China's brightest teens are studying about AI weapons so Beijing could 'lead the war game'

Daily Mail

Some of China's smartest high school graduates have been recruited to study the manufacturing of AI weaponry to keep Beijing ahead of the war game. The Chinese teenagers are studying at Beijing Institute of Technology, a top university in the country specialising in engineering and national defence. The class, unveiled last month, comprises 31 students who are selected based on their academic achievements and their level of patriotism, according the school. AI weapons, called by some as'killer robots', generally mean automated weapons which select, engage and eliminate human targets without the involvement of other humans. It has been described as the third revolution in warfare - after gunpowder and nuclear arms - and has been a controversial topic due to the ethics behind them.

New facial recognition technology caught 'imposter' using someone else's passport, US officials say

The Independent

A new facial recognition technology caught a man trying to enter the US using a passport belonging to someone else, US officials say. Officials with the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Office of Field Operations (OFO) intercepted a 26-year-old man, the agencies referred to as an "imposter", who reportedly attempted to use a French passport belonging to someone else, at Washington's Dulles International Airport.

UAE, India to generate $20 bln from artificial intelligence deal


Omar bin Sultan Al Olama, the UAE's minister of state for Artificial Intelligence, and Deepak Bagla, the managing director and CEO of Invest India, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to create a bilateral Artificial Intelligence Bridge that envisages the generation of $20 billion in economic benefits during the next decade. WAM said that the AI Bridge aims to spur discussion and explore options for the UAE and India to grow their Artificial Intelligence economies, according to an announcement after the signing ceremony by Invest India, the national investment promotion ad facilitation agency of the Indian government. The UAE Minister said that in the coming years, "how a country chooses to embrace Artificial Intelligence will have a tremendous impact on its ability to innovate and prosper. Data and processing will be a catalyst for innovation and business growth and serve as the backbone of more effective and efficient service delivery system." The designated Indian signatory said his country, which is "the world's fastest expanding market opportunity with its talent pool of human capital, well-acknowledged for innovation – and the UAE, a hub of cutting edge technologies – are natural partners in the field of Artificial Intelligence."

Apple and Malala Fund partnership takes major new step into Latin America

The Independent

How do you get every single girl a full 12 years of quality education? That's the question at the heart of the Malala Fund, the organisation set up by Malala Yousafzai, the young Nobel Prize winner. And she wants to provide this education in parts of the world where it can't be taken for granted. Luckily, she has a powerful ally. In January, Apple revealed a tie-up with Malala Fund as part of the initial goal of getting 100,000 girls into education in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Turkey and Nigeria. But today it has been announced that the collaboration is expanding to Latin America. This expansion means grants will be offered to advocates in Brazil, who will join the Malala Fund's network of so-called Gulmakai Champions.

Artificial Intelligence Comes to Tokyo 2020 - Sponsor Spotlight


Artificial Intelligence Comes to Tokyo 2020 - Sponsor Spotlight (ATR) Intel wants developers to come up with the next best use of artificial intelligence at the next Olympic Games. Drones at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics (Intel) "Today, we're inviting the developer community to join us in potentially creating an amazing AI experience for fans and athletes at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 by submitting their ideas through the Intel AI Challenge for the Olympic Game," Naveen Rao, corporate vice president and general manager, Artificial Intelligence Product Group, Intel, said in a statement. Intel joined the TOP sponsor program with the IOC last year in a "long term technology" partnership through the 2024 Olympics. During the signing ceremony Intel said it would be working on 5G telecom networks, virtual reality, drones, and artificial intelligence. During the opening and closing ceremonies of the PyeongChang Olympics Intel brought coordinated drone light shows to showcase its technologies.

Videos from European Robotics Forum 2018


The European Robotics Forum 2018 (ERF2018), the most influential meeting of the robotics community in Europe, took place in Tampere on 13-15 March 2018. ERF2018 brought together over 900 leading scientists, companies, and policymakers. Under the theme "Robots and Us", the over 50 workshops cover current societal and technical themes, including human-robot-collaboration and how robotics can improve industrial productivity and service sector operations.

IBM's Watson Will Be Judging the Red Carpet at the 2018 Grammys


This weekend's 60th Annual Grammy Awards will feature big names like Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Watson. The latter is IBM's famous artificial intelligence platform, which the Grammys are enlisting to curate the videos and photos being released to music fans following along with this year's awards show on social media in real time.

Artificial Intelligence firm predicts results of 2017 Oscars Access AI


A US company claims to already know the nominations and winner of Best Picture for next months annual Academy Awards – aka the Oscars, by using artificial intelligence. The Massachusetts based start-up, Luminoso, unveiled its list (see below) almost two weeks before voting for the list of nominees officially closes (January 24) – and more than a month before the awards takes place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood (February 26). The firm generated the results by first pulling together over 84,000 reviews written by movie goers (not critics) which have been published on the IMDB website over the past four years (2013-2016) . It then used its Natural Language Processing software, 'Luminoso Analytics', to analyze the text and identify correlations between topics discussed in the reviews and the eventual Oscar nominees and winners. It found that certain terms, including "narrative," "cinematography," "plot," "visuals," "stunning," "experience," and "masterpiece," were more prevalent in reviews of moves that later went on to be nominated and/or win the Oscars.