How AI can connect customers to your brand


A survey last year found that 98 percent of smartphone owners had used their device's artificial intelligence-based virtual personal assistant (VPA). Similarly designed in-store robot assistants can walk customers through self-service buying decisions, conversing with consumers in a more natural way to determine product preferences and enable more informed decision-making. In an increasingly competitive, data-driven market, forward-thinking brand leaders can gain an edge by leveraging conversations between humans and their AI assistants. Brands that create a seamless experience that delivers personalized, relevant offers will have a clear advantage.

Study: Government Should Think Carefully About Those Big Plans for Artificial Intelligence


Hila Mehr, a Center for Technology and Democracy fellow, explained that there are five key government problems that AI might be able to assist with reasonably: resource allocation, large data sets, expert shortages, predictable scenarios, and procedural and diverse data. "If you're talking about government offices that are limited in staff and experts," Mehr said, "that's where AI trained on niche issues could come in." As for where the technology could run affront of human jobs, Mehr advises that government organizations and businesses alike start considering labor practices in advance. If you are talking about really training an AI system with machine learning, you need a big data set, a very big data set, and you need to train it, not just feed the system data and then it's ready to go," she said.

The Importance of Building a Branded Voice Banking Solution


As consumers increasingly rely on voice artificial intelligence (voice AI) to answer questions and make life easier, it will be important for banks and credit unions to be part of this transformation. In addition, implementing voice AI to connect customer service and front-line personnel can provide an integrated solution, further enhancing the overall customer experience. Internet banking and phone apps pushed banks and credit unions into data warehousing and aggregation to enable real-time views of account data, when other industries were still viewing data as an operational initiative instead of a customer service initiative. Compared to chatbots, conversational AI solutions are personalized, automated messages that integrate data from multiple sources to deliver answers based on real-time information.

Essential's startup advantage might come back to haunt it


This is the phone (and company) that Rubin thinks is innovative enough to take on big players like Apple and Samsung. Indeed, this Home device is compatible with existing voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa -- so long as their respective makers are willing to play nice with Essential's hardware. Scott Croyle, the chief design and product officer of Nextbit, had positive things to say about Essential (Nextbit is the startup company behind Robin, an Android phone with cloud integration). For example, the Home device's accessory docking pins are identical to the PH-1's.

Monster's headphones get their own voice assistant


Monster's latest team-up isn't with another star athlete or fellow accessory-maker: it's with music platform Speak Music Inc., which is lending the company its voice assistant named Melody. Monster says the partnership will add voice control to some of its headphones, making them the "world's first voice-powered premium" cans. World's first or not, Melody adds a new level of hands-free convenience to Monster's devices. You'll have to download the Melody app from Google Play or iTunes and pair it with your device.

Box's Deal With Google Involves a Lot of Machine Learning


People who use Box's service to store their digital documents could find it easier to deal with files with lots of pictures. Now, Box is using Google's machine learning technology to sift through customer documents and automatically label images in their files. It's one of the ways Box is using the various services of cloud computing providers like Google, Amazon (amzn), and IBM (ibm) to augment its own service. As of now, Levie explained, Google's cloud service seems best suited for the task of image recognition--in part after roughly 15 years of Google honing its technology as part of its Google Image feature.

Facebook's AI assistant M expands to Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the U.K.


Facebook's intelligent assistant M is now available for Facebook Messenger users in Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the U.K. M in Facebook Messenger first became available in April. Tell someone good night and M may suggest a good night sticker. Facebook's AI assistant M first entered the public imagination in 2015 when private beta trials began for a personal assistant to help Messenger users with daily tasks or make restaurant reservations, buy a gift, or book a vacation. M and other AI produced by Facebook researchers could more than likely play a role beyond Facebook Messenger someday soon.

Facebook launches its AI assistant 'M' in the UK

Daily Mail

The AI powered bot shares fun sticker suggestions for your daily life interactions like'Thank you' or'Bye-bye.' The AI powered bot shares fun sticker suggestions (right) for your daily life interactions like'Thank you' or'Bye-bye' M is capable of recognising intent in a conversation, which allows it to perform a range of different tasks. The AI powered bot shares fun sticker suggestions for your daily life interactions like'Thank you' or'Bye-bye.' M also also allows you to save content from chats (left), including URLs, videos, Facebook posts, events, and pages.

Hello! Google Home now makes calls


Google Home, the Internet giant's answer to the Amazon Echo-connected speaker, is ready to start making phone calls. The feature first announced in May means the Home speaker can now make free phone calls to folks in your Google contact list in the U.S. and Canada. As with many new Google features, free phone calls are being rolled out to select users and will expand nationally within the next 2 weeks. Forrester Research says some 20 million units of Amazon's Echo devices will have sold by the end of 2017.

Google Home Can Now Make Phone Calls For US, Canada Users

International Business Times

At the moment, people who receive calls from Google Home users will see either an unknown caller or No Caller ID. While Google Voice or Project Fi users will be able to register their name to Google Home calls, this feature won't be rolled out to other Google Home users until the end of the year. The Home also won't support 911 calls and international calls will only be available through the Home for Google Voice or Project Fi subscribers at Google's listed call rates. In addition, it can only be used for outgoing calls and can't receive calls from other Google Home users.