Eclipse Weather Forecast: Best in West, Least in East

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Bruce Sullivan, a forecaster at NOAA's National Weather Service Prediction Center explains that viewing conditions in the zone of totality for the upcoming eclipse, Friday, Aug. 18, 2017, at NOAA in College Park, Md. The early eclipse weather forecast looks best in the West and least in the East with patchy clouds muddling up the picture in between. The forecast as of Friday shows Oregon and Idaho as most promising to have clear sky views, while South Carolina is the most likely to find the sun and moon blocked by clouds.

Qualcomm outline AI research roadmap


Qualcomm's initial AI efforts, before the smart device boom was in full swing, initially focused on motion control and computer vision applications, fields inspired by biological counterparts. Qualcomm's efforts will focus on the end devices, including smart devices, robotics, and automobiles. While AI processing within the cloud plays a necessary role, improving capabilities on end devices provides a number of benefits, including faster response time, accessibility when internet connectivity isn't available, improved privacy, and less network use. A focus on network efficiency means Qualcomm will use AI to reduce the bandwidth companies use, and it comes at a time when the Internet of Things and ever-increasing cloud capabilities will demand more and more bandwidth.

Crayon Joins Microsoft AI in Health Partners Alliance


Crayon has joined forces with Microsoft and over 20 health technology vendors to launch the AI in Health Partners Alliance. New AI solutions will simplify and dramatically improve the quality of healthcare for patients worldwide, helping to improve rates of discharge, lower hospital admissions and assist in early diagnosis. At the launch in Brussels over 250 health leaders gathered to hear about how Microsoft cloud solutions were helping to drive transformation of AI in health – an area set to expand at an exponential compound annual growth rate of 42 percent year-over-year by 2021. That's what the AI in Health Partners Alliance is all about."

TensorFlow on AWS - Deep Learning on the Cloud


TensorFlow enables developers to quickly and easily get started with deep learning in the cloud. The framework has broad support in the industry and has become a popular choice for deep learning research and application development, particularly in areas such as computer vision, natural language understanding and speech translation. You can get started using TensorFlow on AWS by launching the AWS Deep Learning AMI which comes bundled with TensorFlow; as well as, other popular deep learning frameworks such as Apache MXNet, Caffe, Caffe2, Theano, Torch, Keras, and the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit.

AI is taking over the cloud and at Box it's starting with images


Ongoing research, including work from Google's researchers, is improving the ability of algorithms to describe what's happening in images. AI is already the weapon of choice in the battle to dominate cloud computing, with companies that offer on-demand computing--Google, Amazon, and Microsoft among them--all increasingly touting added machine-learning features. He says his company's researchers are exploring ways of applying machine learning to the behavior of its customers. Google's Cloud Vision API can recognize many thousands of everyday objects in images.

More on Dota 2


On Monday evening, Pajkatt won using an unusual item build (buying an early magic wand). Further training before Sumail's match on Thursday increased TrueSkill by two points. We set up the bot at a LAN event at The International, where players played over 1,000 games to beat the bot by any means possible. The game gave an obscure error message on GPU cloud instances.

Box's Deal With Google Involves a Lot of Machine Learning


People who use Box's service to store their digital documents could find it easier to deal with files with lots of pictures. Now, Box is using Google's machine learning technology to sift through customer documents and automatically label images in their files. It's one of the ways Box is using the various services of cloud computing providers like Google, Amazon (amzn), and IBM (ibm) to augment its own service. As of now, Levie explained, Google's cloud service seems best suited for the task of image recognition--in part after roughly 15 years of Google honing its technology as part of its Google Image feature.

Databricks: Scratching the surface of artificial intelligence - Data Economy


Machine learning, deep dreaming and deep learning are just some of the most outstanding AI today. "Humanity in general, when it comes to machine learning or deep learning, we are just scratching the surface," he said. "When big data is added to cloud computing, we can do machine learning on it and do predictions and amazing things can happen." Following the explosion of machine learning, Ghodsi highlighted another technological explosion that has just happened in the last two years and a half: deep learning.

Fiat teams up with BMW in race to build 'robotaxis'

Daily Mail

Fiat Chrysler will join an alliance led by BMW to develop self-driving cars, intensifying a race by carmakers and technology companies to develop'robotaxis' which can be called up via smartphone and paid for by the minute. Fiat Chrysler will join an alliance led by BMW to develop self-driving cars, intensifying a race by carmakers and technology companies to develop'robotaxis' which can be called up via smartphone and paid for by the minute BMW and its partners Intel and Mobileye said FCA would bring engineering and other expertise to the deal, paving the way to creating an industry-wide autonomous car platform which other carmakers could adopt. This includes Intel, DENSO, Ericsson, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), NTT DOCOMO and both the Toyota InfoTechnology Center Co. and Toyota Motor Corp. Also joining the consortium are DENSO, Ericsson, Intel, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), and NTT DOCOMO.

Amazon Macie automates cloud data protection with machine learning


This year, it's Amazon Macie, a security service designed to automatically discover and protect sensitive data stored in AWS. As organizations move more of their data to Amazon's various cloud offerings, security teams have the unenviable task of continuously tracking the data to identify, classify and protect sensitive pieces of information such as personally identifiable information (PII), personal health information (PHI), regulatory documents, API keys, secret key material and intellectual property. As Amazon Macie recognizes personally identifiable information (PII), organizations can use the Macie dashboard to show compliance with GDPR regulations around encryption and pseudonymization of data. In contrast, Microsoft has integrated management tools in its Azure platform and Google offers many security offerings by default in Google Cloud Platform.