Walmart could use blimps to transport home delivery drones

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The patent then goes on to describe a system that includes a gas-filled transport vehicle with a carrier compartment that could house packages and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), known as drones. An exemplary look at the control systems of Walmart's proposed blimp, as shown in the patent Last December, an Amazon patent revealed the firm's own plan to use giant blimp-like flying warehouses to help its drones make deliveries Described as'airborne fulfilment centres' (AFC), these airships will hover over cities at 45,000 ft before releasing drones to deliver goods. 'UAVs with ordered items may be deployed from the AFC to deliver ordered items to user designated delivery locations. 'A protective device such as an airbag, foam, parachute, bumper and so forth could be used in this scenario Amazon's latest patent, called Countermeasure for Threats to an Uncrewed Autonomous Vehicle, was filed on November 17, 2014.

Artificial Intelligence for Humans, Volume 1: Fundamental Algorithms: Jeff Heaton: 9781493682225: Books


This book generally does a good job of not assuming prior math / notation knowledge. The problem I have with most ai or game theory books is that they assume you have a math undergrad or grad degree. I come from an applied arts (design) background and this book was really helpful for getting my head around the basics of ai algorithms. Some of the explanations were lacking completeness and the author doesn't clearly tie the last two chapters to the rest of the book with concrete examples.

Machine Learning Is The Most Dangerous Trend In Tech (Though Not For The Reasons You Think) - StoAmigo


Today's machine learning systems are generally extremely "narrow." Machine learning works by studying large amounts of data, essentially picking out recognizable patterns and making decisions based on those patterns. Companies spend millions and millions of dollars researching the exact'triggers' that get people to spend money on these kinds of systems. Sophisticated machine learning plus massive amounts of your data means companies will identify your'triggers' very, very quickly.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Tomorrow's Digital Supply Chain


In the supply chain, AI can analyze large data sets and recommend customer service and operations improvements while supporting better working capital management. As corporate systems become more interconnected, providing access to a wider breadth of supply chain data, the opportunity to leverage AI increases. Let's look at the potential benefits of using AI to link transportation data with order data: A logistics enterprise ensures the delivery of a product within two days. This information supplies customer service and supply chain professionals with proactive alerts of potential fulfillment challenges.

One week with Alexa


My morning routine is simple: I wake up when my phone's alarm goes off, I go back to sleep, wake up again, contemplate more sleep, get dressed, make coffee and listen to one of Alexa's "flash briefings" before I start slinging words on the internet. I only speak that first one, and in general, Alexa's a great listener, thanks to the Echo's seven microphones. If I give Alexa a simple command like "remind me to buy eggs," she's fine. When I asked her in which year John F. Kennedy was assassinated, she answered correctly; she then correctly answered the question "How many kids did he have?"

Help! My Son Confuses Me With Amazon's Alexa


The reasons why aren't mysterious: Modern homes aren't wired for voice assistant technologies, and voice assistants aren't smart enough to govern modern homes. With an embedded microphone, speaker and wireless connectivity, the Smart Switch will place Amazon's voice assistant technology in any room, without the need for wall plugs or smart speakers. When I ask Alexa to turn on the kitchen lights, for instance, Amazon's voice assistant sometimes replies "A few things share that name, which one did you want?" Meanwhile in 2017, Siri can unlock my door, but Alexa can't, and Amazon's voice assistant will water my lawn, while Apple's won't.

Walmart Patent Application Describes Flying Warehouses In Reply To Amazon's Drone Deliveries

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Top U.S. retailers Amazon and Walmart have taken steps to revolutionize the current logistics set-up for retail deliveries, especially in creating an infrastructure that will facilitate faster delivery using unmanned aerial vehicles like drones. The patent titled "Gas-filled carrier aircrafts and methods of dispersing unmanned aircraft systems in delivering products" explains the mechanism, which seems similar to a hot air balloon or blimp-style airship. Walmart has been encouraging customers toward in-store pickup for years, but given Amazon's rise as a retailer, especially its fast deliveries, it seems Walmart has also started investing in drone-based delivery logistics. The company's main rival, Amazon is also working on a similar delivery system, according to its patent titled "Airborne fulfillment center utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles for item delivery."

How to Make AI Forget


For example, a computer's working memory "forgets" data when it is no longer needed for a task, freeing up computational resources for other tasks. For example, connectionist AI (AI that often uses neural networks modelled on the structure of the brain) faces several problems related to "forgetting". These include over-fitting, which is when a learning machine stores overly detailed information from past experiences, hindering its ability to generalise and predict future events. An alternative approach to storing memories in robots is symbolic memory representations where knowledge is represented by logical facts ("birds fly", "Tweety is a bird", so therefore, "Tweety can fly").



The new service dubbed Amazon Macie relies on Machine Learning to automatically discover, classify, and protect sensitive data stored in AWS. This service reports potential risks involved with the stored data, its permissions, and access patterns. Chris Vickery, a cyber risk security analyst from UpGuard, discovered several passwords and keys belonging to Booz Allen employees working on the NGA project in publicly accessible Amazon S3 Buckets. Though Amazon S3 is the only data source supported by Macie, AWS is expected to bring other services such as Amazon RedShift, Amazon RDS, Amazon Elastic File System into the fold.

Google might take on Amazon with its own version of the Echo Dot


The company is working on a new, smaller version of its Google Home speaker that will launch later this year, alongside two new Pixel phones and a new Pixel-branded Chromebook, Android Police reports. In addition to the new speaker, Android Police reports Google is also preparing a new Chromebook that will carry the Pixel name. Importantly, the report notes the new notebook will almost certainly run Chrome OS, not the long-rumored Chrome OS and Android mashup that's been whispered about for so long. Though some reports said Google once had plans to merge Android and Chrome, the company has publicly said it has no plans to retire Chrome OS.