GoPro Hero 2018 review: 7 smoother than previous editions and major upgrade


The new edition of the GoPro, the Hero7 Black, promises video as steady as a drone. Drone footage is as smooth as it gets, and now GoPro wants you to buy its new camera, saying the Hero7 Black edition is as smooth as a drone. What's missing, of course, is the added weight of the 3-axis gimbal that accompanies the drone and steadies the shot. The $399 Hero7 Black, out September 30, is the same tiny size as past GoPro cameras. Instead of using a gimbal, it uses software to steady the shot.

10 accessories that will make your Amazon Echo even better


If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. However, our picks and opinions are independent from USA TODAY's newsroom and any business incentives. Amazon's original Echo smart speaker was first made available for purchase on November 6, 2014. In the short time since, it's estimated that around 28 million Echo devices have found homes on American coffee tables and countertops. Alexa herself has ventured into all manner of products, from bathroom mirrors to sprinkler systems, so we keep a running list of everything that works with Amazon Echo and Alexa.

Apple Strategy Teardown: Where the World's Most Valuable Company Is Focusing In Augmented Reality, Wearables, AI, Cars, And More


The maverick of personal computing is looking for its next big thing in spaces like healthcare, AR, and autonomous cars, all while keeping its lead in consumer hardware. With an uphill battle in AI, slowing growth in smartphones, and its fingers in so many pies, can Apple reinvent itself for a third time? Get the detailed analysis on Apple's trove of patents, acquisitions, earnings calls, recent product releases, and organizational structure. In many ways, Apple remains a company made in the image of Steve Jobs: iconoclastic and fiercely product focused. But today, Apple is at a crossroads. Under CEO Tim Cook, Apple's ability to seize on emerging technology raises many new questions. Looking for the next wave, Apple is clearly expanding into augmented reality and wearables with the Apple Watch and AirPods wireless headphones. Apple's HomePod speaker system is poised to expand Siri's footprint into the home and serve as a competitor to Amazon's blockbuster Echo device and accompanying virtual assistant Alexa. But the next "big one" -- a success and growth driver on the scale of the iPhone -- has not yet been determined. Will it be augmented reality, auto, wearables? Apple is famously secretive, and a cloud of hearsay and gossip surrounds the company's every move. Apple is believed to be working on augmented reality headsets, connected car software, transformative healthcare devices and apps, as well as smart home tech, and new machine learning applications. We dug through Apple's trove of patents, acquisitions, earnings calls, recent product releases, and organizational structure for concrete hints at how the company will approach its next self-reinvention. Given Apple's size and prominence, we won't be covering every aspect of its business or rehashing old news. There's strong evidence Apple is once again actively "cannibalizing itself," putting massive resources behind consumer tech that will render its own iPhone obsolete.

How DeepMind's biggest AI project is fixing bad Android batteries


In January 2014, Google splashed £400 million on buying the London-based artificial intelligence firm DeepMind. At the time, it wasn't clear what Google, and now parent company Alphabet, would get for its money. Four years later, DeepMind's team that focuses on developing AI for Google is starting to pay off. Google's launch of its latest mobile operating system, Android Pie, involves DeepMind's largest real-world machine learning roll-out to date. It's looking to solve one of the modern smartphone's most frustrating features: poor battery life.

Four ways the Snapdragon Wear 3100 will supercharge your next Wear OS watch


In the two and a half years since Qualcomm unveiled its last smartwatch chip, the landscape has changed quite a bit. Apple has become the far-and-away leader in wearables, Fitbit has launched a full-on smartwatch and app platform, and Google has redesigned and renamed Android Wear to Wear OS. But Qualcomm is hoping to make up for lost time with the new Snapdragon Wear 3100 platform, which ushers in a completely new manufacturing process with a chip that's built specifically for watches. While we could bore you with hundreds of words about how the new processor will work, we'd rather tell about the things that matter, like how it will make the next round of Wear OS watches even better. So, here are four reasons you'll want your next watch to have a Snapdragon Wear 3100 inside.

Filipino inventor creates his own flying DRONE CAR

Daily Mail

This eccentric inventor has found a way to avoid traffic jams - with his own flying drone. Kyxz Mendoza from Quezon City, Philippines, started work six years ago on his incredible flying car. Earlier this month he completed the first successful test flight - soaring some 25ft above the ground. Kyxz calles his flying car the'Ultralight Aircraft' and he now plans to mass produce it with a two-seater version added to to the range. Incredible footage shows Filipino inventor Kyxz Mendoza undertaking the car's first successful test flight earlier this month He said: 'We've been having bad weather so it took as a while after our deadline before we can finally show it to our followers.

Sphero BOLT review: Ingenious upgrade to the app-enabled robot


Licensing deals don't last forever, but product iterations do. Sphero's latest robot keeps the original ball design, but BOLT has even more technology than the original. It is a refinement of a design, as it's still the same core base inside, mixed with new hardware that enables new features. BOLT is launching today for $149, as both a playful fun toy and a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) device. Combining the aspects of play from previous robots, like the Disney ones and the Sphero Mini, with better hardware, it aims to refocus the company on the original app-enabled ball.

Windows 10 laptop with 25-hour battery life? Lenovo shows off always-connected 2-in-1 in new Yoga line-up


Lenovo has revealed its new line-up of Yoga machines, including a Windows 10 laptop it says has a battery life of over 25 hours. The new Yoga computers were unveiled at the IFA Conference in Germany this week. According to Lenovo, this Arm-based Windows 10 laptop offers more than 25 hours of battery life, based on tests where it played looping video on the machine's HD display. Alongside the usual wi-fi connectivity, the 13.3-inch Yoga C630 WOS can also connect to the internet over cellular networks, using its integrated 4.5G LTE Advanced Pro chipset. The Yoga C630 WOS runs on the eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 mobile compute platform, and possible downsides are performance and compatibility when compared with typical Intel-based Windows 10 laptops.

The robot you WEAR: LG unveils its new AI-powered CLOi SuitBot

Daily Mail

Workers of the future could be given a boost thanks to a wearable robotic suit developed by LG. Dubbed CLOi SuitBot, the AI-powered robotic suit boosts the leg movements of its wearer, letting them undertake tasks they normally wouldn't be equipped to handle. The firm says it could to help warehouse workers who have to lift heavy objects. The CLOi SuitBot can communicate with other service robots built by LG to become part of a'smart working network' to co-ordinate around the factory floor. A concept version of the technology was unveiled at a media launch during the annual IFA tech conference, which is held in Berlin from August 31 to September 5. Workers of the future could be given a boost thanks to a wearable robotic suit being developed by LG.

Mattel's new robot is a pet dinosaur that won't try to eat you


Since dinosaurs went extinct 66 million years ago, we've never experienced them as living, breathing animals. We can look at their bones in a museum, or we can watch recreations of them in films like this summer's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. But both those options lack that visceral feel you get from seeing a real creature in a zoo. Though it's unlikely you'll ever live long enough to see a dinosaur in the flesh, you can still pretend to have one as a pet, thanks to Mattel's new Alpha Training Blue robot. She roars, coos and even responds to your commands like her movie inspiration -- but is far less deadly.