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The standard explanation goes like this: once we build a real human level AI, that AI will improve itself exponentially over a short period of time. There's no reason to believe that more computing power alone means a smarter AI. The reductionist in me says that if we understand human level intelligence well enough to build an AI, surely that AI can make some optimizations. We imagine there being some logical program that runs and we improve the intelligence by improving that program.

A Brief History of Deep Learning (Part One) - Bulletproof


For example if we had a dataset containing past advertising budgets for various media (TV, Radio and Newspapers) as well as the resulting Sales figures we could train a model to use this information to predict expected Sales figures under various future advertising scenarios. Much of Machine Learning theory centres around data preparation, data sampling techniques, tuning algorithms as well as best practices for training processes to ensure best generalisation and statistical validity of results. The idea was to get computers to simulate this process to build a new kind of machine learning approach: Artificial Neural Networks. It would not be until the early 2000s that the birth of the cloud created a springboard that would catapult Artificial Neural Network research out of its winter and into the realm of Deep Learning.

DC research finds 'I spy' game can do wonders for babies

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The researchers in Washington, D.C., said parents should forget garbling at their newborns in baby speak. The researchers in Washington, D.C., said parents should forget garbling at their newborns in baby speak. In experimental models, enriched environments supported brain health by increasing the volume and length of myelinated fibers, the volume of myelin sheaths and by boosting total brain volume. Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) reveals that professional pianists who began playing as children have improved white matter integrity and plasticity, Gallo and Forbes said.

Machine Learning at Scale with Spark


The second lab provided WebServer Logs from NASA and asked students to parse the Apache Common Log Format, create Spark RDDs (that is Resilient Distributed Datasets), and analyze how many valid requests/responses (200X), how many failed, which resources failed and when! A TF-IDF (Term Frequency and Inverted Document Frequency) technique was used to compute similarity between documents of product descriptions. CF was combined with Alternating Least Squared techniques to make predictions of movie ratings. Finally, the lab asked the user to rate a small sample of movies to make personalized movie recommendations.

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With the rapid increases in computing power, it's easy to get seduced into thinking that raw computing power can solve problems like smart edge devices (e.g., cars, trains, airplanes, wind turbines, jet engines, medical devices). In chess, the complexity of the chess piece only increases slightly (rooks can move forward and sideways a variable number of spaces, bishops can move diagonally a variable number of spaces, etc. Now think about the number and breadth of "moves" or variables that need to be considered when driving a car in a nondeterministic (random) environment: weather (precipitation, snow, ice, black ice, wind), time of day (day time, twilight, night time, sun rise, sun set), road conditions (pot holes, bumpy, slick), traffic conditions (number of vehicles, types of vehicles, different speeds, different destinations). It's nearly impossible for an autonomous car manufacturer to operate enough vehicles in enough different situations to generate the amount of data that can be virtually gathered by playing against Grand Theft Auto.

How Machine Learning is Revolutionizing Digital Enterprises


Both types of devices provide an interactive experience for the users due to Natural Language Processing technology. ML technology is able to develop insights that are beyond human capabilities based on the patterns it derives from Big Data. The immense volume of support tickets makes the task lengthy and time-consuming. If automated via ML, the HR can let the machine predict candidate suitability by providing it with a job description and the candidate's CV.

Winning in Fintech & Insurtech Ecosystem -- Big Win for Technology Innovators & Crunch-time for "Reach Focused" Players


Storage players with its platforms are winning the market from niche players big time. Microsoft with Office 365 (including OneDrive, Teams, Outlook) has taken over the productivity market only challenged by Google (with Gmail/Apps, Chromebooks and winning the education space). While copycat scenarios are known from certain startups in the past -- today the incumbents are entering the markets with copies of startup models everywhere. A provider like enfore will enable those 200mn small business to be seen as one platform and serve this markets as an integrated SaaS provider.

AI And The Reinvention Of Recruiting


It's undergone several since the emergence of career boards almost 20 years ago, and now the Fourth Industrial Revolution is propelling everyone forward to adapt fast with the race for artificial intelligence (AI) forcing the traditional recruitment industry to step up their game. I call this evolved position the human capital developer. The report also notes that while individuals are quick to adapt technological innovations, organizations typically move at a much slower pace. This emerging breed of recruiters ensures the right talent for the company's culture and vision gets hired, on-boarded and developed to keep companies moving forward.

Data Version Control in Analytics DevOps Paradigm


It makes your data science projects reproducible by automatically building data dependency graph (DAG). Machine Learning modeling is an iterative process and it is extremely important to keep track of your steps, dependencies between the steps, dependencies between your code and data files and all code running arguments. This becomes even more important and complicated in a team environment where data scientists' collaboration takes a serious amount of the team's effort. By any mean, DVC is going to be a useful instrument to fill the multiple gaps between the classical in-lab old-school data science practices and growing demands of business to build solid DevOps processes and workflows to streamline mature and persistent data analytics.

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Terrorism


IBM has applied AI to security in the form of its Watson "cognitive computing" platform. Within a decade, humans may well be interacting with lifelike emotionally responsive AI robots, very similar to the premise of the HBO series Westworld and the film I, Robot. This coming generation of malware, which inevitably becomes part of any Internet-based ecosystem, will be situation-aware, meaning that it will understand the environment it is in and make calculated decisions about what to do next, behaving like a human attacker: performing reconnaissance, identifying targets, choosing methods of attack, and intelligently evading detection. Autonomous malware operates much like branch prediction technology, designed to guess which branch of a decision tree a transaction will take before it is executed.