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Sony WF-1000XM4 review: the best-sounding noise-cancelling earbuds

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Sony's latest top-of-the-range noise-cancelling earbuds are a cut above the previous generation and the competition. They are the successors to the WF-1000XM3, which were great but huge. Sony has significantly shrunk the case and earbuds for the mark four model without sacrificing performance. The earbuds are fairly heavy, weighing 7.3g each, compared with the 5.4g AirPods Pro, but they don't feel so in the ear, and they are comfortable for hours of listening without a break. They don't have stalks but protrude further than some slimmer rivals.

All the best Prime Day deals that are still available (plenty!)


BEST AMAZON DEVICE DEAL: Echo Show 10 -- $189.99 (save $60) BEST TV DEAL: Toshiba 50-inch C350 Series LED 4K Fire TV -- $359.99 (save $110) BEST ROBOT VACUUM PRIME DAY DEAL: iRobot Roomba i6 -- $499.99 (save $300) BEST KITCHEN PRIME DAY DEAL: Ninja Foodi Deluxe XL -- $141.54 (Save $108.45) BEST TABLET PRIME DAY DEAL: iPad Air -- $519.99 (save $80) In 2020, Prime Day was pushed back to October instead of its usual July date because of the coronavirus pandemic. This year, it's again not in July so as to not interfere with the Olympics. In 2021, Prime Day runs June 21 through 22, which means the deals are now live. Even though Prime Day is an Amazon event, other big retailers had to get a piece of the pie as well by running their own savings events.

All the best early Prime Day deals so far: Amazon devices, air fryers, AirPods, and more


BEST AMAZON DEVICE DEAL: Echo Show 5 -- $44.99 (save $35) BEST TV DEAL: Insignia 50-inch Fire TV smart 4K TV -- $299.99 (save $80) BEST APPLE DEAL: 2020 Apple iMac -- $1,499.99 (save $299.01) We're counting down the days until Amazon Prime Day (officially) starts on June 21, and in the meantime, there have already been some stellar deals to tide us over. We're of course seeing nice discounts on Amazon devices, but streaming channels, Apple products, and home appliances are already on sale as well. If you're itching to start shopping for your Prime Day haul, these are the best deals to shop early. The Echo Show 5 has been one of our favorites for a couple of years now.

The latest Beats buds are the new AirPods come early

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You won't find it written anywhere in the press materials, but the Beats Studio Buds may as well be called the AirPods 3. From their funky new design and minimalist theme to Apple-ready features like voice-activated Siri, these are immediately the obvious choice right now for AirPods fanatics who don't want to spend up for the AirPods Pro. Wisely, though, Apple has crafted these buds to be nearly as useful for either side of the mobile aisle, including native one-touch pairing for Android or iPhone, a simple but useful Android app, and quick access to alternative voice assistants. The result is a pair of buds that easily outdo the aging AirPods, no matter which phone you choose. The beats have a new pill-like design at their exterior for controls as well as easy insertion. The last Beats earbuds, the Powerbeats, were simply a step-down version of the Powerbeats Pro, chaining the clip-ons together for a more affordable workout option.

Amazon's New Buds Make It Easier to Summon Alexa Than Ever


If you're in love with Alexa, Amazon's first-generation Echo Buds were a great pair of headphones. Sure, they didn't have the same sound quality or noise-canceling abilities as premium options from Apple and Samsung, but they were cheap, decent, and worked better with Amazon's voice assistant than any other pair. Wireless charging and noise-canceling join a brand-new pair of 5.7-mm drivers and beamforming microphones to create what's probably the best overall experience in wireless earbuds below $150. Add to that some of the best app integration available today, and the new Echo Buds are some of my favorite jack-of-all-trades headphones. The new Echo Buds don't really resemble their predecessors, apart from being made from the same matte plastic.

Google's new Pixel Buds A-Series: They sound good and the $99 price is right

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Could be a price war coming to the wireless ear bud battle? Less than a month after Amazon's Echo Buds debuted undercutting Apple's AirPods, Google is launching its newest Pixel Buds at a lower price than Amazon's latest – and lower than previous Pixel Buds ($179), released last year. Pixel Buds A-Series ($99) can be pre-ordered today on Google's web site and will be shipped by June 17. Google's latest may not have all the bells and whistles found on pricier pods – such as the noise cancellation you get on AirPods Pro ($249) and Samsung's Galaxy Buds Pro ($199). But the new Pixel Buds may be just the right choice if you are looking to join the wireless wave.

Google's Pixel Buds A are cheaper but mostly unchanged


Wireless earbuds have only gotten better, cheaper, and more abundant since Apple first introduced AirPods in 2016. Over the years, we've seen thoe earbuds go from being the biggest name in the game to just one of many, thanks to legit competition from the likes of Google, Samsung, and Amazon. With the new Pixel Buds A-Series earbuds, Google is bringing serious heat and value to the space, especially for Android users. You'd be forgiven for thinking these are exactly the same as the Pixel Buds Google released in 2020. They're nearly identical in appearance and performance, and Google hasn't added much in the way of flashy new features to entice would-be buyers.

Amazon Echo Buds 2 Review: A More Affordable Alternative to Apple's AirPods Pro WSJD - Technology

Between video calls and workouts at home, it felt like I was constantly putting some sort of implement in my ear. Wireless earbuds have become essential--as has noise-canceling technology to drown out the sounds of housemates. If you're looking for a new pair, and are leery of dropping $249 on Apple's shiny Pro'pods, consider Amazon's recent update to its Bluetooth buds. The second-generation Echo Buds have active noise cancellation and built-in, hands-free Alexa. The price--$120, or $140 with a wireless charging case--is why these headphones are worth your attention.

This week's best deals: $100 off Apple's MacBook Air M1 and more


Those who have been holding out for a price drop on some of the latest M1 MacBooks were in luck this week. Apple's MacBook Air M1, our current favorite of the bunch, is $100 off at Amazon, and those who need extra storage can get the 512GB model for $150 off. Star Wars Instant Pots continue to be 40 percent off even after the May the 4th holiday has come and gone. Here are the best tech deals from this week that you can still get today. Apple's MacBook Air M1 is down to $899 at Amazon, which is $100 off its normal price and a record low.

Amazon's Echo Buds: Are they a good alternative to Apple's AirPods?

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Confession time: I really enjoy using AirPods. I got them as a Christmas gift, and have consistently worn them ever since. But Amazon has come pretty close to giving my choice of wireless earbuds a second thought with the release of its second-generation Echo Buds. They fit really well, sound great, and offer a lot of what AirPods give you at a lower price. My history with wireless earbud wearing hasn't been great.