Why Aren't Google And Apple Saving Healthcare? - The Medical Futurist


It is a fact that healthcare is unsustainable. American health spending will reach nearly $5 trillion, or 20 percent of gross domestic product by 2021. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there is a worldwide shortage of around 4.3 million physicians, nurses, and allied health workers. So how could we change it?

Profits surge at US tech giants Business DW.COM 28.04.2017


In the first quarter of 2017, Google parent Alphabetwas able to increase its profit by 29 percent jump to $5.4 billion, while revenue jumped 22 percent compared with a year ago to $24.75 billion.

AI startups are ready to take on Fortune 500


People love a good David and Goliath story. Thanks to artificial intelligence, we may once again see many iterations of this narrative play out in the business space.

Windows 10 Creators Update: Microsoft warns users of 'issues'

The Independent

Microsoft has advised Windows 10 users against downloading the Creators Update before their computers become eligible for it.

Empowering Every Organization on the Planet with Artificial Intelligence


Extracting intelligence from ever-expanding amounts of data is now the difference between being the next market disruptor versus being relegated to the history books. Microsoft's comprehensive data platform and tools let developers and businesses create the next generation of intelligent applications, drive new efficiencies, create better products and improve their customer experiences.

Element Data Acquires PV Cube, Expands Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Engineering Team


Element Data, Inc., a decision support software platform that harnesses artificial intelligence and machine learning has acquired the technology assets and team of PV Cube, a Seattle area start-up. The acquisition expands the size of the team of existing engineers building the world's first cognitive decision engine.

Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update review: The future is increasingly uncertain


Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update rides the coattails of the desktop OS, heavily leaning on improvements in Cortana and Edge to nudge Microsoft's nearly comatose mobile platform further ahead.