Here's What to Expect from Today's Amazon Hardware Event


Amazon is hosting a hardware launch event this morning at its Seattle headquarters, and has invited the press into the Spheres, Amazon's urban botanical gardens, to show off the new products. It's widely expected that Amazon will announce several new Alexa-equipped hardware products or device partnerships, adding to an already expansive line of Echos and other smart devices. The company hosted a similar event last fall, which reaffirmed Amazon's commitment to putting Alexa in as many places as possible. At that event, Amazon introduced a new 4K Fire TV; a smaller, $99 Echo speaker; a $149 Echo Plus speaker; an Echo that looks like an alarm clock, called the Echo Spot; Echo Buttons, for casual games; and a partnership with BMW to make Alexa work in cars. It also rolled the ability to initiate phone calls with Alexa, using a $35 device called the Echo Connect.

IT Brief Australia - Exclusive: AI is the key to intelligent digital workforces


Recently IT Brief had the opportunity to get in touch with Adrian Jones, Automation Anywhere APJ EVP, to discuss AI and its impact on the modern workforce. Can you tell me a bit more about Automation Anywhere? Automation Anywhere is a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software and AI technology for enterprises looking to deploy intelligent digital workforces. Our technology uses software bots that work alongside the human workforce to take on repetitive, mundane work, allowing people to do more meaningful work. Beyond automating tasks, Automation Anywhere's platform also helps improve them on the back-end by enhancing efficiency, minimising error and reducing operational costs, while helping enterprises manage and scale business processes faster.

Application of Machine Learning in Pricing and Revenue Management


Pricing science is the application of analytical techniques and methods to solve the problem of setting prices. This discipline had its origins in the development of yield management in the airline industry in the 1980s, and has since spread to many other sectors and pricing contexts, including media, retail, manufacturing, distribution, etc. The goal of B2B pricing science is to optimize pricing strategies by using prescriptive analytics to model and modify historical behavior. Although pricing science does not solely predict historical pricing behavior, predictive analytics is the foundation of this process. The first step in creating a pricing strategy, developing a robust and reliable prediction model, is crucially important because failing to understand historical behavior and failing to capture market dynamics leads to irrelevant price recommendations.

Digital disruption: What makes the modern CFO? - The Financial Express


The technological changes sweeping the business landscape have reached the doors of chief financial officers (CFO), breaking the status quo and demanding a drastic alteration in their roles to ensure a company does not lag behind those who adapt quickly. A couple of years ago, technologies like artificial intelligence, automation, internet of things (IoT), blockchain and machine learning were billed as game changers but were largely restricted to the academic realm. However, this has changed dramatically considering nearly all businesses today use one or more of these tools for critical decision-making inputs. Says Sugata Sircar, CFO, Schneider Energy: "We have been observing that the role of CFOs is transforming to being a strategic partner today." According to him, the expectation from the CFO is changing.

Artificial Intelligence - Inbenta


Over time, and with many trials and errors, businesses have created complex technology that's beginning to think like humans -- problem-solving technology that can find truth from the meaning of words. It's the first wave of a future where machines will be able to use artificial intelligence to interact with us. Artificial intelligence is the key to machines understanding human languages. For Inbenta, AI is the foundation on which our self-service and customer service and support products are designed and integrated for businesses worldwide. It's what's made us a leader in the industry, with solutions that have the fastest time to market and over a 90% self-service rate.

How artificial intelligence is changing customer service forever


CRM technology witnessed warm welcome (meaning multimillion dollar investments) by enterprises because it promised automation in customer service. Artificial intelligence takes things a few notches ahead, because it blends "intelligence" and "automation," putting customer service on autopilot. From ordering pizzas to booking appointments with doctors, customers are happy with automation, and so are the enterprises. Experts predict that almost 85 percent of customer service interactions could be automated by as early as 2020. Let's dig deeper and tell you more about how artificial intelligence could quickly transform customer service into its bigger and better version.

Next Step For Artificial Intelligence: The Autonomous Enterprise


We are still in the early days of artificial intelligence and machine learning transforming many aspects of our world, including how work gets done. For those of you who can remember how work got done before computers, the internet, and mobile, you have a sense of just how transformational new technologies can be. The previous wave of transformational technologies led to organizations that were inherently more connected than before. Information and decisions flowed much faster as a result. The current wave will lead to what I've started to call the autonomous enterprise: an organization where many decisions are made with the help of machine learning.

Why China will win the global race for complete AI dominance


China will be the world's dominant player in artificial intelligence by 2030. A State Council document, issued in July last year, resolved to position China as the world's pre-eminent practitioner of artificial intelligence (AI) in both research and application within the next 12 years. Governments across the world are rushing to support innovation in AI, but none has published as coherent a plan as China and – more importantly – has the ability to get things done: the Chinese government can implement policy in ways that are impossible in western democracies. Intent, however, is one thing: to paraphrase the boxer Mike Tyson, everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. The Chinese not only have a strategy, they have a track record of delivering on large-scale, ambitious projects.

Why Data Scientists Are Crucial For AI Transformation


Until a few years ago the work of data scientists was isolated and mattered primarily for research and/or R&D purposes. The industry has been extremely thankful for the contributions of these clever individuals but we need them now in the mainstream! This need is creating a huge demand in the industry and it's radically transforming the hunt for big data and machine learning talent. Fast forward 2018 and today every CEO, CIO, CDO, CMO is seeking answers to questions that don't exist yet. Typical questions in the minds of the leaders could be...

How Blockchain and AI Integration is Changing Business


AI is a combination of various technologies that work in traffic signals and automated cars, in which it controls the sense, learn and understand the situation and act as an artificial human. This technology was introduced in the year 1957 and carries human works and understands the task to complete automatically. The Technology is growing and impacting on business nowadays. In the recent period at the time of grown just it has become a part of the jobs. Now Artificial Intelligence Development companies implemented to guide in all business and controlling the remote over on menu of products and services.