MacKay, D.M.

Operational aspects of intellect


These and other considerations are offered to justify earlier suggestions that the mechanization of Intellect requires a hybrid information-system,, wherein the conditional probabilities of digital decision-processes are determined by a separate (though interacting) computing process which could operate best on'analogue' principles. of Illustrates convincingly in a recent paper on problem-solving, there is a fundamental difference between a solution by a strictly formalised procedure and what is termed a'heuristic' solution entailing the crossing of a logical gap, in that the first is logically reversible and repeatable, while the second is not. "Established rules of inference offer public paths for drawing intelligent conclusions from existing knowledge. Any information-system with'intellect' must be capable of activity The degree of logical indeterminacy (the amount of selective information lacking) defines the width of the logical gap crossed in the solution.