Vertex.AI - Announcing PlaidML: Open Source Deep Learning for Every Platform


We're pleased to announce the next step towards deep learning for every device and platform. Today Vertex.AI is releasing PlaidML, our open source portable deep learning engine. Our mission is to make deep learning accessible to every person on every device, and we're building PlaidML to help make that a reality. We're starting by supporting the most popular hardware and software already in the hands of developers, researchers, and students. The initial version of PlaidML runs on most existing PC hardware with OpenCL-capable GPUs from NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel.

Intel looks to Nervana as a path to artificial intelligence


To get a sense of computer scientist Naveen Rao, just take a look at his hands. The 42-year-old has busted all 10 of his fingers over a lifetime of skiing, skateboarding, bicycling, rollerblading, race-car driving, wrestling and hoops. He's not a clod; he's a risk taker who pushes physical and mental boundaries. On the mental side, he's trying to quicken the computer industry's move into a new age of artificial intelligence by creating chips and software inspired by the structure of the human brain. What sets Rao apart from others attempting the same thing is the fact that Intel last year bought his San Diego company, Nervana, for $400 million.

China Targets Nvidia's Hold on Artificial Intelligence Chips


In July, China's government issued a sweeping new strategy with a striking aim: draw level with the US in artificial intelligence technology within three years, and become the world leader by 2030. A call for research projects from China's Ministry of Science and Technology posted online last month fills in some detail on the government's plans. And it puts Silicon Valley chipmaker Nvidia, the leading supplier of silicon for machine-learning projects, in the cross hairs. The Ministry of Science and Technology document lays out 13 "transformative" technology projects where it wants to put government money in coming months, hoping for delivery by 2021. One is to invent new chips to run artificial neural networks, the form of software propelling the AI ambitions of Google and other tech companies.

The Race to Power AI's Silicon Brains

MIT Technology Review

Nigel Toon, the cofounder and CEO of Graphcore, a semiconductor startup based in the U.K., recalls that only a couple of years ago many venture capitalists viewed the idea of investing in semiconductor chips as something of joke. "You'd take an idea to a meeting," he says, "and many of the partners would roll about on the floor laughing." Now some chip entrepreneurs are getting a very different reception. Instead of rolling on the floor, investors are rolling out their checkbooks. Venture capitalists have good reason to be wary of silicon, even though it gave Silicon Valley its name.

What Is A.I.??? And, Four Ways To Invest In It.


In the twenty-first century, AI techniques have experienced a massive surge in interest following concurrent advances in computer power, large amounts of data, and theoretical understanding. Companies are focused on it, Google has rebuilt their software around it, and Mark Zuckerberg personally hires and pays AI engineers seven figure salaries right out of graduate school. AI is simply the hottest area in technology. But, what exactly is AI, and how can it impact your investments? These are the questions we will try to explore in this week's newsletter.

NVIDIA's Seven Strategic Principles For AI In Business


Reporting record quarterly revenues and a 60% rise in earnings since last year, NVIDIA's astronomical rise to the top of the tech market is largely thanks to its range of hardware offerings for AI. "Our Volta GPU has been embraced by every major internet and cloud service provider and computer maker," explained founder and CEO Jensen Huang in a public statement. "Industries across the world are accelerating their adoption of AI." Global e-commerce giants Alibaba and Baidu all announced this quarter that they will adopt NVIDIA Volta GPUs in order to accelerate AI across enterprise and consumer applications, joining Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. In other words, it's been a great year for AI innovators – and an even better year for NVIDIA. "We estimate that at least 80% of all applications will have an AI component by 2020," says Dave Schubmehl, Research Director for Cognitive / AI Systems with IDC.

The Top 15 Employers Hiring Artificial Intelligence Talent


Amazon is hiring the most artificial intelligence talent, according to Glassdoor. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the hottest field in technology. Companies use AI to automate tasks typically done by people, and major tech firms see it as the foundation for their next generation of products. But there's a staggering talent shortage -- fewer than 10,000 people in the world have the skill set to conduct important AI research, according to technology and consulting firm Element AI. The shortage has driven salaries sky-high: AI specialists reportedly fetch compensation of $300,000 to $500,000.

This Is What Facebook and Intel Are Collaborating On


Intel is ready to ship its long awaited computer chip used to power artificial intelligence projects by the end of the year. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich explained the chip-maker's foray into the red-hot field of artificial intelligence Tuesday and said that Facebook (fb) has assisted the company in prelude to its new chip's debut. "We are thrilled to have Facebook in close collaboration sharing its technical insights as we bring this new generation of AI hardware to market," Krzanich wrote. An Intel spokesperson wrote to Fortune in an email that while the two companies are collaborating, they do not have a formal partnership. The genesis of the Intel Nervana Neural Network Processor comes from Intel's acquisition of the chip startup Nervana Systems in 2016.

What Is the Deep Learning AMI? - Deep Learning AMI


Welcome to the User Guide for the Deep Learning AMI. The Deep Learning AMI (DLAMI) is your one-stop shop for deep learning in the cloud. This customized machine instance is available in most Amazon EC2 regions for a variety of instance types, from a small CPU-only instance to the latest high-powered multi-GPU instances. It comes preconfigured with NVIDIA CUDA and NVIDIA cuDNN, as well as the latest releases of the most popular deep learning frameworks. This guide will help you launch and use the DLAMI.

This New AI Chip Could Help Google, Facebook 'See' Videos


Graphcore won't release images of its AI-focused chip, called an IPU, until its first shipments to customers in early 2018. Instead, it's offered images of the'computational graph' that runs on the chip, like the one above. I've just clicked on a tutorial video on YouTube about puppy-training, but there's nary an ad about dogs or even pet care. Instead, YouTube cues up a video ad for dishwashing tablets, before popping up a banner ad for a mobile game I'll probably never play. Google has struggled to make its video ads on YouTube relevant to what people are watching.