How can marketers apply machine learning? New report from The Drum explores the power of data-driven marketing


The Drum in partnership with intent marketing specialist, Iotec, has launched a report exploring the application of machine learning to solve commercial challenges.

Artificial intelligence can be sexist and racist just like humans


Many of us like to think that artificial intelligence could help eradicate biases, that algorithms could help humans avoid hiring or policing according to gender or race-related stereotypes. But a new study suggests that when computers acquire knowledge from text written by humans, they also replicate the same racial and gender prejudices--thus perpetuating them.

Artificial intelligence can accurately predict future heart disease and strokes, study finds


Computers that can teach themselves from routine clinical data are potentially better at predicting cardiovascular risk than current standard medical risk models, according to new research at the University of Nottingham.

NMW 2017: Artificial Intelligence And Autonomous Robots - Manufacturers' Monthly


The Industry 4.0 led industrial environment is seeing another wave of automation and roboticisation of manufacturing processes, even beyond the extensive developments we have seen to date.

Future Robots In The Workplace: Are Human Hands Better For Manual Labor Jobs?

International Business Times

It's quite common for humans – especially those who work in manufacturing – to tie a knot, strip the casing off a cable, insert a pin in a hole or use a hand tool such as a drill. They may seem like simple tasks, but are really very complex and involve extremely fine finger and hand motions.

In Coded Warning, Scientists Say Brexit May End U.K.'s Lead in AI


A group of prominent academics and tech executives fear that the U.K.'s exit from the European Union could jeopardize the U.K.'s lead in the development of machine learning technologies.

EU-funded robotics technology experiments present their work at Hannover Messe


From 24 – 28 April, four ECHORD experiments will present their work at Hannover Messe, the world's biggest trade show. You can see the latest advances in EU-funded robotics technology development in Hall 17, stand C70, and get the chance to develop your own ideas with their on-site competition.

Artificial intelligence survey finds UK public broadly optimistic

The Guardian

Apart from fears of mass unemployment, accidents with machinery, restrictions on freedom, increased economic inequality and a devalued human experience, the public are broadly optimistic about the arrival of artificial intelligence, according to one of the first surveys of British opinions about the technology.

Computers can't grasp Icelandic. Here's why that's a big problem


Many new computer devices do not understand Icelandic, a unique descendant of the Old Norse language filled with ultra-descriptive words such as Hundslappadrifa, or "heavy snowfall with large flakes occurring in calm wind."