What the first iPhone tells us about tech's future


Battery life on the first device was so-so, and even given the vast improvements made over the decade since on the iPhone and on rival devices, you still hear frequent complaints today that phones run out of juice too soon and at the most inopportune times. The iPhone itself still lags rival devices in offering fast charging and wireless charging features. And AT&T's Edge network back on the original device was so poky that we frequently felt as if we were falling off an Edge. Follow USA TODAY Personal Tech Columnist @edbaig on Twitter.

Blog: Huawei looks for privacy boost from machine learning - Mobile World Live


Machine learning was a topic which came up multiple times throughout Apple's WWDC presentation, with the company's CoreML technology giving developers access to on-device processing which will enable apps to "predict, learn and become more intelligent". "Because we control the native apps, the system, the chipsets, we have the capacity to run things on the device and not necessarily to upload information to the cloud," Coutelle continued. Of course, as long as Huawei is running Android, Google will have a significant influence over the products and services offered by the device, which can make differentiation a challenge. Of course, any discussion with Huawei which includes a discussion about privacy needs to include the all-important China question.

Amazon Echo Show Launching With Alexa Support, Touchscreen, Smart Camera Support June 28

International Business Times

Amazon announced its first touchscreen smart speaker, the Amazon Echo Show in May. The device will cost $229.99 Just like other products from the Echo range, the Echo Show will have artificial–intelligence based voice command support from the company's Alexa voice assistant. This feature makes it capable of multiple functionalities, including letting it function as an intercom and even letting users make hands-free calls to others by simply giving a voice command. Smart camera connectivity: The speaker can be connected to other smart cameras and show you a feed from them.

Why Element.AI's $102 million round is just the beginning


Well, here's how: They are brilliant because they hit on the biggest pain for AI in the coming 10 years -- the need for business executives in low-tech companies to access AI in an easy-to-use way that still gives them customized solutions from tier-1 technologies and the world's best AI-talent. Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook have acquired over 200 of the world's leading AI technologies in recent years. Take for instance Apple's acquisition of Lattice Data, a dark data company, for $200 million. The company's strategy of creating an ecosystem of technologies and talent combined with handholding AI-strategy consulting for business people is the solution to the three challenges mentioned above.

Talking to your car is better than ever, thanks to Nuance's voice assistant


Nuance Communications is the company responsible for the original voice recognition and speech technology for Siri, and the parent of one of the oldest and most-respected voice recognition systems, Dragon Naturally Speaking. One of the key themes, said Nuance Dragon Drive Solutions Marketing Manager Robert Policano, who was seated behind the driver in the Chrysler, is artificial intelligence and "how we use it on top of speech recognition and natural language processing to make it more contextual, offer more relevant results, and make it more humanized." When Ben-Gigi accepted, Dragon Drive pulled up gas stations with a focus on the brand he preferred. "While Apple is building an Apple experience, Nuance is helping BMW build the BMW experience," said Policano.

What Is Apple Business Chat And Why Is It Important?


"Apple Business Chat with Apple Pay Cash is the most important iOS announcement since the release of Siri. Simply put, Apple has created a platform whereby online or retail merchants can engage in a conversation, a guided shopping experience, service interaction and get paid in cash with no middle party taking a 3%-5% cut. With Business Chat in Safari, Maps and Siri you can chat to the restaurant directly in the Messages app and see menu recommendations and actually place an order and pay, all inside of messages. With FaceTime Business Chat users can share live video interactions and pay using Apple Pay or Apple Pay Cash.

Apple has finally admitted it's working on technology for self-driving cars


In an interview with Bloomberg, Cook has explained that he sees "three vectors of change" in the automotive sector--in the shape of autonomy, electrification, and ride-hailing. But he did go on to explain that Apple is specifically "focusing on autonomous systems" for cars. Cook's description of Apple's work on autonomous systems in the automotive sector appears to be deliberately vague. Interestingly, though, Cook doesn't commit to what the result of all this secretive work from Apple might look like.

The End of Car Ownership

Wall Street Journal

And startups will spring up to develop services that this new ownership model demands--perhaps even create whole new industries around self-driving cars and ride sharing. A study by Deloitte Consulting, for example, estimates that the cost of personal car ownership is on average 97 cents a mile today but could drop by two-thirds in a world of shared, self-driving vehicles--a tipping point that could usher the technology into daily life for many people. As a result of both driverless cars and fleets of robot taxis, sales of conventionally purchased automobiles may likely drop. Zoox, a startup valued at more than $1.5 billion, is working on designing a robot taxi that takes the entire riding experience into consideratio

Tesla hires AI expert to help lead team in charge of self-driving software


Tesla Inc. has hired a Stanford University computer scientist specializing in artificial intelligence and deep learning to lead its efforts around driverless cars. Karpathy is "one of the world's leading experts in computer vision and deep learning," the spokesperson said. Apple's CEO Tim Cook recently confirmed the company's efforts around what he called "autonomous systems," and called driverless cars "the mother of all AI projects." The hire comes as Tesla's lead of Autopilot software, Chris Lattner, earlier this week announced he was leaving the company after six months on the job.