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RefineAI - Audience insights with the power of AI Product Hunt


Hello Product Hunters, Thank you for taking the time to check out RefineAI's Audience Insights product. During my long stint in the Media industry one thing that we were not measuring well was how do our customer feel about our content. We spent millions on Market Research. But the results were rarely actionable as the content was already created. The idea for audience insights gathering using computer vision and machine learning was born from the notion that we should be able to build and test video content rapidly.

Financial Marketers Must Embrace AI to Remain Relevant


The transformation in banking includes the ability for financial marketers to embrace new technologies to maximize results. At the forefront of this transformation is the use of data and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve targeting, messaging and ROI. Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE!Financial marketers are drowning in data. In fact they are drowning in an overwhelming 2.5 quintilian bytes of data which is collected every day at the same time that consumers are being bombarded by an increasing array of messages from an ever expanding number of channels. Data has turned from being gold dust to being a marketer's nemesis.

Shifting AI from empty catchphrase to transformational tool


Despite all the hype to date AI's usage in advertising has been confined to very niche areas, from re-organising data more efficiently to tagging and organising inventory. AI's massive potential has only slowly built momentum, however, we have finally reached a tipping point where AI is starting to come in to its own. The trigger occurred as Reach lost its pole position as the ultimate metric, being sidestepped by a need for higher and more accurate engagement. Little wonder really, an overwhelming 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is collected every day turning it from marketers' gold dust to their nemesis. It can no longer be properly scrutinised for meaning and in some instances it can even be misleading.

The Power of Interest Graph Analysis: Advanced Audience Insights


When tasked with analyzing the likes, habits, and trends of a group, our go-to methodology is usually to consider each individual's personal inclinations and extrapolate those to say something broadly about the group as a whole. We see this in opinion polls, in user surveys, and sometimes, in social analysis. Reasoning about a group in this way isn't inherently problematic; it's worked very well for a long time. In the advertising and marketing world, persona-driven campaigns have proven to be an enduring and impactful strategy. Humans love to label people, and groups: codified language like Millennials and Baby Boomers pack a lot of information into a conveniently generalized term.