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This Machine Learning Amazon laptop is only $300


"This is a great little Chromebook that is working extremely well for us. It has a very good screen with vibrant colours...," one Amazon shopper wrote. "We will be using this Chromebook for online schooling this year. It's lightweight and small, so my son can take it around the house with him and setup wherever he is comfortable. The camera isn't amazing, but it is more than good enough for any classes for which video is required. The complete integration with Google's suite of products means it is very easy for him to access his files and do the work required of him. We've given this a very thorough test drive, and it performs well beyond our requirements. And, according to my son, it's miles better and so much faster than the Chromebooks they use at school."

Minecraft: Education Edition can now run on Chromebooks


Kids going back to school will probably be happy to learn that Minecraft: Education Edition isn't just for PCs any more. Now they'll be able to run it on their Google-powered Chromebooks, too. Originally released in 2016, Minecraft: Education Edition is essentially a version of Minecraft that's been optimized for the classroom, with the ability for teachers and students to use the platform to learn how to code and perform other education-related tasks. Google began telling teachers about the Chromebook port late last week, though a Minecraft blog post indicates that support for the Chromebooks began on August 6. Minecraft: Education Edition won't run on just any Chromebook, however; you'll need a fairly up-to-date device that can run Android apps, including Minecraft: Education Edition.

Microsoft releases Minecraft Education Edition for Chromebooks


Technology makes the shift possible, but challenges abound. Microsoft is making Minecraft: Education Edition available for Chromebooks as of today, August 10. Microsoft also is simultaneously updating the education edition of Minecraft for Windows, Mac and iPads for remote and hybrid learning support, officials said today. Microsoft officials said Chromebook, iPad and Windows users will automatically be upgraded to the latest version of Minecraft: Education Edition. Mac users will need to install the updated version manually.

'Minecraft: Education Edition' is available on Chromebooks


Ahead of a new school year that could see students not step foot in a physical classroom, Microsoft is bringing Minecraft: Education Edition to Chromebooks. The Chrome OS release of Minecraft: Education Edition will support cross-platform play between the Windows, iPad and Mac versions of the game, so students will have the chance to socialize and collaborate on projects no matter what device they're using. Microsoft is also updating the software to add 11 new STEM lessons and a Minecraft world to teach students about bees and pollination. An improved lesson plan library and tagged learning abilities are part of the update as well. The company says Chrome OS, iPad and Windows devices will install the update automatically.

CES Editors' Choice Awards: The best and coolest tech to expect in 2020

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CES Editors' Choice Awards: The best tech to expect in 2020 (Photo: Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. CES is the birthplace of thousands of new tech products every year, and the scope of innovation is getting larger. No longer limited to TVs and laptops, technology has made inroads into parenting, health products, fitness, beauty, and nearly everything you own. But that doesn't mean you should buy everything that debuts here. That's why we created the Reviewed CES Editors' Choice awards: to single out the very best products that we think you'll actually want to buy in 2020. If you're looking to upgrade this year, consider this your shortlist. For the last few years, Samsung has been introducing new, innovative TV designs meant to capture a certain vibe or lifestyle. The new "Sero" (Korean for "vertical") is a TV that pivots between traditional 16:9 widescreen and a vertical mode, making it all the more suitable for smartphone-oriented content. Once your phone is linked to it, shifting from landscape to portrait orientation on your phone will prompt the screen to rotate, making it an easy way to share images, videos, and social media in a world where almost 50% of videos are shot in a vertical orientation.

CES 2020 roundup: All the business tech news you need to know


CES 2020, which is held January 7 - January 10 in Las Vegas, is expected to be one of the leading technology events of the year. More than 4,500 companies from across the globe are participating in the four-day event and introducing thousands of new, innovative products. Keep checking this article for all of our CES 2020 coverage, which will include photos of the best and the weirdest tech, interviews with industry experts, Bill Detwiler's Cracking Open live demo from the CNET stage, and much more. We will update this article when new content about CES publishes. LG to unveil latest displays for airplanes and automobiles at CES 2020 LG is bringing OLED screens to homes, hotels, offices, autos, and jetliners.

Google's Pixelbook Go team focused on fixing bugs instead of adding features


Google's freshly unveiled Chrome OS clamshell, the Pixelbook Go, won't ship with much new software. That's because the team spent outsize time ensuring its existing features worked without issue, according to Google senior director of product management Matt Vokoun and senior product marketing manager Tom Kim. "We really focused this year on stability, quality, and performance," Vokoun told VentureBeat in an interview following this morning's Made by Google press briefing. "So there's less sizzle and fewer new features … but the amount of time [spent] internally testing and testing with actual users almost doubled." One of those features is Android app compatibility.

Chromebooks versus Windows laptops: Which should you buy?


Should I buy a Chromebook or a Windows laptop? Whether you're seeking out the best computer for your child or just weighing which inexpensive computer is right for your home, considering a Chrome OS-powered Chromebook as a PC alternative is a smart choice--and we can help you choose the right one. A notebook PC powered by Microsoft Windows offers several advantages: Windows offers the most flexibility to run just about any app, as well as the choice of any browser you choose. You can tweak and configure your PC as you choose. That convenience demands more computing horsepower, and often a higher price compared to most Chromebooks.

What would make you trust an AI assistant? How about a face?


Interacting with AI is fast becoming the norm, thanks to the ubiquity of Siri, Alexa, and the Google Assistant. My morning routine starts by using the "Okay, Google" command to ask my smartphone for the latest news, and it responds with the BBC Radio 4 bulletin. During my work day, 80 percent of my searches are conducted by voice on my HP Chromebook, and I end the day with a "Goodnight, Google," which triggers a runtime routine that reads tomorrow's schedule, tells me the weather, sets my alarm for 5 a.m., and plays 60 minutes of wind-down forest sounds. But would these interactions be more meaningful if the Google Assistant had a face? Mark Stephen Meadows thinks so.

Hey, Apple: Google's Pixel Slate tablet is coming after the iPad Pro

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Google launches Pixel 3, Pixel Slate, and Google Home Hub. Two people in my office mistook the Google Pixel Slate tablet I had lying on a desk for one of Apple's newest iPad Pros. At home, my 11-year-old son made the same mistake. If you are Google, this isn't necessarily a bad thing since the company will presumably have to persuade a would-be iPad Pro buyer to choose its pricey new tablet instead. I'm not quite ready to do that myself, though Google's new 1.6-pound anodized aluminum Chrome OS tablet is a capable alternative with a 12.3-inch high resolution touch display that is lovely to look at, notwithstanding bezels that are a little thicker than those on the iPad Pro.