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Why Simple Models Are Often Better


In data science and machine learning, simplicity is an important concept that can have significant impact on model characteristics such as performance and interpretability. Over-engineered solutions tend to adversely affect these characteristics by increasing the likelihood of overfitting, decreasing computational efficiency, and lowering the transparency of the model's output. The latter is particularly important for areas that require a certain degree of interpretability, such as medicine and healthcare, finance, or law. The inability to interpret and trust a model's decision -- and to ensure that this decision is fair and unbiased -- can have serious consequences for individuals whose fate depends on it. This article aims to highlight the importance of giving precedence to simplicity when it comes to implementing a data science or machine learning solution.

Council Post: 2023 Will Be A Defining Year For AI And The Future Of Work


Cenk Sidar is the cofounder and CEO of Enquire AI, combining AI, data science, and human intelligence to deliver real-time insights. In recent years, tech-celeration has changed the way humans interact in and beyond the workplace. While rapid tech adoption is considered good, it also fuels the emergence of new risks and "unknown unknowns" in an ever-changing macro landscape. As we enter 2023 on the brink of economic strife, something must balance the scales and help business leaders tackle their biggest problems. One answer lies in another tech breakthrough: Artificial intelligence is ready to perform at scale. Its full implementation cannot be predicted at this point, but it promises real-time actionable insights and offers newfound agility in an uncertain world.

10 Ways How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Content Writing Landscape


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way content is created and distributed. It has become an increasingly integral part of the content writing landscape, allowing writers to create more accurate, relevant, and engaging content in less time than ever before. In this article, we'll explore how artificial intelligence is changing the content writing landscape. AI-powered writing tools can generate content quickly and accurately without the need for manual input or editing. This makes it easier to keep up with the demand for quality content in a timely fashion, while also freeing up writers' time to focus on more meaningful tasks.

The future of artificial intelligence -- explained by a robot


While Paul Budde is an expert in the field of technology, this week he's letting artificial intelligence speak for itself to discuss the current state of AI. Recently, a new AI service was launched called ChatGPT. I have used it now several times and I am amazed at the accuracy of this AI tool. ChatGPT is a large language model developed by OpenAI. It is a variant of the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) model, which uses deep learning techniques to generate human-like text. The model is trained on a massive dataset of text from the internet, allowing it to generate a wide range of text on various topics.

NEW: Document Translation feature available on Eden AI


Quickly and easily translate multiple documents with just a few simple steps. With Eden AI, you can start translating your documents in seconds and save valuable time and resources. While Machine Translation refers to the translation of a text into another language using rules, statics or ML technics, Document Translation can be used to translate multiple and complex documents into all supported languages and dialects while maintaining the original document structure and data format. Document Translation API can be used to support multi-lingual websites, chatbot, mobile applications etc. It can translate the document in real-time or as a batch process.

Putting clear bounds on uncertainty


In science and technology, there has been a long and steady drive toward improving the accuracy of measurements of all kinds, along with parallel efforts to enhance the resolution of images. An accompanying goal is to reduce the uncertainty in the estimates that can be made, and the inferences drawn, from the data (visual or otherwise) that have been collected. Yet uncertainty can never be wholly eliminated. And since we have to live with it, at least to some extent, there is much to be gained by quantifying the uncertainty as precisely as possible. Expressed in other terms, we'd like to know just how uncertain our uncertainty is.

The Interplay Between AI and Business Objectives


"The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas." Let's assume we are running an e-commerce search engine that uses machine learning on user-issued queries to identify the intended product category. Say the model in production incurs a 20ms prediction latency and has 90% accuracy. A natural next goal from a modeling perspective would be to drive the accuracy higher, say to 95% or beyond. However, we know that improving the accuracy almost always requires the consumption of more computational resources for training models and may also increase the inference latency.

Why Mapping Wetlands With AI Is Important - CleanTechnica


Chesapeake Conservancy's data science team developed an artificial intelligence deep learning model for mapping wetlands, which resulted in 94% accuracy. This method for wetland mapping could deliver important outcomes for protecting and conserving wetlands. "We're happy to support this exciting project as it explores new methods for wetlands delineation using satellite imagery," said EPRI Principal Technical Leader Dr. Nalini Rao. "It has the potential to save natural resource managers time in the field by using a GIS tool right from their desks. Plus, it can help companies and the public manage impacts to wetlands as infrastructure builds are planned to meet decarbonization targets."'s AI-infused Google rival provides a tantalizing glimpse of the future


Reports say that Microsoft could integrate AI within Bing as early as this year, and Google is also working on AI endeavors. But it you want to see what the future of AI-powered search engines are, right now, you need to try out What you need to know about is that it isn't just a search engine. Yes, will search the web, and even deeper within the content of websites like StackOverflow for specialized searches like code snippets. But integrates a ChatGPT-like AI engine called YouChat right into the site, along with a complementary writing tool and even an AI art generator.

Harness The Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence In Your Business


Artificial Intelligence is a powerful technology that can be used to benefit businesses in many ways. From automation and cost savings to improved customer experience and data collection & analysis, AI offers businesses the potential for greater efficiency and profitability. By harnessing the power of AI, companies can automate tasks they would otherwise have to do manually while also gaining insights into their customers' behavior or preferences that could help them make better decisions. With these benefits come challenges such as overcoming technical barriers or managing performance over time -- but if done correctly, utilizing artificial intelligence for business operations has the potential to bring significant rewards! In order to harness the benefits of artificial intelligence in your business, you must first understand how to implement it properly.