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Testing the AgreementMaker System in the Anatomy Task of OAEI 2012 Artificial Intelligence

The AgreementMaker system was the leading system in the anatomy task of the Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative (OAEI) competition in 2011. While AgreementMaker did not compete in OAEI 2012, here we report on its performance in the 2012 anatomy task, using the same configurations of AgreementMaker submitted to OAEI 2011. Additionally, we also test AgreementMaker using an updated version of the UBERON ontology as a mediating ontology, and otherwise identical configurations. AgreementMaker achieved an F-measure of 91.8% with the 2011 configurations, and an F-measure of 92.2% with the updated UBERON ontology. Thus, AgreementMaker would have been the second best system had it competed in the anatomy task of OAEI 2012, and only 0.1% below the F-measure of the best system.