Masterman, Margaret

Semantic Message Detection for Machine Translation, Using an Interlingua


What is needed is a discipline which will study semantic message-connection in a way analogous to that in which metamathematics studies mathematical connection, and to that in which mathematical linguistics now studies syntactic connection. Research Used as Data for the Construction of T (a) Conceptual Dictionary for English The uses of the main words and phrases of English are mapped on to a classificatory system of about 750 descriptors, or heads, these heads being streamlined from Roget's Thesaurus. For Instance, a single card covers Disappoint, Disappointed, Disappointing, Disappointment. The two connectives, / ("slash") and: ("colon") and a word-order rule are used as in T to replace R.H. Richens' three subscripts, and every two pairs of elements are bracketted together, two bracketted pairs of elements counting as a single pair for the purpose of forming 2nd order brackets.