menial task to be done -- or something you can't do more than a few times before it becomes impossible to manage -- there's probably a way to get it done without the need for human involvement.