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IBM Sells Watson Health Assets to Investment Firm WSJD - Technology

The tech giant said its deal with Francisco Partners wouldn’t weaken its commitments to other artificial-intelligence technology and healthcare clients that use its IT services.

SpaceX Alumni Pitch Robot Railcars as Freight's Low-Carbon Future WSJD - Technology

A startup led by former SpaceX engineers wants to populate America's railroads with autonomous electric railcars, a vision it says could ease supply chains and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions from freight transport. Culver City, Calif.-based startup Parallel Systems, which was founded in January 2020, said on Wednesday it raised $49.55 million in funding. Venture-capital firm Anthos Capital led the Series A round, with participation from Congruent Ventures, Riot Ventures and Embark Ventures.

Big Tech Braces for a Wave of Regulation WSJD - Technology

Big tech companies are facing the biggest expansion in potential technology regulation in a generation. And while the jury is out on whether all that sound and fury will signify anything, for the first time there are signs that the big-tech backlash could have a substantive impact. New laws under consideration in Europe, Asia and the U.S. could put sharp limits on how big tech companies can treat smaller competitors and restrict their use of artificial intelligence like facial recognition. Some proposals could ban common practices such as companies giving their own products a boost in their own rankings, something that could have an operational impact, executives and analysts say.

New Intel CFO to Help Steer Finances Through Turnaround WSJD - Technology

Mr. Zinsner had been CFO at chip maker Micron Technology Inc. for about four years. Micron said it has begun a search for a new CFO and named Chief Business Officer Sumit Sadana to the additional role of interim CFO. Mr. Zinsner will join Intel in a period of transition, including in its executive ranks. Chief Executive Pat Gelsinger took over in February 2021, succeeding former CEO Bob Swan, who was ousted from the company. Additionally, Intel said Monday that Gregory Bryant, the head of its client computing group, is leaving at the end of the month for a new opportunity.

SoftBank Invests in Artificial-Intelligence Startup WSJD - Technology

Qraft Technologies plans to use the $146 million investment to fuel U.S. and China expansion.

Tesla Is No Longer Alone With 'Full Self Driving' Promises WSJD - Technology

Driverless cars--the kind consumers can actually buy--are inching closer to becoming a reality. The caveat, particularly for Tesla investors, is that this isn't a race any particular vehicle brand is likely to win. Electric vehicles have predictably taken center stage at this week's semi-virtual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but there has been an eye-catching secondary role for autonomous vehicles. In her keynote speech Wednesday, General Motors Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra said her teams are aiming to deliver a consumer-oriented driverless car "as soon as the middle of this decade."

Sony Looks to Sell Its Own Electric Vehicles WSJD - Technology

Sony first displayed an EV sedan at CES two years ago, but it said at the time it didn't necessarily plan to sell a Sony car. The initial prototype served to show off Sony's image sensors, which can be a key part of autonomous driving systems. The new Las Vegas announcement suggested Sony does plan to sell vehicles under its own brand rather than merely supplying its technology to other car makers. The company said it would establish a company called Sony Mobility Inc. in the spring. The EV market is getting increasingly crowded with Tesla Inc. leading the pack of EV-only companies competing against traditional car makers, almost all of which have announced ambitious plans to expand their EV offerings.

Deere Rolls Out Fully Autonomous Tractor at CES WSJD - Technology

The autonomous tractor is a version of Deere's existing 8R series machine, the largest of which has 410 horsepower. Current 8R users can upgrade their tractors with the autonomous driving system. The Deere tractor, unveiled at the CES 2022 tech conference in Las Vegas, isn't the world's first autonomous tractor. Smaller autonomous tractors are being used in specialty-crop farms. The application of the technology to larger vehicles is just getting started and promises to be highly consequential, according to Aron Cory, research manager for world-wide agriculture at International Data Corp. "The move from conventional tractors to autonomous tractors is going to be comparable from the move from horses to the combustion engine," he said.

CIOs Sound Off on Tech Buzzwords That Need to Go WSJD - Technology

"Too many meanings, and it's seen as the hammer that can solve everything," he said. "I think'innovation' needs to go away in the context of what we use these days because everything that we do has innovation built into that," said Anil Bhatt, CIO at Anthem Inc. "We want to make sure that we are being more real about things as we move forward." Citigroup Inc. CIO of its Global Consumer Bank Shadman Zafar requests that everyone deprogram from language best suited to machines, like "sync up." "Let's use more human terms to describe human interactions," he said. Another one he would not miss is "actionable insights." "Any other kind would be useless so we don't need to waste time on those other insights, and we can drop the'actionable' adjective!" he said.

'Matrix Resurrections' Pivots to Reality 22 Years After Original WSJD - Technology

For the new sequel, "The Matrix Resurrections," filmmakers deployed much-higher-caliber technologies, including three-dimensional imagery made using artificial intelligence. But after 22 years of digital evolution, high-end movie effects are approaching a plateau near perfection. "We went from pulling off what seemed to be impossible, to a sort of inability to create surprise" in the movie industry, says John Gaeta, who helped craft the bullet-time effect. He was a visual-effects designer on the first three "Matrix" films; now he is making things for the metaverse. This year the movies presented us with a car slingshotting from cliff to cliff ("F9"); Ryan Reynolds running amok inside a videogame ("Free Guy"); and giant monsters crushing the Hong Kong skyline ("Godzilla vs. Kong").