Struss, Peter

Model-Based Systems in the Automotive Industry

AI Magazine

The automotive industry was the first to promote the development of applications of model-based systems technology on a broad scale and, as a result, has produced some of the most advanced prototypes and products. In this article, we illustrate the features and benefits of model-based systems and qualitative modeling by prototypes and application systems that were developed in the automotive industry to support on-board diagnosis, design for diagnosability, and failure modes and effects analysis.

Current Topics in Qualitative Reasoning

AI Magazine

In this editorial introduction to this special issue of AI Magazine on qualitative reasoning, we briefly discuss the main motivations and characteristics of this branch of AI research. We also summarize the contributions in this issue and point out challenges for future research.

Directions in AI Research and Applications at Siemens Corporate Research and Development

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Many barriers exist today that prevent effective industrial exploitation of current and future AI research. These barriers can only be removed by people who are working at the scientific forefront in AI and know potential industrial needs. The Knowledge Processing Laboratory's research and development concentrates in the following areas: (1) natural language interfaces to knowledge-based systems and databases; (2) theoretical and experimental work on qualitative modeling and nonmonotonic reasoning for future knowledge-based systems; (3) application-specific language design, in particular, Prolog extensions; and (4) desi gn and analysis of neural networks. This article gives the reader an overview of the main topics currently being pursued in each of these areas.