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"We want to leverage this [data] to enable personalization, to power search, security, customer service--in all of these areas we are providing support through our data products," he said. Data is driving that efficiency, Zhang said, who added that artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, moving towards neural networks are powering a rapid migration process from idea conception to product launch. Despite growing sales, "Our customer service department does not have an increasing headcount because the quality of our transactions is increasing and, secondly, because we are increasingly efficient in resolving disputes, relying on artificial intelligence based on voice-recognition technology and natural language processing technology," Zhang explained. With information constantly streaming in, in real time, "that's all data we use to continuously train our systems and so the systems are becoming increasingly intelligent."

Artificial intelligence to make travel smarter IOL


"This is a huge cost for the industry," says Jim Peters, SITA's chief technology officer. That includes machine learning to analyze pricing data and suggest the best times to book a trip to a destination, a system that alerts you when ticket prices drop, and a "conversational chatbot" that understands written queries and generates relevant results. Another site, Hipmunk, also has a well-known conversational chatbot capable of understanding queries and offering relevant search results. Not only does it offer a more accurate price prediction, says Giorgos Zacharia, the chief technology officer for Kayak, "artificial intelligence also allows us to combine flights from different carriers for more savings for our users."

Google Home and Assistant can speak Canadian French now


The first of several new languages for Google's Assistant AI is here, as users have noticed Canadian French as a language option. I was able to switch it on for my Google Home by looking for Assistant Language under device settings in its control app, while The Android Soul reports they could turn it on simply by saying "Ok Google, speak to me in French Canadian," however I could not get that to work. The new language is obviously there to get ready for the Google Home launch in Canada on the 26th, making it the first one Assistant supports outside of English. At Google's I/O event in May, the company announced that German, Brazilian-Portuguese and Japanese will be added this summer, followed by Italian, Spanish and Korean later in the year.

How AI is Transforming the Contact Center


In theory, virtual assistants will greatly improve the customer experience, because AI bots can store endless amounts of data and access relevant information at the right time to give customers exactly what they want. AI bots can also help organizations boost efficiencies and reduce costs, because organizations will no longer have to operate contact centers staffed 24/7 by employees around the globe. Perhaps you remember Microsoft's Tay bot disaster of 2016, when it took Twitter users less than 24 hours to turn Microsoft Tay from an innocent chatbot modeled to speak like a teenage girl to misogynistic, racist monster. However, those responsible for implementing AI and bots into their contact center would be wise to remember, when there is only one human on the line and that is the customer, there is nobody to hear them scream.

This best-selling smart sprinkler system is at its lowest price ever right now


Enter: the Rachio smart sprinkler controller. Today only, the 8-zone Rachio sprinkler controller is only $145 at Home Depot, a $35 discount and the lowest price we've seen. This sprinkler controller works with Amazon Alexa, is easy to install in under 30 minutes, can help you use less water and save money on your water bill, and is smart enough to adapt to your weather and soil conditions. If you're looking for a slightly more affordable option, the Blossom Smart Watering Controller is also on sale today at Home Depot for $99 (a 34% discount).

What the first iPhone tells us about tech's future


Battery life on the first device was so-so, and even given the vast improvements made over the decade since on the iPhone and on rival devices, you still hear frequent complaints today that phones run out of juice too soon and at the most inopportune times. The iPhone itself still lags rival devices in offering fast charging and wireless charging features. And AT&T's Edge network back on the original device was so poky that we frequently felt as if we were falling off an Edge. Follow USA TODAY Personal Tech Columnist @edbaig on Twitter.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping, Personalizing The Beauty Industry

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New York-based Headliner is just one of many companies creating custom AI chatbots for beauty brands. For example, earlier this week the tech-savvy marketing company Dynamic Yield launched an AI collaboration with Sephora Southeast Asia, to create customized shopping experiences for shoppers from Australia to Indonesia directly on Sephora's websites, newsletters and mobile platforms. Brands live Covergirl and Shiseido are even launching AI-powered mobile apps to help shoppers find products that match their complexions perfectly. Dynamic Yield, which counts Chinese AI innovation driver Baidu among its investors, has also worked with companies like Urban Outfitters and Lamoda, just to name a few.

What AI Will Do For Patients


Now that AI home assistants are winning the hearts (and living rooms) of people around the world, it's only a matter of time before consumers want their bots to improve their health. But we expect bigger ideas soon and bet that efforts like Merck's Amazon Challenge will yield hands-free health help that's far more useful. The ideas that will stick will be those developed from the patients' point of view. Personalize AI for individual health needs: When a migraine sufferer feels the early warning signs of a headache, for example, we bet they'll be able to say, "Turn on migraine mode" and trigger their bot to dim lights, turn off music, and maybe even text a predetermined list of people.

Amazon Echo Show Launching With Alexa Support, Touchscreen, Smart Camera Support June 28

International Business Times

Amazon announced its first touchscreen smart speaker, the Amazon Echo Show in May. The device will cost $229.99 Just like other products from the Echo range, the Echo Show will have artificial–intelligence based voice command support from the company's Alexa voice assistant. This feature makes it capable of multiple functionalities, including letting it function as an intercom and even letting users make hands-free calls to others by simply giving a voice command. Smart camera connectivity: The speaker can be connected to other smart cameras and show you a feed from them.

Half of smart household gadgets vulnerable to hackers

Daily Mail

From devices that order our groceries to smart toys that speak to our children, high-tech home gadgets are no longer the stuff of science fiction. But even as they transform our lives, they put families at risk from criminal hackers taking advantage of security flaws to gain virtual access to homes, a report warns. The team then used the toy pets, which cost as little as £5.99 each, to send commands to the Amazon Echo home hub, using its'voice purchasing' system to order cat food from the online retailer.