Japan: The Land of Rising Automation - Enterprise Irregulars


And back to our emerging coverage of Asia/Pacific… where people tend to focus on China, India and Australia. However, the Japanese IT services market is larger than these three markets combined – and is growing. So, let's have our Asia/Pacific research lead, Andrew Milroy, discuss some of the important – and unique – aspects of this lucrative market.

Amazon Launches New Device to Watch You Dress

#artificialintelligence Inc., seeking a bigger slice of the clothing market, is casting itself as a style adviser.

Artificial intelligence has potential to make superhumans


Intelligent machines of the future will help restore memory, mind your children, fetch your coffee and even care for ageing parents.

German court upholds WhatsApp-Facebook data transfer ban


Facebook must obtain the permission of German users of WhatsApp before processing their personal data, a German court confirmed on Tuesday.

Real News Alert! Artificial Intelligence Is Redefining Marketing


Digital technologies are at the center of everything. The ability to act smarter and move faster determines whether a business flourishes or flounders. Yet generating greater value for customers while producing new efficiencies for an organization requires more than sophisticated devices, systems, and data frameworks.

Facebook's 'M' AI offers suggestions based on your Messenger conversations - Mobile Marketing


More than a year after announcing its automated assistant, Facebook has launched its'M' AI assistant in Messenger in the US.

How Capital One transformed into a tech and AI company


From ATMs and mobile wallets to chatbots and robo-advisors, technology relentlessly transforms how we store, transfer, and manage money. Capital One moves at the forefront of this transformation -- one of the largest and among the first banking institutions in the U.S. to make serious investments in digital technology and artificial intelligence.

Cortana Intelligence Suite: Big Data and Advanced Analytics


In this post we will discuss reference architecture for Big Data and Advanced Analytics using Cortana Intelligence Suite. The architecture can be relevant for organizations looking to fully manage big data and advanced analytics to transform all enterprise information into intelligent action. This will allow to take action ahead of your competitors by going beyond looking in the rearview mirror to predicting what's next.

Chatbots Will Serve As Health Assistants - The Medical Futurist


With the appearance of intelligent personal assistants (IPA) supported by machine learning such as Siri on iOS or Alexa for Amazon, the above scene does not sound like science fiction anymore. If we also consider how Cognitoys support the cognitive development of small children with the help of AI in a fun and gentle way, personal health assistants on our phones suddenly become definite responses for certain needs. They can make our lives more comfortable and they could pay attention to our very personal wishes through constant learning – which might also have some downsides.