TechNexus Machine Learning Continues to Gain Momentum


Machine learning and artificial intelligence have become hot topics in enterprise, entrepreneurial and technology circles. So much so that in his founder's letter yesterday, Alphabet CEO Larry Page touched on the importance of the technology, noting that they began working on it "long before others." Late last year, Google also released Google Cloud Machine Learning, which provides modern machine learning services, with pre-trained models and a service so that developers everywhere can generate their own tailored models.

AI In The Workplace: Why Robots Won't Replace Humans


Artificial intelligence has for a long time been an all-powerful figment of our imagination, but with recent technological advances, this figment is becoming a reality. It seems that we are constantly hearing about, and subsequently fearing, how AI will replace humans in the working world and in the not too distant future. But perhaps this perceived dystopia isn't as bad as what we hear about and, in actual fact, is a utopia waiting to happen.

11 technologies developers should explore now


Progress in deep learning has improved computer vision, language processing, and speech, as well as the ability for machines and software to seek a reward and maximize performance, says Wayne Thompson, chief data scientist at SAS: "As a result we will see a new generation of machines that can see the world, hear and read human languages, communicate to humans, and control themselves both mechanically and behaviorally, in an unprecedented way."

Trading places: the rise of the DIY hedge fund


Naoki Nagai, a 36-year-old Harvard graduate who grew up in Japan, is a one-man hedge fund. For the past 16 months he has written hundreds of algorithms in much the same manner as quantitative traders in the City of London or Wall Street. But, rather than trade from a Canary Wharf skyscraper or a Manhattan boutique fund, he does so from his home in Honolulu.

How IBM built one of the world's top digital agencies


Through a string of acquisitions and data-processing forces to be reckoned with, IBM IX has taken the lead in the world of digital marketing.

Can AI revolutionise the banking sector?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an over-used phrase reflecting a genuine convergence of a number of technologies and methodologies. The banking and Financial industry as a whole has invested heavily in technology for a long time, and as the industry shifts from being led by large financial institutions, to one that is increasingly driven by disruptive FinTech companies, innovative technology is high on the agenda across the board.

10 Common Jobs That Might Not Exist in 20 Years


I recently received an infographic entitled "10 Common Jobs Which Won't Exist in 20 Years Time." I've reproduced the infographic, which was originally posted on LottoLand, a U.K.-based company that has something to do with gambling, at the end of this post.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Travel Industry - Nanalyze


If you make your living as a corporate slave, you're probably familiar with business travel. This is where companies like Amex fleece people provide a valuable service by selling corporate flights and hotels at the highest rates possible. It seems like at no point in the transaction do they ever consider trying to save companies money but instead, try to sell the most expensive tickets and accommodations they can find. Generally, that has been our experience dealing with corporate travel agencies (or any travel agent for that matter).