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Development on the Vega speaker was reportedly held up by delays in Samsung's proprietary Bixby virtual assistant, which is expected to power the device. Issues for Bixby included the difficulty translating Bixby into languages besides English and the program's lack of accumulated user experience compared to older assistant programs like Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant. While Bixby suffered a delayed rollout and only formally launched earlier this summer, the assistant is slated to roll out globally soon. The Vega speaker has yet to get a set release date, but with companies and consumers becoming increasingly familiar with smart home technology, Samsung likely wants to get a presence within this growing market.

Google and Walmart's Partnership Will Be a Real Test For Amazon


With 76 percent market share of online retail, it's as if the 95-96 Chicago Bulls entered your local rec league. In Walmart, Google adds a retail behemoth to its Google Express service, an online shopping bazaar in need of an anchor. If a Walmart customer links an account with Google Express, Google will gain access to their purchase history–primarily online orders, but in some cases in-store shopping as well. EMarketer's Garcia pegs Alexa's market share at 75 percent, with Google Home taking the bulk of what's left.

One week with Samsung Bixby


It was particularly useful in noisy areas, where the "Hey, Bixby" voice command couldn't easily be heard. If Bixby can't listen or accurately interpret what I'm saying, it's pretty much doomed as an assistant of any kind. The bigger problem with Bixby: It just feels unnecessary because the Google Assistant is also installed on the Galaxy S8 and S8 . If you really want a voice assistant you trust, you need a far-field microphone array like you'll find on Amazon's Echo speakers, Google Home and Apple's upcoming HomePod.

'No thanks, Alexa.' Walmart teams with Google to offer voice shopping


Under a new partnership with Google, Walmart will allow shoppers to make purchases through the voice-activated device Google Home, the Google Express app or its website. Shoppers will be able choose from hundreds of thousands of Walmart products through the Google Express website, mobile app or voice-activated Google Home. Executives from Walmart say the retailer will have more items available than any other on Google Express and offer a personalized version of the service by linking their Walmart account to Google Express. In February, Google Express integrated Google Home, enabling shoppers to use the Assistant on the voice-activated device just as they might use "Alexa'' on Amazon's Echo speaker.

Alexa's mood-matching music suggestions come to the UK


For Amazon Echo owners in the UK, the arrival of Music Unlimited provided the likes of Apple and Spotify with some music needed competition. The company immediately made it the default music service on the smart speaker, allowing users to instantly queue music using their voice once they'd signed up. Activities are basically Amazon-built voice controls that make it easier to find music for a specific event or setting. Examples include "Alexa, play jazz for dinner," "Alexa, play pop for cooking," or our favourite "Alexa, play baby making jazz music."

The Morning After: Wednesday, August 23rd 2017


Meanwhile, Google Express has free delivery for orders above each store's minimum. Sean Buckley spent about a half hour with the SNES Classic Edition, testing out everything from its game-saving rewind feature to the all-new Starfox 2 game it contains. New plan needed.Crashplan drops its backup service for home users Code42 is phasing out its Crashplan for Home service as it switches its focus to business users. Whether users have local or cloud-based backups, it's pushing them towards a small-business subscription, or a cloud backup service for home users offered by Carbonite.

Chatbots for customer service in industrial IT - Information Age


Amazon's Alexa is a solid showcase of the demand for more efficient customer service through innovation, but how does the industrial sector, historically rooted in outdated systems, equip their human call centre agents with the tools to handle all issues a customer might have? Based on extensive customer service satisfaction research conducted by ChaiOne, a digital transformation agency, they uncovered the overall needs of customers and customer service providers and then identified how chatbot technology can fit into their lives. Because of this chatbot, companies are taking in fewer rookies and making current rookies into veterans by investing their time into customer service training with new chatbot systems. Industrial IT leaders have the ability to equip their employees with technology that makes them better at customer service, update legacy systems to a more seamless process and all without breaking the bank or hamstringing daily business operations.

One week with Alexa


My morning routine is simple: I wake up when my phone's alarm goes off, I go back to sleep, wake up again, contemplate more sleep, get dressed, make coffee and listen to one of Alexa's "flash briefings" before I start slinging words on the internet. I only speak that first one, and in general, Alexa's a great listener, thanks to the Echo's seven microphones. If I give Alexa a simple command like "remind me to buy eggs," she's fine. When I asked her in which year John F. Kennedy was assassinated, she answered correctly; she then correctly answered the question "How many kids did he have?"

Amazon Temporarily Discounts Echo from $179 to $100 - Deal Alert


By now I'm sure you're familiar with Amazon's Echo device. Amazon Echo comes in both white and black, and is a hands-free speaker you control with your voice. Multiple Echo devices work together seamlessly. This story, "Amazon Temporarily Discounts Echo from $179 to $100 - Deal Alert" was originally published by TechConnect.

Help! My Son Confuses Me With Amazon's Alexa


The reasons why aren't mysterious: Modern homes aren't wired for voice assistant technologies, and voice assistants aren't smart enough to govern modern homes. With an embedded microphone, speaker and wireless connectivity, the Smart Switch will place Amazon's voice assistant technology in any room, without the need for wall plugs or smart speakers. When I ask Alexa to turn on the kitchen lights, for instance, Amazon's voice assistant sometimes replies "A few things share that name, which one did you want?" Meanwhile in 2017, Siri can unlock my door, but Alexa can't, and Amazon's voice assistant will water my lawn, while Apple's won't.