Doctors Of Future: Artificial Intelligence – Becoming Human – Medium


All of us have been in a hospital for one or another reason and are aware of the medical procedures that follow during initial check up and diagnosis. Sometimes it gets a lot tedious to get so many tests done before a diagnosis is made and even some of the diseases reach a stage where they become incurable before their clinical diagnosis, like cancers.

The Time For Advertisers To Embrace Artificial Intelligence Is Now


Depending on your point of view, working in the marketing industry these days is either exciting or frightening. Technology innovation is happening so fast that it's almost impossible to keep up with, and for every new opportunity created, an entire set of challenges come with it.

Why Cheap Learning Is In Your Future


While deep learning racks up the likes among the big data crowd, a potentially bigger phenomenon is the emergence of extremely simple machine learning models that do not require sophisticated technical and mathematical skills, or what machine learning expert Ted Dunning calls "cheesy and cheap machine learning," or simply "cheap learning."

What Are Sheeple? Apple Users Are In New Merriam-Webster Dictionary Definition

International Business Times

Apple fanboys have always had a reputation for undying loyalty to the brand, but Merriam-Webster is taking that characterization to a new level by using them as an example for new dictionary entry "sheeple."

Stephen Hawking issues familiar warning to China against AI ZDNet


It's a pet obsession that both physicist Stephen Hawking and entrepreneur Elon Musk -- two people credited with pushing the boundaries of technology and science in pioneering ways -- have in common: Rampaging intelligence, borne within machines, could end the human race if utilized dangerously.

All AI Resources at one place


We are trying to put all the AI related resources in one place so that anyone can find their relevant information from this page. The list contains all the resources for beginners, advanced learners as well as for researchers. We will keep updating the list.

Leaders Need To Bet On AI To Drive Value


BlackRock Inc., the $5 trillion money manager, announced last month that it would be overhauling its actively managed equities business, increasingly betting on computers rather than humans to make investment decisions. This move sent shudders through the financial services industry that has long relied on people to help others with their asset allocation decisions. For all industry observers, it is the next nail in the coffin of actively managed accounts, as technology disrupts the age old financial services business model. The question that corporate consultants must now ask is: "Are we next?

Tech firms race to spot video violence before going viral

Daily Mail

Companies from Singapore to Finland are racing to improve artificial intelligence so software can automatically spot and block videos of grisly murders and mayhem before they go viral on social media.

Machine Learning Thursdays: AI for Dummies Part Two--Machine Learning


The overarching term "artificial intelligence (AI)" is a hub with many spokes. One of the most exciting of these from a business perspective is machine learning. As I explained in my first blog in the series, at its most basic, machine learning involves'teaching' a computer to learn and change when given a vast amount of data. The computer is not necessarily explicitly programmed for these changes, but instead learns to spot patterns and make connections. Therefore, the machine learns (get it?)

Machine Learning: Where It's Been and Where It's Going


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a budding field. Nowadays, many businesses are trying to figure out how to use it to their advantage. Indeed, AI can help reduce operational costs, improve efficiency, generate revenue, and enhance customer experiences. In an article for the Register, Danny Bradbury says that there's a chasm between many current AI deployments and a mature approach with sensible business benefits, and companies need to know how to get from here to there.