McKevitt, Paul

Language, Vision, and Music: Report on the Eighth International Workshop on the Cognitive Science of Natural Language Processing (CSNLP-8)

AI Magazine

Language, vision, and music: What common cognitive patterns underlie our competence in these disparate modes of thought? Language (natural and formal), vision, and music seem to share at best the following attributes: a hierarchical organization of constituents, recursivity, metaphor, the possibility of self-reference, ambiguity, and systematicity. Can we propose the existence of a general symbol system with instantiations in these three modes, or is the only commonality to be found at the level of such entities as cerebral columnar automata?

Report on the Eighth Ireland Conference on AI and Cognitive Science

AI Magazine

This article is a report of the Eighth Ireland Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science (AICS-97), which was run in conjunction with the Irish Machine Vision and Image Processing Conference (IMVIP-97), held at the University of Ulster, Magee College in Derry / Londonderry, Northern Ireland, on 10 to 13 September 1997.