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Data Scientists Can Help Inform Pandemic Policy With Innovative Ways To Use AI


It's been almost one year since the Covid-19 pandemic started. Data scientists worldwide have been analyzing data gathered during the pandemic to inform policies. As we have seen, policymaking has not been straight forward. During this time of social isolation, it's been a great opportunity for policymakers to figure out the right approach to making sense of the data to gain flexibility in community-based policy decisions. On Nov 17th, 2020, XPrize and Cognizant announced their Pandemic Response Challenge.

Small Business Reveals Everything - How To Avoid Pandemic Lockdowns an Increase Profits


Live or travel anywhere you want, and join the new rich... Learn more here More and more jobs are being replaced by robots and software. What if you could build an internet business that pays you passively to live the life you've always wanted? We have all heard about the overnight millionaires made in Silicon Valley but that is no longer the only rags-to-riches story to be told. There has been a quiet revolution happening with millennial entrepreneurs leveraging their blogs and Facebook advertisements proving to be just as lucrative. John is one of those entrepreneurs.

Pitting Computers Against Each Other . . . in Chess

Communications of the ACM

For those of us involved in programming computers to play chess, it has been a great adventure. ACM annual tournaments began in 1970 (50 years ago!) and were hosted year after year for a quarter-century by the organization. They were terrific catalysts for progress in the field, and deserve major credit for the eventual 1997 defeat of then-World Champion Garry Kasparov. I feel human intelligence has been vastly overrated. We humans haven't learned how not to fight wars over various explanations of how the universe or man came into being.

XPrize's latest challenge wants AI to better predict COVID-19 transmission rates


The COVID-19 pandemic hasn't only led to the loss of lives, but also to the loss of livelihoods worldwide as businesses close due to necessary lockdowns. It's had major economic impact across industries, and experts believe the world will continue feeling it for years to come, even after vaccines become available. It's still unclear when a vaccine will come out, though, and local economies need to reopen soon if they haven't yet. In an effort to find ways on how to safely reopen societies in the midst of a pandemic, XPrize has teamed up with Cognizant on a new competition with a $500,000 prize purse. The XPrize Pandemic Response Challenge will have participants build data--driven AI models that can predict local coronavirus transmission rates.

6 Questions Asked By Machine Learning Enthusiasts


Would you recommend a masters in Data Science (as offered by most Universities) or a masters in some specialised field? Kindly do advise from the point of view of job opportunities in the respective domains as well. I would recommend getting an MSc in Data Science if you are confident that you are only interested in employment opportunities within Data Science roles. There still seems to be a high demand for Data Scientists despite the current pandemic and the difficulties some industries are experiencing. At the same time, there is also an increased supply of data scientists, which translates to more competitions for roles.

Pursuit of AI that Can be Trusted Getting More Attention in Pandemic Era - AI Trends


AI is receiving a push from the race to find a vaccine, diagnostics and effective treatments for the COVID-19 virus, and the push has also heightened awareness of the need to implement AI that is transparent and free of bias--AI that can be trusted. The World Economic Forum is one organization that has responded. With ethics in mind, the organization's AI and Machine Learning team recently announced its Procurement in a Box toolkit with concrete advice for purchasing, risk assessments, proposal drafting and evaluation. To produce the toolkit, the Forum worked over the past year with many organizations, including the United Kingdom's Office for AI in the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, with Deloitte, Salesforce and Splunk, as well as 15 other countries and more than 150 members of government, academia, civil society and the private sector. The development process incorporated workshops and interviews with government procurement officials and private sector procurement professionals, according to a recent account in Modern Diplomacy.

Machine Learning with R A-Z Course


GAIN the understanding to use machine learning techniques to solve the problems of ... What you'll learn Description Are you looking for a great course on Machine Learning? Planning to have a flourishing career as a Data Scientist? You have landed at the right place to give your career the right kick!!! It is a comprehensive course on machine learning that will take you through all the concepts from the very basic and will form a solid ground by teaching you all the techniques of machine learning. This course is designed meticulously to offer complete knowledge of machine learning not only to the beginners but also to the professionals with prior knowledge.

AI -ThinkSys Inc


Last year, IDC predicted AI technology spending would exceed $50 billion by 2021. Cut to the present, more companies have started investing money on AI. From slow adopters like manufacturing to the healthcare industry to small and medium businesses that were unlikely to use AI earlier, there has been an uptick in usage across the board. AI is helping companies manage back-office work, administrative duties, and in streamlining the supply chain. It enables companies to maximize the productivity of employees, accelerate the speed of production, and increase their ROI.

Artificial Intelligence In BFSI Market Industry – Aerospace Journal


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Nvidia makes a clean sweep of MLPerf predictions benchmark for artificial intelligence


Graphics chip giant Nvidia mopped up the floor with its competition in a benchmark set of tests released Wednesday afternoon, demonstrating better performance on a host of artificial intelligence tasks. The benchmark, called MLPerf, announced by the MLPerf organization, an industry consortium that administers the tests, showed Nvidia getting better speed on a variety of tasks that use neural networks, from categorizing images to recommending which products a person might like. Predictions are the part of AI where a trained neural network produces output on real data, as opposed to the training phase when the neural network system is first being refined. Benchmark results on training tasks were announced by MLPerf back in July. Many of the scores on the test results pertain to Nvidia's T4 chip that has been in the market for some time, but even more impressive results were reported for its A100 chips unveiled in May.