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Apple's machine learning team published an all-new research paper today that dives deep into how Apple uses AI to power one of the most basic Siri commands. In order to keep the'Hey Siri' command from running on the main processor all day, Apple's new publication reveals that the company uses a tiny, low-power auxiliary processor that's embedded in the Motion Coprocessor just to listen to the phrase. In the paper published on its blog today, Apple also discusses how it found unique ways to use machine learning to prevent false triggers of the'Hey Siri' command. To detect when someone actually wants to trigger Siri, Apple converts your voice using a Deep Neural Network into a probability distribution over speech sounds. A confidence score is then created and if it's high enough, Siri wakes up.

Motorola's newest mod puts an Alexa speaker on your phone


Ever wanted to have an Amazon Echo speaker with you wherever you are, rather than relying on your phone's built-in voice assistant? Motorola is betting you do. As promised, it's releasing an Alexa-powered Moto Mod (the Moto Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa, to be exact) that slaps an Echo-like device on the back of compatible phones like the Moto Z2 Force or Z Play. The key, as you might guess, is that it delivers that across-the-room voice control in a way your phone can't by itself. The large dedicated speaker is clearly one advantage, but there are also four mics to make sure it picks up your voice in relatively noisy environments.

Baidu to hit the road with self-driving bus

Daily Mail

Baidu chief executive Robin Li on Tuesday said the Chinese internet giant will have a self-driving bus on the road soon as it races for a lead in autonomous vehicles. Baidu is collaborating with an array of companies on autonomous cars, and is working with a large bus maker in China to have a self-driving bus running a route by next year, Li said in an on-stage interview late Tuesday at The Wall Street Journal D.Live conference in Laguna Beach, California. Most major automakers and technology titans including Google-parent Alphabet have been stepping up efforts on autonomous driving in recent years, convinced that these systems could eliminate most road accidents. Baidu's search engine dominates the Chinese internet, and online ads are a key revenue stream. But since a crackdown by authorities on Baidu's online advertising business after a much-publicized scandal over promoting a fake medical treatment, 'China's Google' is seeking to focus on artificial intelligence and is investing heavily in the sector.

Google's machine learning AI learns to replicate itself

Daily Mail

Google's machine learning artificial intelligence software has learned to replicate itself for the first time. The firm first revealed its AutoML project in May - an AI designed to help the firm create other AIs. Now, AutoML has outdone human engineers by building machine-learning software that's more efficient and powerful than the top human-designed systems. The achievement marks the next big step for the AI industry, in which development is automated as the software becomes too complex for humans to understand. The breakthrough could one day lead to machines that can learn without human input.

The AI fight is escalating: This is the IT giants' next move


Artificial intelligence is where the competition is in IT, with Microsoft and Google both parading powerful, always-available AI tools for the enterprise at their respective developer conferences, Build and I/O, in May. It's not just about work: AI software can now play chess, go, and some retro video games better than any human -- and even drive a car better than many of us. These superhuman performances, albeit in narrow fields, are all possible thanks to the application of decades of AI research -- research that is increasingly, as at Build and I/O, making it out of the lab and into the real world. Alexa and Samsung Electronics' Bixby may offer less-than-superhuman performance, but they also require vastly less power than a supercomputer to run. Businesses can dabble on the edges of these, for example developing Alexa "skills" that allow Amazon Echo owners to interact with a company without having to dial its call center, or jump right in, using the various cloud-based speech recognition and text-to-speech "-as-a-service" offerings to develop full-fledged automated call centers of their own.

The 5 best camera drones for beginners


Drones are becoming more and more popular these days, but to many people committing to one still seems intimidating. Buy a low-quality drone and you're likely to have a poor experience. Buy a high-end drone and you may just be setting yourself up for expensive beginner mistakes. Luckily, a lot of drones have beginner-friendly features to help: automated flight modes that easily get YouTube-quality sweeping shots, obstacle avoidance sensors that stop you from flying into a wall, and prop guards that protect the propellers from breaking when you inevitably crash anyway. And I can tell you from first-hand experience: you'll want a drone that is forgiving of mistakes, because you're going to crash.

Four-legged 'robodog' hoping to become as popular as a smartphone


A Chinese start-up is hoping its four legged'robodog' can make quadruped robots as popular and affordable as smartphones and drones. A link has been sent to your friend's email address. A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. A Chinese start-up is hoping its four legged'robodog' can make quadruped robots as popular and affordable as smartphones and drones.

Swipe right! Online dating isn't killing romance after all


Online dating isn't ruining romance, according to new research. Sean Dowling (@seandowlingtv) has more. A link has been sent to your friend's email address. A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Online dating isn't ruining romance, according to new research.

Health Predictions - The Future of Healthcare


In the latest of our Predictions series we take a look at what the future of healthcare will look like. Could artificial intelligence and smart technology improve every stage of our lives? We look at how the future of healthcare will affect us from birth including wearable tech and the internet of things to capturing baseline health data we can use to monitor our health as we grow older. From womb to tomb Health scanning and data will become ever present in our lives – even from the very start of life. Before birth, scanning will take place in the womb which will create a basic profile of a person's health and create treatment plans from the very start.

Highlights - The Big Data and Machine Learning Revolution


An excellent lineup of financial practitioners and academics presented research and insights on big data and machine learning in finance. Access a copy of the presentations and watch all available sessions: RavenPack's prestigious annual event has experienced growing interest, with attendance exceeding 260 buy-side professionals. Word on the street is RavenPack's research symposium is a "must attend event" for quantitative investors and financial professionals that are serious about Big Data.